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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ethan Ruan: Stoked to love

STOKED to love
Actor and sometime-surfer, Ethan Ruan says it's sheer joy to be his girlfriend

By Chang May Choon

TAIWANESE actor Ethan Ruan is easily the new dreamboat for wide-eyed teenage girls fawning over his princely alter-ego in the hit idol drama You're My Destiny. But in real life, he thinks his Prince Charming quotient is 'very low'. 'I'm not like my character at all...' he told The New Paper over the phone from Taipei last week. 'My life revolves around just three things. I'd work in the morning, then go surfing in Ilan or Kenting, or play video games at home.' He also noted that he is 'very tanned' - unlike most fair-skinned royalty portrayed in television dramas.

But, he was not shy to boast that he is a superb lover who can go over-the-top with his romantic gestures, such as preparing a fireworks show just for his girlfriend. 'It's a total bliss to be my lover!' he declared unabashedly. 'I can be quite goofy and, every day, I will make her feel happy. 'I will cook for her, and I'm very good at giving presents. I will observe what she needs and prepare it for her when the time is right.'

Ethan, 26, catapulted to fame in the past six months when the drama You're My Destiny achieved a record-breaking rating of over 13 per cent (or more than 2.7 million viewers) in Taiwan and stirred up fan interest in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore. He plays a mega-rich guy who has a one-night-stand with a girl (Joe Chen) on a cruise ship, but their paths cross repeatedly as he rescues her from various unpleasant predicaments. The drama is now showing on E City (StarHub Ch 56) at 7pm, Wednesdays to Fridays.

Ethan said no one had expected the drama to become such a monster hit. Some detractors baulked at the 'mismatched' pairing of Ethan and Joe, while others questioned if it was appropriate to cast Ethan, who has been playing supporting roles, as the main protagonist. The role was reportedly first offered to leading men Ming Dao and Leon Williams, who both turned it down.

Looking back, Ethan, who started out as a model before he started acting in 2004, said he must thank his critics. 'There was so much criticism, but I felt it was a good opportunity for me and I wanted to try it out,' he said. 'Thanks to them (the detractors), there was not much anticipation about the drama and I was able to film without feeling any pressure.'

He felt that the success of the drama lies in the seamless collaboration of the entire crew and cast, and how the fun and happy ambience on the set translated into an entertaining show that had viewers hooked week after week. Overnight fame has not changed his life much though, he said.

Three important things

'Still there are just three things in my life - work, surfing and video games. 'It's just that I'm now in a very comfortable state in terms of work, and I get more freedom to choose what I want to do and what kind of roles I want to play.'

However, fame did force him to swim nude in the sea in June, after You're My Destiny crossed the 10 per cent rating milestone. With a laugh, Ethan said that he did not know who made that promise in the first place, but it somehow landed on him to fulfil it. 'I've gone skinny-dipping before with my friends and it was fun, but it was so embarrassing to do it in front of the media.' He said he did it to thank viewers for their support, but drew flak from the media that it was a 'half-hearted' effort when he swam so far out before removing his trunks to wave at photographers waiting on shore.

If he had his way, he would rather make and fulfil promises that benefit society, like how he helped to clean up a certain beach in Taiwan after the drama's rating surpassed 12 per cent. 'That's more meaningful than swimming in the buff, although the latter makes a stronger headline,' he conceded.

The beach is where Ethan spends most of his free time, and his passion for surfing is obvious in the drama Wayward Kenting, which is now showing on E City (StarHub Ch 56) at 7pm on Sundays. The sporty hunk shuns popular hangouts such as night markets and night clubs because he is 'scared of crowds' and feels suffocated.

He is also feeling the intense media glare that has come together with fame, but is learning to cope. For instance, the paparazzi has been following him and snapping intimate pictures of him and his model-actress girlfriend, Eurasian babe Tiffany Hsu (It Started With A Kiss). Then, one of his ex-girlfriends blurted out to reporters that he has a 'high sex drive', which initially got him so riled up that he wanted to sue her.

But he has since cooled down and could even joke about it these days - especially when the news did nothing to dent his burgeoning popularity. 'This piece of news sure has a high entertainment value,' he said with a laugh. 'Guys do want to hear compliments that they're very strong in 'that area', but not at the expense of family. 'It's just a joke, but it's affected my parents. They're upset and it's not fair to them. No parent would want to hear people talking about their child in that manner.'

Moral of the story? Ethan said he has learnt to be more discriminating when making new friends. 'I'm a very extroverted person and if I befriend someone, I'd tell him everything about my life and family history and I'd share with him everything. I'm the sort who will give it all, but now, I've learnt to be more careful.'

Da S celebrated her birthday 6 times, in 6 cities

source: Epochtimes
translations: xiaochien @ devoted2barbie
take translations with credits

Da S went on a 11 day Connected promo tour in 6 cities. She, along with the casts and the director, went to promote in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghai and Guanzhou. Because Da S birthday is on Oct. 6, she celebrated her birthday 6 times, in 6 cities and had 6 birthday cakes. Because of the 11 day promo tour, Da S said she misses home very much. Unfortunately, due to typhoon, she cant have a flight back to Taiwan because flights have been cancelled.

Connected is doing well in Hong Kong box office. In 4 days of showing, it has already earned 3,610,000 Hong Kong Dollars (12,000,000 NTD), regarding this, Da S said "this is the best birthday gift!". Another good news is a lot of people are impressed with Da S perfomance in the movie, and because of this HK Emperor Motion Pictures will be submitting her name in Golden Horse Awards Best Actress category.

Recently, Da S ex-boyfriend guested in KanXi Lai Le. In the program he said that the break up was because of Da S being "clingy", when asked about this, Da S said "I can't comment on this because I've yet to hear his exact words, but I'm definitely not clingy!"

On the day of the typhoon he still goes on radio for interview, Jay Chou to film movies next year

Translated by:

Source: CNA

Even though typhoon Jangmi is hitting Taiwan but artist Jay Chou isn't afraid of the rain and wind and still carries on his promotion schedule, he goes to Hit Fm radio; today Jay Chou accepted an interview on radio and he revealed that next year he will be doing a movie which he will write, direct and star in, Jay Chou hopes to have a chance to work with Brigitte Lin who he admires a lot.

