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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joe Cheng and Eddie Peng desire to have Zhi Ling’s sweet kiss

The main cast [Honey and Clover] Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong), Peng Yu Yan (Eddie) and Chiaki Ito were on a TV show to promo their series. Even though they are suffering from the rating pressure, they still didn’t change their humor personality because of it. When asked after acting in so many idol series, who do they want to share the kissing scene during the filming? Zheng Yuan Chang pointed out [The first super model] Lin Zhi Ling, he said: [Until now, she is the first goddess and most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen in Taiwan. Her inner and physical appearance will give us a very kindhearted, elegant and understading feeling.] While Eddie Peng who was standing beside him said: [Then I want to pick Lin Zhi Ling too, the way Xiao Zhong described her as if she is a goddess, and I haven’t even met her in person yet so of course (I) would’ve unlimited imagination about her.]

All this while, people know about the close friendship between Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Zhi Ling; an after having kissing scenes with so many female artists, in his heart he still hopes to share kissing scene with Lin Zhi Ling. And this is because he has been viewing Lin Zhi Ling as his one and only goddess; but lately there’s rumor about Lin Zhi Ling trying on wedding dress, choosing wedding ring and preparing her wedding, so this has make Xiao Zhong feeling a bit complicated, he said: [If this is true then of course I will be happy for her! But the goddess is getting married, of course will make people feeling hard to accept it.]

The funny thing is, only in May that Lin Zhi Lin has started to become the spoke-person for her [best friend] Qiu Shi Kai’s company. A lot of places can be seen having Lin Zhi Ling saying [I’ve fall in love with him] to the toilet bowl. There’s media who is speculating that Lin Zhi Ling is using another way to express her love, with this Zheng Yuan Chang shouted: [That’s right! I’ve just remember that while I was doing the promotional tours and have to stop and visit the toilets at the gas station, I still saw the previous spoke-person Andy Lau’s sticker on the toilet bowl. If in he future they changed it to Lin Zhi Ling then it will be like her watching me while I was in the toilet. So when I stand in front of the toilet bowl I will have to say: “Hi, Lin Zhi Ling, I’ve come to borrow the toilet”, comes to think about it, it will be quite embarrassing actually.]

And never knew Eddie would say something that is that bold, he said: [I think, if I come across a toilet bowl that has Lin Zhi Ling’s sticker on it, I will quietly greet her in my heart, but there’s actually “2 Eddie” greeting her.] And if Lin Zhi Ling is really going to get married like what the rumor has said, Eddie Peng joked and said: [Then I will wait for her little girl to grow up!]

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