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Monday, June 30, 2008

Chou Yu-Min does not forget Da S' crystal necklace

[仔]2008/06/29 周渝民難忘大S水晶頸 news from cc

Zai Zai attended Unicef charity event in H.K. yesterday. His fans donated more than four hundred thirteen thousands dollars to the charity entities. As to the rumor of him reconciling with his ex-girlfriend Da S, Zai Zai said " doesn't look like it is true" Asked why he put on the crystal necklace that Da S once wore, he explained that he likes this necklace very much as the reason and, in fact, this neckalce is just an accessary and not the couple necklace that the media described.

2008/06/30 仔仔鍊鍊大S 詭笑談情復合是祕密
仔仔鍊鍊大S 詭笑談情復合是祕密 msn

"Da Zai Lian reconciliation" rumoring around, in this sensible period, Zai Zai put on crystal necklace attending Unicef event in HK. The odd thing is that when the media asked Zai Zai if he really reconciled with Da S, he revealed a wicked smile and said " seems like not true. I don't know. this is a secret."

Busy with his work and no contact with Da S, ZZ showed upbeat mood despite he looked tried at the UNicef event. While chatting with him related to Da S, he actually used an uncertain term "seems like" as an answer. He explained " That is because we have no contact in recent time. We both are very busy. There is not much we could do about it. Besides, Da S can have other choices. We find what we want. If one feel like falling in love again, one will naturally choose."

After Da Zai Lian ended, this is not the first time ZZ put on crystal necklace in public. The two has been voted as a couple audience most want to see and both do not reject pairing up together on the screen. These making rumors spread. For this ZZ expressed "This necklace is mine. There is only one. I took it back because I like it very much. It is a misunderstanding of the press thinking that it was a couple necklace." As to the future, ZZ said "Next time if I enter a relationship, the marriage will be in my mind. I will love her and fully focus on the relationship and give the other half the best care and concern."

仔 仔 取 回 大 S 定 情 鏈 other newspapers

Asked why he still put on necklace Da S once wore, he explained " This neckalce is mine. I gave it to her. I took it back after break-up."
Rumor of reconcilation? ZZ smiley said " seems like not true. We have no contact and both are very busy. It is good that Da S can have other choices. She will choose when she wants to fall in love again." Asked if Da S is still his choice, ZZ smilely said " I don't know either. It is a Secret."

Highlights from MinBao:

No time to think about reconciliation:

ZZ explained that crystal necklace was just a necklace. He said " I just like this necklace very much and I took it back." Rumors of reconciliation? ZZ replied with reservation " Seems like not true !" " Why use the term "seems like" ? asked by reporter. ZZ explained "Because we have no contact and are busy with our work. No time to think about the question of reconciliation or ...maybe she will have better choices. We choose what we need. ...will naturally make a choice while considering fall in love again." And asked if Da S is his choice? ZZ happily said " Now? I don't know. It is a secret."

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