Jay Chou said, he hopes to firstly use the media to send a message to Brigitte Lin, then he'll see Brigitte Lin's reaction, and after that he'll make an official invitation.
This article is translated by
Jay Chou really admires Brigitte Lin and Maggie Cheung, he hopes he can work with these two big stars in the future, especially Brigitte Lin who once openly expressed she watched "Secret" twice, Jay Chou expressed that if he could work with Brigitte Lin it will be "too diao".

Jay Chou said that he met Brigitte Lin from Andrew Lau when they were at the Hong Kong airport, they took a picture together at the airport, it's still his wallpaper on his computer.

Besides promoting his new album at the end of the year, Jay Chou is actually already filming, with just a mention of this movie, he was very tight lipped, he wouldn't reveal a single thing. Instead when he talked about the filming plans of next year, he expressed that at the start of the year he will be filming the sequel to "Kung Fu Dunk".

As to the end of next year, Jay Chou will be putting his heart into creating a new movie, the contents of this movie will be completely different to that of the box office success "Secret", but he was not willing to reveal any details.

Jay Chou Hit Fm Publicity, would like to invite Brigitte Lin shooting film

Source:【Jay2u News Team 】
Translated by littleisabelle @ Jay2u

According to "Hitoradio" latest report, even though typhoon is invading Taiwan, professional Jay isn't afraid of the rain and wind and still remain carries on his promotion schedule. The first publicity is to Hit Fm radio, Hit Fm has also prepared for Jay the Tarot teller to carry out constellations analysis, but while being asked about the problem desired to solve the most, Jay smiled, "When is my gossip will end?" Jay, who is about to release new album "Capricorn", revealed that next year he will concentrate on his self-directed film, and begin shooting a new film. Jay hopes to have a chance to work with Brigitte Lin whom he admires a lot. He spoke shyly, he hopes to convey the message to her via the media in first, then sees her reaction, and after that he'll make an official invitation.

At the end of the year, in addition to the album publicity work, Jay is in fact carrying the film shooting. While mentioning about the movie, Jay has been extremely tight-lipped, not to reveal any news at all. He merely said that, "This is a very great film!" The remaining details have to be waiting for the news release of the film company. Mentioning about next year movie-shooting plan, Jay said that, the early of the year he will first concentrate on the film "Kung Fu Dunk" sequel. Whereas at the end of the year, he is fully invested to build a new film. Jay expressed that, the film content will be completely different to the box office success "The Secret", yet the details Jay would not wish to reveal further.

Jay expressed that, apart from the same behind-the-scenes crew list, the male movie actors almost remain the same as before. He has also invited his friend cum adopted father, Anthony Wong, currently just waiting for his availability. However, the two main female character he would like to shake up, worries that the audience are impressed deeply by Kwai Lun Mei, Alice Tzeng in the previous film role, so the addition of new actresses may give the film a different feeling. Jay also expressed that, "The Secret" runs the way of musical love movie piece, this genre of film is rather difficult to hit into Hollywood film market. He will also insert some different elements in the new film, it remains the sense of mystery. The outcome of the film is also unpredictable, it must be refreshing.

He really admires Maggie Cheung and Brigitte Lin, and hopes that he would have the chance to work with these two super stars in future, especially Brigitte Lin, who ever expressed publicly that she has watched "The Secret" twice. Jay expressed that, if there is the opportunity to cooperate with Brigitte Lin, it is great indeed. Jay also added that, he has ever known Brigitte Lin at the Hong Kong Airport through director Andrew Lau. The picture of two at the airport, has still been his computer screen. For the recent best-selling local film "Cape No. 7”, in fact, before the film has been screened, he has already cheered for it through the video. He also expressed that, "He will certainly get himself free to watch it." He said, in the past, the local films has been fall into the valley, now there is the sense of recovering, such phenomenon makes him very glad.

In conjunction with the title of Jay’s new album, "Capricorn", Hit FM intently invited well-known Tarot teller, Meng Xiao Jing, to carry the constellation and Tarot telling for Jay. With the relentless rumour, he feels annoyed to the entanglement of it since the beginning of his career. Therefore, he particularly sought for tarot master, "When is my rumours and gossips will come to an end?" Tarot teller’s calculation result showed that, in the future Jay’s rumours and gossips will remain constant, yet he recommended that in addition to music, Jay might develop into movie, host etc aspects, relying on the performance in other areas to distract the public attention towards his gossip. Hearing that, Jay nodded and expressed, "Actually, I’m quite interested in hosting, because almost all the areas in the entertainment circle I have come into contact with, just excluding hosting. I hope to host the funny show, because I wish to do the things that delight people.”

Besides rumour, people have been curious about the record sales figure breakthrough. The result of Tarot divination showed that, Jay's new album is still able to maintain good sales performance, but because of the recent market downturn, in order to break the record, it might need the assistance of the benefactor. Heard that, Jay immediately smiled, "That means Terry Gou is needed to help in buying few more!" After that, Jay expressed, actually each and everyone of his fans is his benefactor. He knows that the market is not prosperous, sales figure is no longer the sole target, yet he cares more of the popularity of his songs, like the recent Olympics, his song has been selected many times for playing, this delighted him.

Apart from Tarot divination, it has also listed a number of constellations which are matching with Capricorn Jay, such as the the most-appreciated constellation,Taurus by Capricorn. Jay’s idol, Jet Li happens to be the Taurus, while the constellation of 100% in coordination, also happens to be the his mother's Virgo. All the sorts of coincidence, amazed Jay. For the best working partner, while the answer has not been revealed, Jay smiled: "If it’s not Fang Wen Shan, then I would turn off and leave instantly!" Once the answer revealed, unexpectedly it’s Wen Shan’s Aquarius. Although the two are close either in work or in private, Jay has also revealed that he had once quarreled with Wen Shan until both are speechless with others. Yet, the reason of the quarrelling was just only: "I feel that he is alike with a funny role in the South Korean film <>.” Jay also smiled, as the quarrelling, Wen Shan locked himself in the room of the company. After that, Jay knocked at the door, Wen Shan thought that he was going to apologize with him. Jay with a smile:"Actually, I just want to tell him that my things are in the room, I want to get it."

