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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung hand in hand in Thailand

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung hand in hand in Thailand

Cecilia Cheung went to Thailand to be with Nicholas while he was filming "The Storm Warriors". Son Lucas was not with them. There were rumours earlier on about there separation, that Cecilia had moved back to her mother's house. People saw them hand in hand in Thailand, the gossip disappeared by itself. After the Edison scandal, Cecilia had been staying off the lime light. She was seen not to face the camera that much. In the contrary, Nicholas didn't mind too much.

Cecilia Not visiting during filming

Cecilia didn't visit Nicholas while he was filming. Cecilia understood that the weather was hot and Nicolas had to wear a heavy costume. She didn't want to delay the filming progress.
She was accompanied by her assistant to go shopping in the Emporium Suites. Nicholas was the son of 絕無神, played by 任達華. He didn't have a big part of it. When he finished filming at the end of the day, he went back to the hotel to be with Cecilia.

Nicholas and Cecilia were seen hand in hand together with their two assistants in the evening about 7:30 pm. There were quite a lot of Hong Kong people living in that hotel. Nicholas and Cecilia were wearing sun glasses, and dressed quite casually. Cecilia didn't feel very comfortable looking at the camera, keep turning her face away from the camera or look towards Nicholas. But Nicholas didn't hide, he let the reporters take his pictures.

Last month. The two went to Thailand with Lucas. They attracted a lot of reporters who took so many pictures for the 3 of them. There was no sign of Lucas today. When the reporters asked about Lucas, he didn't reply, just smiled and waved.

The filming of "The Storm Warriors" is nearly at the end. Nicholas still need to stay for another 10 days to complete the rest of the film. He will go back to HK to start the new film " The witness".

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