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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jay Chou stuttered when he first met Landy Wen

Landy Wen, who has released a new single on the 13th of June, is sometimes hot and sometimes misty, she's got a lot of different sexy looks, her trendy new dance has gotten extensive praise. In the promotional events recently, Landy Wen expressed that she has a wild outward appearance but her inner self is very traditional, when Jay Chou first met her he stuttered, she's teaching girls who love being beautiful how to produce a pair of beautiful legs and take sexy and pretty pictures.

Landy Wen revealed that even though she has the appearance of a wild cat, but in fact her personality is very traditional, she gets to know guys with the premise of marriage, when she meets someone she likes she'll stutter, when asked if she stuttered when she met Jay Chou, Landy Wen couldn't help but say with an increased tone: "I didn't, it was Jay Chou who stuttered." From these words, Jay Chou was probably the one who liked her back then.

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