Translated by:
Source: Libertytimes

Every time Jay Chou releases an album, he becomes the fat meat for the Chinese pirates and online download websites, his new album "Capricorn" to be released in October couldn't avoid this fate and was "completely pirated" by Chinese websites, yesterday night it seemed the whole album was put online for download on Chinese websites, providing online people with a preview download.

Continuing on from "November's Chopin" and "On The Run" which had all the songs exposed by Chinese websites a day before release, it caused the record company to hurriedly push the release one day ahead. This time's album "Capricorn" firstly experienced the pre-order information, the album name being leaked, yesterday night PTT online people discovered what is suspected as all 11 complete songs and song names of the new album on a Chinese website, it caused intense discussions from for and against groups.

There were people who loudly rejected the action of downloading illegally, "It's just about to come out and you put it up, you've gone too far!" Some couldn't wait any longer and immediately downloaded to listen, they even said "Even though it feels like going too far, but I'm really happy to download it early." Fans were outraged by the injustice for Jay Chou, they hoped JVR Music will push the release of the new album earlier, "It's been leaked, don't try to last 10 days, the sales will go down....".

JVR Music is already used to facing rumours online every year before Jay Chou's new album comes out, each website has a different track list, number of tracks and order of tracks. Yesterday reporters called JVR Music for verification, whether or not the 11 songs leaked online are real or not, JVR Music was still cautious, the higher ups at the company are holding emergency meetings on what to do, but we still haven't verified the realness of this, the media supervisor Zhang Lan Yun expressed, the people within the company are already progressing with final verification and handling actions, the soonest an announcement can be made is today on the action to take.

When Jay Chou found out about this, he expressed he was letting the company handle all matters, when he accepted an interview on radio yesterday, he revealed there is a Chinese style song with lyrics by Vincent Fang called "Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion" (famous work by Wang Xizhi), but this name is not among the 11 songs provided online, his generous public announcement act seems like he's using this chance to clarify the names online are fake. JVR Music have also stated that the songs names announced online "Joker", "Palace Of The East", "Nu Er Hong" and "Da Vinci's Canvas" are all wrong.

Liu Yifei Named Tourism Ambassador of Wuzhong

Chinese actress Liu Yifei at a photoshoot in Suzhou City. Liu has recently been named the tourism ambassador of Wuzhong District of Suzhou, in eastern China's Jiangsu Province, which is marked by beautiful waterways and pavilions.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jay Chou's career and love told through Tarot Cards, deeply influenced by rumours

Asian heavenly king Jay Chou is about to release his new album "Capricorn", on the 29th when he went on Hit Fm, Jay Chou, who never really believed much in fortune telling, accepted the reading by a Tarot Card teacher, he posed two questions for the Tarot Card teacher to answer!

Firstly Jay Chou asked if his new album "Capricorn" can surpass his previous album, as a result from the Tarot Cards, Jay Chou picked The Hierophant card, it symbolises that the new album needs a lot of help from benefactors; Jay Chou expressed: all the fans are his benefactors! He believes that the fans will definitely continue to support his new album, don't let the rampant piracy filled record market disappear!

The second question was when his rumours were going to stop, the result was The Magician card!

The teacher explained that this meant that Jay Chou's rumours would be never-ending, but he also suggested Jay Chou can develop in other careers, for example being a programme host or other new directions that are different from music! This article is translated by

Jay Chou, who is deeply influenced by rumours, expressed his agreement with this, the media put more questions to Jay Chou, does it imply that before the new album is out, Jay Chou will have a new romance; Jay Chou denied it and said: No, I only hope that before the new album comes out, everyone can put their focus on his talent in writing! And not have a new rumour every time there is a new album, spreading rumours about him having a relationship with a certain female lead!

Louis Koo buys food for Da S

source: Epochtimes
translations: xiaochien @ devoted2barbie
take translations with proper credit

Although Da S and Louis only have a 3 minute scene in the movie, the two have been getting closer since the promo of their movie. Da S comes to Hong Kong once again for their promo, and Louis especially bought food for her, making Da S very happy. Because Da S is vegetarian, Louis chose carefully which food to give her. He said, he still hasn't got to sit with her for a meal, and hasn't seen her eat anything during the promo, so he wanted to buy her something to eat. In the end, Louis bought her sesame rolls, a dozen of egg tarts, Pu Chay Guo (rice cake). He also said that his impression of Da S is that she is a refined woman, and she eats with such manner.

Connected will also be shown in Korea, and a group of South Korean media went to Hong Kong for an interview. A translator was needed to communicate with the director and the casts, but unexpectedly, the translator asked Louis "they said you acted your role poorly, how do you feel?", upon hearing this Louis asked right away, "I acted poorly?", the reporter and the translator were anxious, and after 5 minutes they realized that the translator made a mistake and everything was just a misunderstanding between the reporter and the translator. The reporter originally wanted to ask Louis if his role, an ordinary hero with lots of weak points, was difficult for him, upon hearing this, the casts were able to relax!.

Jay went on radio interview despite typhoon. New movie to be filmed

Original Source: Zhong Yang She
Translated by: petricia (

Although Typhoon Jangmi has invaded Taiwan, Singer Jay Chou still braved the rain for his promotion to record “HITO Da Tai Zhu” at Hit FM radio station. Jay Chou also revealed during the interview at the radio station that he will be working on another movie written, directed and starring him. He also hoped that he will have a chance to work with Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia, whom he really admired.

Jay said that he wished to send this information of inviting Lin to work with him through media and wait for her response before sending an official invitation.

