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Monday, June 30, 2008

Joe Cheng, Danson Tang Both Disagree about Swimming Naked

Danson Tang and Joe Cheng both have different views on whether they will like a girl like Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin’s character in They Kiss Again for those who don’t know) in real life. Danson expresses that he is not good at swimming and will not swim naked, Joe also expresses that everyone needs to bear responsibilities for their own actions.

This is Danson Tang’s first time playing an amusing and camp character; he has many things to say about his way of acting. “After the experience of this drama, I’ll never be fazed by this type of drama again.”
(Photos from Sin Chew Daily)

Joe Cheng (Xiao Zhong) and Danson Tang have gone to Malaysia to promote They Kiss Again. When asked about the current competition over getting high ratings and asked if they would skinny dip if they broke records, Danson expressed that “Have a target for good ratings is good but we won’t use the tactic of swimming naked to achieve that. Anyways we’re not talented at swimming.”
To which Joe added jokingly, “I am!” Does he want to accept the challenge of swimming naked?

When asked if there will be a third instalment in this series, Joe said, “Unless there is a book to follow and an original cast to return to do it, there will be no chance.”

Joe states that the audience has the freedom to choose what drama they want to watch, but when it gets tactical he still thinks that organising more fan meetings is the most realistic way, it seems he doesn’t approve of good friend Ethan Ruan’s doings. “Of course if you’ve already said it, (talking about Ethan’s promise to swim naked), you have to bear responsibility for your actions.”

Earlier he commented on Vic Zhou’s ‘Wish to See You Again’ having bad ratings, he expresses that it’s the media making up rumours and that he really didn’t cause that much harm! Will he learn to mind his speech more carefully in future then?
“I’ve always been mindful about my speech but if the media wants to make things up, it doesn’t matter what I say, they’ll write what they want.”

In reality will ‘Jiang Zhi Shu’ Joe Cheng, ‘Gan Gan’ Danson Tang like a girl like Xiang Qin though? Joe says, “If we were in the same environment as the drama, living together and having so many experiences together then it could be a possibility.”
Danson says, “Her personality is actually kind of similar to the type of girls that I like a carefree personality and loves to smile. Even though everyone thinks that Xiang Qin is stupid but I don’t dislike stupid people, in fact I admire the determination and hard work they put in to move towards their goal.”

Joe and Ariel (Lin) have over forty kiss scenes in this drama, he says that he was very shy and when you watch it, you can feel the anxiousness at the time as well as the sweetness of the two and he hopes that those kinds of feelings can be transferred to the audience.

“From when I first entered this industry until now, Ariel Lin is the actress who I have worked the longest together with. So there is enough connection and familiarity between us. We both have different personalities, and I have learnt a lot of different ways of thinking about acting and life from her.”

Joe expresses that whilst filming the scene when he is performing heart surgery, the director wanted it to look very real thus he went to find pig’s skin and a pig’s heart along with many other tools to create the impression of blood. The unique smell from this made him want to throw up after filming, and he didn’t dare eat meat for around one or two months afterwards.

Danson states that whilst filming the scene where Gan Gan had to get his stomach pumped, the director tried to persuade him to drop his trousers but to no avail so in the end; they had to get a body double in.
When Joe thought back to that scene, he couldn’t help but laugh, “That body double’s bottom was a lot darker than Danson’s.”

Danson also laughed and said, “They were scared that when they showed that scene, it will affect my image so later, they got the make up artist to put a layer of foundation on him.”

Two good looking guys not competing over looks, but privately talking about work…

This is Joe Cheng’s first time in Malaysia; fans in Malaysia gave many flowers to him to celebrate this. And with Danson Tang’s second time in Malaysia, fans also hung up a poster for him (?).
These two good looking guys with a seemingly good relationship laughingly said, they both do not privately compete over who is the best looking but rather, they meet up to talk about work.

Danson Tang’s plans are to have his second album released before the end of the year, will not accept any new dramas for the time being. And Joe’s song for The Kiss Again: Zhong Yu Yuan Wei has also been successful (?) but he does not have any plans for singing. Saying, “Even if I do sing, it will only be a one off. My heart is with acting.” He will be busy with another drama’s overseas promotion in the upcoming period, only accepting scripts for new dramas in August.
“I hope to have the chance to act in theatre or in a film, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Wu Xia film or a horror movie… seeing as I haven’t acted in either. I want to experience it.”

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