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Monday, June 30, 2008

Joe Chen Strong As Ariel ~ Netizens Battling #1 Sis

TTV, SETTV idol drama "Fated To Love You" is so popular, male lead Ethan Ruan became famous, female lead Joe Chen Qiao En is also not mentioning, lately online appeared "Who is Taiwan's idol drama's Big Sis" discussion battling, Qiao En's drama , there is the most discussions, taking over Ariel Lin!

Joe Chen Qiao En with one battle becomes famous, earnings increase, at the moment there's SETTV's "Treasure Hunter" hosting work, fucntions, commerical ads, all accepting with no vacation, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China with about 4, 5 dramas in discussion, it is estimated 1 episode $100,000 and up, but China has 1 episode $80,000 Chinese Yuan($350,000 Taiwanese Yuan), making her the Taiwan drama star #1 sis class.

Joe Chen Qiao En Comes Out Accepts High Ratings Queen

Ariel Lin has filmed idol dramas for 6 years, after filming "They Kiss Again", had a tired feeling, not wanting to film idol dramas, near the end of "TKA", "FTLY" aired, Joe Chen Qiao En played a nerdy girl attracting the eyes of the audience, Ariel originally was going to play "Paper Rose", postponed until next year, without any new dramas, ratings queen suddenly has been given to Joe Chen Qiao En to take over!

Ariel Lin Challenges Drama Fights Back in October

Naturally Chen/Lin battles are not at rest, lately on the net appeared "Who is Taiwan drama's #1 Sis" discussions, Joe Chen Qiao En "Fated to Love You" is positive, and it even broke her role in "Prince Turns into Frog's" highest 8 rating, since Ariel was nominated in the Golden Horse Awards, her acting has been accepted, both ends of the supporting netizens are not stopping in the battles online.

Taking Ariel comparing with Joe Chen, J-Star management Sun De Rong expressed: "Its not comparable." He points out, Joe Chen Qiao En's acting career was planned, from "7 Flowers" as a group making records, acting, hosting were all under control. As for Ariel, her manager Xiao Yu says, Ariel likes to pick dramas, even though currently there's no dramas, but in October she's be accepting a role "Extravagant Challenge", the role is about a girl that is really good at acting.

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