Jay admires Lin and Maggie Chang Man-Ju and hope that there will be a chance to cooperate with these two mega stars, especially with Lin, who has openly stated that she had watch “Secret” twice. Jay expressed that if there is a chance to work with Lin, it will be too ‘diao’.

President Chou said that he knew Lin through director Andrew Lau Wai-Keung in Hong Kong airport. The photo that he has taken with Lin is still his computer desktop picture.

Besides the promotion work for his album at the end of the year, President Chou is already working on a movie. However, his lips are sealed with regards to the movie, not willing to reveal any information.

Yet, with regards to the plans for movie filming next year, Jay expressed that he will be working on the sequel for “Kungfu Dunk”.

As for the end of next year, President Chou will focus on this new movie. The context of this new will be very different from “Secret”. However, he is unwilling to reveal more.

Fahrenheit celebrates concert success; Chun also injured

source: UDN
translated by:

Fahrenheit’s 2 concerts in Hong Kong have successfully come to an end, and although the outside world thinks that their “sincerity is greater than their singing”, the 4 worked extremely hard, and their spirit is to be commended. However, during the second concert, Chun hurt his back and Jiro’s knee injury got worse, to the extent where the minute he got offstage, he had to be given assistance to help him walk.

Jiro’s knee has had a cartilage injury for half a month, but he gritted his teeth and pulled through the 2 concerts. While onstage, he looked as lively as ever, and noone could see anything wrong with him. However, the minute he got offstage, his whole body became limp and needed someone’s shoulder to support him to walk. However, today, he still has a spokesperson event to attend, and tomorrow he has to fly to Mongolia. His management company is considering to arrange a wheelchair for him.

Chun also injured himself during the second concert. When the concert started he bounced out onstage, but his back accidentally hit the side of the stage, and it immediately swelled up. However, he still managed to pull through the concert, and during the celebration party afterwards, he spiked up his shirt, and indeed a bruise was visible on his back. He also said that he thought single-handedly holding onto the wire while the other hand performing samurai sword “really was very hard!” Also, due to the fans’ enthusiasm, all 4 members of Fahrenheit had numerous scratches on their arms, and even Jiro’s lips got cut.

Although Fahrenheit practiced very hard for the performances area, but their singing still needs work. During the start of the concert on the previous night, they sung a bit off-tune, and their rap part also needs work; indeed there is still room for improvement in their singing. Aaron said, “The most important thing is that we have improved.” Calvin very confidently said, “Our solo singing was OK, but when it came to group singing, because we didn’t have much time to practise together, it wasn’t very harmonized.”

Sunday, September 28, 2008

JJ Lin gift to himself "JJ's Land" makes "Little Dimples" romantic with Ah Sa

JJ Lin is going to transform from a pure, likes singing, having the creation talent boy name into the independent mature, versatile music person in "JJ's Land," his latest album, and his own present to himself for the end of the year.

On his site,, he announces his life's big plan of establishing a brand! The JFJ.

The JFJ essential target is encourages the young people by music, fashion and art, hugs one kind of innovation self-confidently, individual spiritual life philosophy. JFJ believed that each young people have the potential to turn into a legend, encourages the original music, the original tidal current, original art, their creation can be amusing, unique, where ideas live on or off the person, he invites anyone who feel this way to join JFJ the original platform.

The JJ's newest special edition name "JJ's Land", symbolizes " Apex ." The buffalo and cow horns appear faintly in the middle of the special edition name, bountiful interest. Lin Junjie is now the Chinese musical world apex, from his hit tune, "South of the Yangzi River," he is popular in three places across two shores, then his album "Cao Cao" has unfolded him in the young aggressive musical world, various types of advertisements, businesses developed accepted him, he receive invites to play an important role the idol play "Originally I not Gracefully" the actor (acts boldly regardless of one's safety for dwelling male young Zhuang who likes pursuing crazily). On October 6, 2008, with his new album "JJ's Land," Lin JunJie is ready to hit the musical world again!

When the Record company hears "Little Dimple's" demo, and proposed that this pure happy love song to be a duet, in JJ's mind ah Sa's name appeared immediately. JJ and ah Sa have "brushed past." They are friends, and have met timeless time, at many airports, backstage or on stage, he and ah Sa in other words met forever in their brushed past, but never an opportunity to work together. The opportunity for them to work together for this song was perfect! Even though they worked on the song for a very short time, JJ discovered that ah Sa is one very lovable girl and gave off the feeling of school girls a lot. The Record company therefore launches their dream plan, having these two people this time no longer brush past, not only are they going to be happily dueting in "Small Dimple," but for the MV they must constantly be together, one scene after another for the whole day.

In the MV you can see a handsome kid who is well rounded and outstanding (JJ) and ah Sa's cuteness creating a childhood innocence. They dance, but ah Sa who was lively the whole day made the handsome JJ shy the whole time (face a little red). Through out the MV, they both laughed foolishly repeatedly, but when JJ's big dimple bumps into ah sa's pear shape face this first love song is just pure romantic. In addition, JJ once helped TWINS on their second mandarin album special edition, with the hit song "I really want to love him," ah Sa was just perfect for this duet choice. For "Little Dimples," Charlene did not asked for a single cent to duet with JJ. Ah Sa said humorously: " I took advantage of him before, so this time he borrowing me is not that difficult, I want to be the first candidate for JJ's next new song… "

For JJ's new special edition the host/hit song will be "Little Dimples," on September 29, 2008, in Beijing bandstand, Guangdong Broadcasting station sound of music, Hong Kong Broadcasting station, sound of HIT Shanghai Wenguang person or construction project 101, Taibei FM hook-up, Singapore YES 933, from Hong Kong, Macau to Taiwan and Australia the song will be on its first global broadcast!

Barbie Hsu: It Feels Like Louis and I Are 'Heavenly Made Couple’

SHANGHAI - Today afternoon (Sept. 26), the ‘Connected’ movie was held the press conference in Shanghai. Director Benny Chan along with his stars Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu showed up to accept the interview from the media. The other star Liu Ye didn’t attend the conference, so Louis had the opportunity to enjoy time with Barbie. Barbie and Louis' dashingly beautiful and compatible appearance all of a sudden caught the eyeballs from everyone at the scene.

