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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fiona Sit voice out for sex education

Fiona Sit voice out for sex education

Yesterday, Fiona Sit attended the press conference for "Sex Education classes for the mentally-disabled teens" sponsered by the Hong Kong End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation. During the event, the organisers broadcasted a cartoon that is voice acted by Fiona, the lead in the cartoon which Fiona voice acted was sexually abused. When the reporters asked if she felt any akward when voice acting that scene, Fiona expressed that she does not feel embarrassed at all as she was doing a meaningful job. Fiona had also praised Francis Ng because his low and petty voice was very realistic when he was doing the voice for the villian.

Fiona sit says that the childrens living in the modern world have contacted with sex at very young age, so it is a must to teach them the values of sex.

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