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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guey Lun-mei being herself, says Jay Chou makes people comfortable

Guey Lun-mei, who became an instant star since starring in "Secret", has charmed many males with her pure female student look in the movie. But in reality, Guey Lun-mei admits to being a tomboy, she likes dressing neutrally, she thirsts to act in an ancient film, she likes guys who act like kids, she wants to let everyone know the real Guey Lun-mei.

Hello everyone, I am Guey Lun-mei, I think most of you know me from seeing movies such as "Secret" and "Blue Gate Crossing"! But it's only a part of me in the movies, let me talk a bit about the other parts of me!

Newspapers and magazines like to call me a "pure female student", but to be honest when I hear someone call me this I feel really surprised, I don't hate it or like it, I only think it's not like me, because my personality is a bit more like a tomboy, with a bit of naughtiness.

Before when filming "Secret", unexpectedly there were rumours of Jay Chou going after me, but this is not fact. But, the biggest reward from filming this movie was not getting nominations or anything but it let me know the real Jay Chou, I know how he treats other workers and deals with matters, he's very proactive, a very diligent person he makes people beside him feel comfortable.

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