Asked what her feelings toward the two male leading stars Louis Koo and Liu Ye are, Barbie stated that both are cool with their looks but actually have a hidden childish character inside them. Barbie also expressed that although it is the first time she cooperates with Louis, but Barbie feels they both performed very well, seems like they are as a ‘heavenly made couple’. But inquired by some reporters whether she’ll accept if Louis is going to pursue her, Barbie was not willing to take a stand. Barbie and Louis just mutually exchanged a glance at each other and smiled. The secretly silent and tacitly understanding expression from both made everyone suspiciously feel ‘love in the air’. Director Benny Chan made it more ambiguous and inquisitive as pouring oil into burning blaze by saying that he intentionally arranged the `hero rescues beauty' plot, let the audience have the fantasy, the romantic sentiment.

It seems that Liu Ye and Louis have become pretty good friends, ‘what do you think of Liu Ye?’, asked reporter. Louis said that Liu Ye is a very outstanding actor and Louis really likes his acting. In addition, Liu Ye loves to make jokes that make everyone laugh. Louis feels Liu Ye is suitable to star in a comedy movie but Liu Ye once said to Louis that he has not tried in that field yet. Louis also mentioned director Benny Chan’s sense of humor and hopes they will have chance to collaborate again in a comedy film.

According to arrangement, after tonight premiere in Shanghai, this movie will be screened across the nation on Sep. 28th.


Joe Cheng hurt himself with a brick; takes the opportunity to drive a Hummer

[Love or Bread News] Joe Cheng hurt himself with a brick; takes the opportunity to drive a Hummer

Xiao Zhong, Zheng Yuan Chang who belongs to non-car owner category had sits in a NT$3,000,000 secondhand Hummer just to see how it feels! Not only he didn’t get to drive the car but Xiao Zhong has do lot under the hot weather. He needs to run around in the street and even has to use a brick to hit his head, he let out a big sigh and said: [Just another bloody and sweaty day!]

Yesterday Xiao Zhong was a car salesman for GTV’s [Love or Bread], during his break, he has taken the opportunity to sit in the NT$3,000,000 worth of Hummer. Xiao Zhong’s arms and legs are long so when he sits on the driver seats and posing like he’s trying to turn the steering wheel, he looks very cool and stylish. The crowd keeps on persuading him to drive around with it but Xiao Zhong is very intellect, he stayed uninfluenced by the persuasion, he just wanted to sits in the car and just to see how it feels.

Even though Xiao Zhong got his driving license since he was 18 years old but he has never thought about getting a car. He feels that parking is very troublesome and will also waste a lot of money in petrol; especially since he has bought an apartment at Taipei East District last year so the transportation there is very convenient. He could just take a taxi or hitch a ride from Ethan Ruan or Danson Tang’s car. It is more convenient this way and will safe him the trouble in maintaining the car.

Unable to drive the famous car plus under the hot weather, Xiao Zhong has to run along the street. He even ran to the refuge island and he was all sweaty from doing it. In the end he also has to use a tool brick that was made by polystyrene to hit his head plus a scene where he was bleeding, looked quite real too, he comes over to joke around and said: [Uncle has been trained before so children cannot try this!]

Jay Chou's new album tracklist leaked

The tracklist for Jay Chou's newest album has been leaked.
01. 魔杰座
02. 女兒紅
03. 東方之殿
04. 紅樓夢中
05. 失戀的青蛙
06. 失落非主流
07. 從新愛
08. 大灌藍
09. 達芬奇的畫布
10. track10 (not confirmed yet)
11. 稻香

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jay Chou holds concert in Xiamen, mother Chou arrives first at the Egret Island to prepare

Translated by:

Source: QQ

In 2008, Jay Chou's world tour concert has already been to Malaysia, Japan, Beijing, Nanjing, Xian, Wenzhou and other places, being one of the most special member of the concert, Jay Chou's mother Ye Hui Mei has tried her best to take time out to accompany Jay. On the 18th of October they are holding a concert in Xiamen, not only are many fans showing their support for Jay Chou's music with action, some loyal Xiamen fans have also said they will give a good reception to mother Chou. This article is translated by

A few days ago, in the interview with reporters, Jay Chou was asked about his impressions of the Egret Island, Jay Chou said happily: I've looked forward to the famous island of the piano for a very long time, for this time I'm naturally hoping to be able to stay a bit longer in Xiamen, so I can visit more places, eat some of the local food. Due to the fact that last time they went to Xiamen, they always stayed at the hotel and didn't come out, thus Jay Chou frankly said he really hoped to be able to go out to town with his mother in Xiamen.

According to reports, for this time there's a good chance mother Chou will arrive in Xiamen early, to do some homework on the scenery there and the food. On the night of the concert, mother Chou will watch Jay's excellent performance with the fans.

S.H.E Exclaimed Their Wish For Pregnancy Upon Meeting Matilda Tao Zi

S.H.E visited UFO Radio on the 26th as part of their new album’s promotion, and the trio came geared with fake guns. They had come prepared in view of the publicity of their new album – My Station. S.H.E launched their webcast – FM S.H.E and the debut episode raked high listenership. Today, S.H.E decided to keep up their efforts and came to UFO FM to abduct the station DJ, Ruby. S.H.E charged into the live broadcast, geared with fake guns and aliens. Together they abducted DJ Ruby and took over the control panel. Meanwhile DJ Ruby had to manage split personalities by acting as the trio to promote their album. Ruby had an enjoyable experience being “abducted”, as she had the chance to act as popular idols.

Other than visiting UFO Radio, S.H.E also visited Matilda Tao’s broadcast to discuss on their new album and recent happenings. Seeing Tao’s recent joy in pregnancy, Ella did not hide her envious wish of wanting to be pregnant too. Ella and Hebe also expressed that they would seriously consider selecting their other halves for the good genes for their future child – the other person must be a sunny guy who is healthy and handsome. Based on Ella’s past romantically-rumoured boyfriends like Wu Chun and Baron Chen, they do seem like candidates for consideration of good genes for future children.

