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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tao Zi, Patty and DaXiao S joined together for Golden Melody Awards

Tao Zi, Patty and Daxiao S joined together for Golden Melody Awards

Golden Melody Awards is set on July 5th, Tao Zi, Patty Hou, Da S, and Xiao S joined together for today's press conference. Although Jay Chou could not attend the ceremony, but he, Jolin Cai and Patty will be having an "interaction" on the same day, but the event organizer isn't willing to give more details.

For her 10th time in GMA, Tao Zi, rates Patty Hou and DaXiao S, who competed to be the most weird, and hilariously "Beautiful".

Tao Zi wears a short black coat, Patty Hou wears a retro short white dress, which is why she's been cautious with her movements. Da S wears a short dress and a skirt which is decorated with muti colored flowers that was quite alarming but appeared to have a sexy character and style while Xiao S in a long printed dress.

First time in hosting an award ceremony, Da S said that 3 days ago, she was very anxious of what to wear. She and Xiao S said thay they hope for their friend Mavis to win.

The Awarding Ceremony starts at 7:30 PM.

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