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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jay Chou and Vincent do charity auctions to support Sichuan orphans

In order to help out the disaster in Sichuan, Jay Chou, Vincent Fang and Vivian Hsu are showing off their painting talent, they've put some hand painted shoes online for a charity auction. But after seeing starting price 1943 yuan which was chosen for sound like "lets all save Sichuan", Vincent Fang joked, "You've copied off 'Shanghai 1943'!"

Vivian Hsu took cats as an inspiration because last year she adopted a cat in Sichuan, she also stuck on Swarovski crystals, she hopes to use black to mourn the victims. Vincent Fang even "betrayed" Jay Chou and placed the lyrics script for Jay Chou's new song "Dandelion's Promise" along with the shoes up for auction.

Jay Chou cleanly and simply signed on the transparent shoes and added a picture, completely different from Vincent Fang's style, Xiao Xian also donated the peach red dress she wore on the red carpet.

Other donators included Mayday, Valen Hsu, Lin Xin Ru, Michelle Liao, Janet Li, Jessica Song, Xiao Gui, Zhang Ai Xin, Ben, a total of 22 artists.

The auction lasts from till the 3rd of July, all the proceeds will be donated to Taiwan World Vision.

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