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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Following Up Ethan Ruan's Role - Nicholas Teo Has No Pressure

(Kuala Lumpur) A drama starring together Nicholas Teo and Amber Guo, "Invincible Shan Bao Mei" 《無敵珊寶妹》will be replacing the show "Fated to Love You" which has the current extreme high rating in Taiwan starting the end of July. Being the main male lead for the second time, Nicholas frankly remarked that he has no rating pressure but only worrying that he lacked the ability to successfully portray the drama's narcissistic and haughty character.

《Fated to Love You》has been gaining high level of popularity ever since it was aired with rating breaking ten. "Invincible Shan Bao Mei" 《無敵珊寶妹》which cast includes Nicholas Teo, Amber Guo, Roy Chiu and others will be taking over. It has been winning everyone's attention before shooting even commences.

Nicholas expressed through his manager, Li Sook-Teng that drama rating has never been his pressure. “According to his views, a show's achievement or loss is not only one of the cast's problem. He thinks that rating is not something he can have control over so his sole pressure rests on the worry whether he is able to act out his character well."

《無敵珊 寶妹》's cast has just undergo costume ordering last Friday. For the time being, the drama team has decided for shooting to formally begin in early July. Sook-Teng disclosed that the overall production crew had their first meeting just last Friday. Nicholas had only then been informed of the personalities relating to the drama's characters.

“In the show, Nicholas will play a business owner as well as a famed host. He is narcissistic and arrogant. That is why his name will right away be known as 'Invincible' (無敵). Such character is a huge difference compared to Nicholas' real attitude. Thus, it's a great challenge for him. He's presently working hard on sorting out his own frame of mind.”

As to whether Nicholas will do the same as Ethan Ruan in making rating promises? “Wait till the rating breaks record and we'll talk again then!”Sook-Teng laughingly said.

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