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Monday, June 30, 2008

DaXiao S Plays Double J ~ Plays Love Back Stage

For the Golden Melodies Award, the host have released themselves; Matilda Tao Zi prepared with extra heavy gold necklaces impersonating Machi, Patty Hou played Amei requesting a fan blowing at her, Barbie Hsu Big S played Jolin using fake legs stretching yoga, Dee Hsu Little S played Jay Chou and because she impersonated too well, it caused many screams, the 4 filmed a backstage clip with NG, making the live audience laugh nonstop.

The 4 host acted a short drama, the personal script compared to the stage one is even more interesting, Big S purposely added more in the drama, she acted as Jolin wanting to play love with Little S that played Jay, the two with wide eyes looking into each other deeply, at the end Big S says: "This won't work, I can't do it, I want to pewk!" At the end Little S playing Jay helping Big S playing Jolin to help stretch the fake legs, in the next scene it should be Amei played by Patty, she called everyone to get ready for stage, never thought Jay played by Little S suddenly said towards Patty: "Ai Yo~Patty you're also here la." Making Patty embarassed saying: "I'm Amei la." The 4's characters were all a mess, and did leave Jolin, Jay, and Patty a valuable stage performance scene.

The 19th Golden Melodies Awards Popular Awards ceremony this Saturday is held at Taipei Little Big Egg, since usually audience are able to see the artists at the moment situation, this time Azio specially invited a host to film clipls, letting the 4 hosts to get live backstage scenes, Matilda playing Machi, making the big lip, and personally prepared an extra thick gold necklace, while filming the backstage watching tv, she watched while Rapping, and time to time added some swear words.

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