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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Danson Tang nearly bared his butt

Danson Tang was nearly tricked into exposing his butt in ; the crew used meat,Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao (a cough mixture) & red coloring as props for the operation scene & Joe Cheng felt so grossed out that he don't dare to touch any meat for 2 months!

storyline is on actor Joe Cheng & actress Ariel Lin's marriage life & both of them had 40 kissing scenes in the show!

Joe said: "I can stil feel the anxiety, shyness & sweetness while Watching the playback after the kiss. I had collaborated with Ariel Lin the most since my debut. We are very familiar with each other. I learnt some acting skills from her. I gained alot from our collaboration."

As for "new member" of the sequel, Danson Tang, had to act as a funny & b*tchy male nurse. He said that in the beginning, he was quite reserved but they (the casts) got familiar with each other, he is able to get into the situation automatically. He hope to have the opportunity to try a more subversive nature role & won't mind if he has to act as an ugly guy.

Danson revealed that he was nearly tricked into exposing his butt in the drama. In the end, they found a double for the scene.

Danson said: "My substitute is a professional wakeboarder & his butt color is kinda dark. I think he'll destroy my image, so the make up artist applied foundation on his butt. All of us surrounded him in a circle, watching him. Fortunately, I was not the one exposing my butt."

He revealed another embarrassing situation. When the crew went to the nursing school for filming, he saw a pile of "retro bags" & praised that they are pretty. When he open the bag, he saw "fake bottoms" that the nurses uses for their practice. THe nurses laughed & make fun of him & he was embarrassed.

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