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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rainie Yang Casts Wu Zun Aside and Pretends CPR Scene with Da Dong is a Kissing Scene

Rainie Yang Casts Wu Zun Aside and Pretends CPR Scene with Da Dong is a Kissing Scene

Reporters have disclosed that Rainie Yang has accepted 八大’s idol drama 《愛就宅一起》(Superstar Express). It turns out that the person she wanted to work with is Wu Zun, not Da Dong. On the 27th Rainie, Da Dong, and George Hu were filming an outdoors scene. While in a hurry to clarify that she and Da Dong are truly friends, Rainie revealed that the night before the last, the two of them were singing together to further their friendship (唱歌搏感情). Yesterday, they filmed a CPR scene at a poolside and Da Dong frequently stuck out his tongue and humorously made suggestive gestures. Afterwards, Rainie would generously stick out her tongue for him. When their lips separated, they created strings (of saliva), pretending the CPR scene is a kissing scene.

The director originally arranged for Rainie to go into the water, however because of a ‘woman’s monthly’, she luckily didn’t have to. It was Da Dong’s first time with a diving scene. In addition, in that scene, he has several lines of English which added to his nervousness. With some swimming and foreign language skills, George Hu became Da Dong’s diving and English teacher. Da Dong says: “For this diving scene, I especially went to work out at the gym for 3 hours.” The upper part of his body has now formed triangular and muscular angles. Before and after diving, Da Dong kept fussing with his hair, making people tease him that he is girly. Teasingly saying that it does matter that he is exposing his two points, but his hair is the most important.

Rumored to have wanted to work with Wu Zun, Rainie says that Da Dong is also very good. She was asked about her other new drama “Campus Belle”. There are possibilities of have some scenes with ex-boyfriend Roy Chiu. As she was asked about him, Rainie’s expression changed and used her rumor with Show Luo to block the question. “Xiao Zhu is also in “Hot Shot”, we will have scenes together.”

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