In addition, while Tao will be going on maternity leave soon, her 2 other hosting assignments would be taken over by Xiao S and Selina respectively. Selina shared that she had been doing a lot of homework preparing for relieving Tao’s hosting duties and also made notes on a notebook. Meanwhile her 2 Laopos, Ella and Hebe are going to happily busied themselves with choosing the outfits for Selina.

S.H.E will continue their autograph sessions in Tainan, followed by the concerts in China. Next weekend, they would continue with the hectic schedule promoting the album in Taiwan.

translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum
credits :Baidu Ella Forum , UFO Radio and TOM

Former 'doll' learns all about fear

TAIWAN actress and singer Barbie Hsu is known mostly for her role in TV dramas such as "Meteor Garden" and "Corner With Love."

But she recently challenged herself with a difficult role in the thriller "Connected" by Benny Chan, a Chinese remake of the 2004 Hollywood film "Cellular."

Hsu plays a woman who is kidnapped by brutal gangsters and makes a call to a random mobile phone seeking help.

Hsu said that, in sharp contrast to her usual roles as an elegant doll-like woman, she had to show the deep fear and despair of a hostage locked up in a dark room.

Hsu had a singing career prior to her acting career. She was in a duo group called "S.O.S" with her sister, Dee Hsu.

She was in the headlines when her romance with the Taiwan heartthrob Vic Zhou ended unhappily, even though they were once called Taiwan's golden celebrity couple.

Fahrenheit's Hong Kong concert; Chun gets his left and right shoes mixed up

After entering the entertainment industry for nearly 3 years, Fahrenheit chose Hong Kong to hold their concert and show the world that they do have talent, in the aim to change everyone’s impression that they use looks and constant rumors with girls to be where they are now. Fans screamed non-stop at the 4 handsome guys, and the amazing performances they gave, however at one point, Chun got his left and right shoes mixed up, and it looked a bit awkward when he was thrusting his sword out.

On the 26th and 27th, Fahrenheit held 2 concerts at the Hong Kong Expo, and attracted over 20,000 fans. The 4 are already very popular in Hong Kong, and this time, tickets were sold out very fast. In the 2 nights, fans yelled till their voices were hoarse; the 4’s charm and hotness dazzled everyone, and they had a total of 6 outfits during the concert, but surprisingly they did not reveal too much skin.

There was huge momentum on the stage and special effects continued non-stop; it really was an amazing show. Fahrenheit entered the stage wearing ‘Final Fantasy’ outfits, waving their light swords. Then when the atmosphere changed, they began singing slow songs. Then balloons were released, and this warmed up a romantic atmosphere, and even Aaron, who is scared of heights joined his fellow brothers and they sat on a machine, which rose to 5-stories high.

Fahrenheit seemed to want to break their “flower vase” image, as they together formed a band to show off their musical talents. Aaron played the keyboard, Jiro played the guitar, Chun played drums and Calvin showed off his beat-boxing skills. Jiro, whos knee was still injured, gave an outstanding performance as he played both an electric guitar, and a wooden guitar. Aaron played the keyboard, and at the same time, sung a duet with Jade Liu. Fahrenheit also arranged a retro-style part of the concert, where they sung old traditional songs, and danced wistfully.

During the concert, Chun had a flying scene, and he dresses up as a black warrior, one hand hanging onto the wire, and the other hand waving a samurai sword. It was only 8 seconds, but it cost a massive 500,000$TW. After this, he combined martial arts and performed a sword dance, but then it was noticed that he had got his left and right shoes mixed up, and this impeded him from performing even better.

After the concert, Fahrenheit said, “We waited 3 years, and now we have finally achieved our dream. We have worked really hard to prepare for this concert, thank you to everyone who has accompanied us on the journey to achieve our dream.” Charlene Choi, Chun’s dad and Chun’s brother all came along to the first concert to cheer them on, and the site was surrounded by the media, causing disturbance.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Works by Jay Chou, Leehom Wang and others going up in space along with "Shenzhou-7"

This time "Shenzhou-7" is taking a large quantity of music up into space. From what tracks the reporters know of, Jay Chou's "A Long Journey", Zya's "Love and Peace", Jiangsu folk song "Jasmine Flower", Teresa Teng's "When Will There Be A Clear Moon", Zhang Mai's "Green Back", Leehom Wang's "Descendants of the Dragon" and clips of Guo De Gang's voice and Beijing opera "The Drunken Beauty". These pieces of work will be stored at the museum when "Shenzhou-7" comes back to earth.
This article is translated by
Jay Chou's agent Zhao Shao Wei replied in place of Jay Chou: "Of course we are very happy his songs can fly into space, because not many people have such an experience." Zhao Shao Wei says Jay Chou is right now busy promoting his new album to be released on the 9th of October, when he hears about this news he'll definitely be even more happier. With the appearance of commercial space travel, does Jay Chou, who is quite forward, want to go to space? Zhao Shao Wei expressed: "He might be worried his body can't stand it, even though everyone thinks he's quite forward, but he's actually quite conservative."

Parking to open Taipei Golden Horse film festival

Stephen Cremin in Taipei
25 Sep 2008 04:41

The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival is stepping outside the art house for its 30th edition.

Taiwan's main film festival will introduce crowd pleasers alongside award-winning art house titles from the Berlin, Cannes and Venice film festivals under new programming director Patrick Jia, formerly a senior marketing publicist at the Taipei branch of 20th Century Fox.

The event opens on November 6 with Chung Meng-hung's local black comedy Parking, which premiered at Cannes, and closes on November 21 with Cédric Klapisch's Paris and another Taiwan film, Yang Li-chou's documentary Beyond The Arctic.

The festival includes major tributes to Japanese director Kon Ichikawa, Russian animator Aleksandr Petrov and French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville. The latter includes the world premiere of Olivier Bohler's documentary Code Name: Melville.

