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Monday, June 30, 2008

aaron yan having bad luck lately, Aaron yan is having some bad luck this year

short translation description:
more negative news, "aaron angrily scold at gui gui, someone is getting shun.
Aaron is rumored to be gay again, He got into a serious verbal fight w/guigui. His managment co YY was extremely angry that the situation. They decided to stop filming his newest movie "Blossom loves undefeated" and probably will not give him work for a while as a warning

Aaron has been running into bad luck this yr. The release of His movie "??MIT" from first half of hte year has been postponed indefinitly. Now "blossom love undefeated" has stopped filiming. The crew said he's the youngest of hte Ferenheit, but he also is the most rebellious. Everyone is giving him leeway because of his age, but worried that his attitude would cause him trouble at some pt.

He has been rumored to be gay ever since his debut, "ghost" was his only rumored girlfriend by the gossipers. Before the halt of "Blossom...", there r eyewitness saw them got into a verbal confrontation and almost got into a fight. But Aaron denied by saying, "the rumors are overexergerated, I always vebally fight w/ghost". He also said he's not sadden by the film stoppage. He's glad that he has more time to practice for concerts

The halting of "blossom.." would cause a loss of $2M. The produce explained that the reason for the stoppage was because of Ferenheit's concert later this year, Aaron's would be too busy and not enough time to do the film. He strongly denied that Aaron's being replaced because of rumors of being gay.

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