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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Black & White (Ruffian Hero) and Zaizai news : Nonstop rain cause Black & White millions TW dollars

Nonstop rain pouring down in KaoHsiung not only caused director Cai's B&W millions but also made ZZ experience in filming in the air-raid shelter for the first time. As they filmed in the transit tunnel which is the eight story below the ground level, many staff and cast climbed up to the ground level vomiting. But ZZ had no complaint and received praise from the staff. "This role is very much different from his previous on-screen images. He has a good time filming it and even enjoys rolling up in the landfills." ZZ's agent Chi jokingly expressed.

Many days of rain delayed B&W shooting schedules. The hamburg shop was orginally scheduled to be blown up, but the production company had to repair the shop damaged by the heavy rain. The producer Xiao Whei said that in B&W, the girl ZZ like worked in this shop. The crew put much effort building this shop, but now is damaged by the rain. The staff need to repair the shop first before has it blown up to the rubbles. They even put an extra cover on the rooftop to prevent further damages. Meanwhile, the Martial art team lead by Jimmy from H.K extended their stay becuase of the delay. The production company has to pay them for extra days they stay in Taiwan. All the expenses has exceeded millions.

Nevertheless, director Cai is pleased with the cast and the crew maintaining the high spirits at the set. The atmosphere at the set is good. When the heavy rain began, the crew shoot the raining scenes. When the rain stops, they shoot the tunnel scenes.
The air in the tunnel is not good probably because a long history of this air-raid shelter. One shot on the roof and then the dust fell down on their sets. The entrance of this tunnel looks like a regular house, but once walking into the house, a completely different view make the actors feel very curious.

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