Documentaries are one of the highlights of the festival with screenings of Martin Scorsese's Shine A Light, James Marsh's Man On Wire and Alex Gibney's Taxi To The Dark Side about human rights abuses under the Bush administration.

For the second year in a row, the festival has a special focus on south-east Asian cinema. This year's section opens with a red carpet screening of Nonzee Nimibutr's epic Queens Of Langkasuka to be attended by the director and leading actor Ananda Everingham.

Other stars in attendance include Taiwan's Kelly Lin for a gala screening of Johnnie To's Sparrow , Japan's Yasuko Matsuyuki for the international premiere of Jiro Shono's Time Lost, Time Found and Hollywood-based Michelle Krusiec for Asif Kapadia's Far North.

While the festival embraces Hollywood cinema, Jia stresses that the lineup is not studio-centric. He argues that the ordinary characters in American independent cinema have a strong appeal to Taiwan audiences, noting the local success of Jason Reitman's Juno.

The festival also hosts a special anniversary screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Stanley Kubrick's epic was released in a single theatre in Taipei in 1969 and local audiences have had no opportunity to see the film on the big screen in the intervening decades.

The 45th edition of the affiliated Golden Horse Film Awards will be held in the city of Taichung on December 6. The nominations for the prestigious annual awards for Chinese-language cinema will be announced on October 30.

F4's concert presscon in Japan, women's magazine loves only YCX as the cover of the magazine cuts out F3

It was reported that Japan's magazine, Woman Weekly, used Jerry's photo as the cover, although Jerry and the other 3 members posted together for the media in the press conference. Furthermore, Japan's media use the phrase "Yan Cheng Xu's group" to introduce F4. It is obviously that the media in Japan love Yan Cheng Xu more than the other three members. Regarding this, JVR replied with a low profile, "He is busy at rehearsing, so we don't know whether he has seen it."

F4 will have 7 concerts in Japan. They have arrived at Japan and secretly practised for 10 days. Ken will dance, Vanness will perform with a band, and ZZ will perform with 3D technology. For Jerry, other than dancing, he will perform something that can fully show his charm.

For the last 10 days, Jerry has eaten buckwheat noodles every day. Others thought that he is on diet. Actually it is because he loves buckwheat noodles. Other than buckwheat noodles, at first he also wanted to go to a spa/Japanese-style bath?, but as there are housewife fans waiting for him wherever he goes, he stays in his hotel room for watching DVDs instead.


F4 reveals details about their Japan concerts

Published: Friday, Sep 19, 2008 1:25PM By: jojo Source: Asianfanatics
F4’s upcoming concert tours in Japan are taking place soon. Yesterday the 4 took some time out to hold a press conference in Tokyo. They announced that they will add 2 extra shows on Oct 3 and Oct 19, totalling 7 concerts, with over 80,000 fans attending. Talented Vanness Wu says that this time, besides planning even more outrageous dancing, he will also bring on an exclusive orchestra to accompany his performance.

Wang Lee Hom says He Isn't Gay

Wang Lee-hom (王力宏) says he isn’t gay. The Mando-pop superstar, who played to 12,000 fans at his Music Man concert in Taipei City last weekend, told the Apple Daily that his mom even asked him once if he were gay, implying that it would be “OK” if he were.

Show Lo's Movie Dream Still Needs Some Rearranging

Show Lo's Movie Dream Still Needs Some Rearranging

Show "Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]" Lo's dream to the big screen has met with an obstacle. His collaboration of "Passionate Years" with Ah Sa [Charlene Choi] has yet to receive permission from Mainland China, so if the permit were to be delayed until mid-October, it will conflict with the release of his new album, and he'd have to ask for a leave of absence from the production, or else he could only grit his teeth and give up the film.

"Passionate Years" is Show's first returning step onto the big screen, but due to filming in Shanghai, they had to first obtain permission from Mainland China. But this has been extended for a week already, and the planned filming time was set for a month and a half, and if they are unable to commence filming before mid-October, then Show needs to do preparations for his new album in November, so he'll have to once again delay the filming, but Charlene also has a packed schedule, and if the times cannot be arranged, then she could only give it up too. With regards to this, Show isn't regretful, "In this case, my album can have a more complete preparation."

Last week, Show brought his mother to Japan for a vacation, and coincidentally Rainie Yang, who is planning to break into the Japanese market next year with a single, was also there on vacation with her mother. Recently, both their dramas are fighting against each other, but they say that they watch each other's dramas. Rainie also said, "Our audience groups are a little different, but one is spectacular and thrilling, and one is extremely comical." The two will also be releasing albums in November, which may also be on battle.

After filming "Hot Shot," Show said he recently wouldn't dare visit the basketball courts because then players would want his to show off his skills from the drama. Rainie also said that she filmed "Miss No Good" and "Superstar Express" simultaneously so she's almost dead tired. Then in August, her "month visit" continued on for a year, and the one scene where she and Jiro Wang were to film in water was to wait until she "stopped bleeding."

Yesterday, Show and Rainie collaborated in an endorsement for a fast food restaurant, and when asked if she was replacing her senior, Jolin Tsai, Rainie rushed to explain, "Product endorsements are always just switching around." Like her previous endorsements have also switched spokespeople, whereas Jolin was unable to endorse because she was under other complications of business contracts.

Barbie Hsu ‘teaches’ the kidnappers how to grab hair

Barbie ‘teaches’ the kidnappers how to grab hair

Barbie Hsu denies that she is unprofessional, in the kidnapping scene she looks very pretty because by ‘nature’ she is beautiful!

Previously, at the Beijing premiere, Barbie Hsu was criticized for being too beauty conscious in the kidnapping scene, she was not sloppy enough thus lacking in realism. Barbie defends herself, “I did not look beautiful on the set. The set was very dirty, and everyday my eyes, hair, nail and my whole body was filled with sand. I do not understand why everyone says I look very pretty.”

Barbie could not help but lament, “Why are they doing this?” The host answers, “That is because you are very beautiful in the first place”. After hearing this Barbie could not help but beam from ear to ear, “I think that must be the reason!”

However, Barbie has been very precious with her hair, in the scene when the kidnappers pulled her hair, she even “taught” them to grab more, so it does not drop easily.

“The kidnapper was gentle, I taught him to grab more hair to prevent them from dropping, he would apologize every time he pulled my hair. His girlfriend bought my book, so he knows that I love my hair!”

In the film Barbie plays a single-mother with a 6-year-old daughter, she says she bases the feelings of a mother from looking after her sisters children. After watching the whole movie, she says she cannot wait to bring her mother and sister to watch the movie. She says, “It is very exciting, very nice to watch, was so agitated that I wanted to laugh. I cannot rate my acting, but I have gave 100% performance. After watching I feel it is best I have seen recently, it is an exciting yet funny movie.”

Louis Koo complains HK government does not cooperate in the movie. Barbie Hsu overdresses

Louis Koo complains HK government does not cooperate in the movie. Barbie Hsu overdresses

Louis Koo complains that the Hong Kong government does not cooperate and was unwilling to allow the “Connected” crew film a flying car scene in a busy city district, forcing them to shift filming to the outskirts. The end result was just as good, he says proudly, “We want to let the Hong Kong government see, we could do a good job even though they refused to let us film.”

“Connected” opens in Malaysia on Thursday (25th September), the leads Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu, together with director Benny Chan met with the Malaysian media on Wednesday (24th September), as part of their 10-day whirlwind promotion tour of Asia. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, the film company was unable to lease a suitable shopping plaza thus there was no premiere or fans meeting session.

Louis Koo had previously worked with Benny Chan in “Rob-B-Hood”, working together this time has increased their chemistry, even in the flying car scene in the movie, Louis had full confidence in the director, he admitted that suffered from some external injuries but it was more important to achieve the desired results. In his speech, he expressed dissatisfaction in the rejection by the Hong Kong government to grain them a permit to film a flying car scene in a busy city district, thus they could only shift filming to the outskirts, luckily the result was just as good, proving that they could do the same without the government’s help. Benny Chan nodded with a smiling, seemingly agreeing with Louis’ view.

There are rumors that Barbie Hsu had brought along 6 luggages of clothes and shoes for this Asian promotion tour. For this press conference she wore a black chiffon dress, and says she had no idea of Malaysia’s weather, and chose this dress after much deliberation. Unexpectedly, Louis Koo remarks, “In Hong Kong, only those going to wedding dinners would wear this!”

Benny Chan: Remakes are harder than the original

“Connected” is a remake of the Hollywood movie “Cellular”, and to exceed the original, director Benny Chan, invested 45million HK dollars on production costs, he says, “It is more strenuous to remake a Western film than an original movie. Because adaptation is very difficult and subconsciously I wanted it to be better than the original, so tried to do the best in every respect possible.”

Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu has only one scene together in the end of the film, lasting for a few minutes, the two of them replied on the telephone to communicate. The director first filmed Barbie’s scenes before filming Louis’ portion. Louis laughs, “Every time before I start, I will watch Barbie’s performance. Several times, the director played Barbie’s role to get me into my role, but I could not image how to act, because the director is a man!”

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vincent Fang responds to Jay Chou's lyrics and composition "Fragrant Rice"

Recently Jay Chou's personally written "Fragrant Rice" was released, it attracted popular support from fans, being Jay Chou's "main lyricist", Vincent Fang accepted an interview with us, he expressed the lyrics to "Fragrant Rice" are very beautiful, the new album is even more complete having works from Jay Chou himself.

Vincent Fang thinks, life in the hurried city makes people often forget about a lot of scenery in life, "Fragrant Rice" can slow down, rinse and settle down their soul. "In Jay's album there's always a few that are completely written by him, these pieces of work are his personal viewpoints from observing the world, they convey his creative concept and characteristic."
This article is translated by
In the new album there are 6 songs by Vincent Fang, "The lyrics are as usual imaginative, not only this but within the scope of love I've tried new themes." He also revealed, one of the songs was only completed after going through Taipei, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai, it's a Chinese style song, it's related to calligraphy, as to whether it can surpass "Chinese Flower Pot", he asks fans to decide for themselves.

Top Five Mandarin Albums (Sep12-18)

Album chart compiled from G-Music (,based on retail sales

1. Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) and The Best of Ronald (怪胎) with 10.42 percent of sales
2. Fish Leong (梁靜茹) and Today Is Valentine’s Day (今天情人節) with 9.6%
3. Aska Yang (楊宗緯) and Star! Start! Live Concert (星空傳奇) with 7.4%
4. Van Fan (范逸臣) and Wu Le Bu Tsuo (無樂不作) with 4.57%
5. Y2J and Live for You (為你而活) with 3.77%

'My So-Called Love' Starring Barbie Hsu to Screen at KFF

Kitty desperately seeks true love, sometimes foolishly. She runs into her biological mother, only to discover her step father is a peeping-Tom. She elopes with her classmate A-Liang, but eventually betrays him. She finds comfort from Xiao-Gu whom she met online, only to discover he is married. Kitty then meets Sunshine who gives her the love she wants, but she starts to doubt his feelings for her.


Da S birthday wish: "Love not to pester me!"

Louis Koo, Da S and Director Benny Chan went to promote their movie "Connected" in Singapore. Because of the F1 Sports Event that day, their supposed 10-minute drive to the venue became 40 minutes. When they arrived at the promo venue, they played a game with the fans, and on stage, Loius koo took out his camera and took pictures of fans and also Da S.

Da S will celebrate her 32nd birthday on October 6. Recently, she was in Hong Kong to promote her movie, and the staff specially arranged a surprise for her, and gave her a birthday cake. Her birthday wish?, "Family's good health, and love not to pester me!"


'My Love Life Is Empty,' Says Barbie Hsu

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu says there is nothing going on in her love life, but that she is perfectly happy to have it that way.

"My love life is now completely empty," Hsu, 31, said serenely in an interview with my paper yesterday.

In January, she and Taiwanese pop idol Vic Chou broke up after dating for 2½ years. She was also recently linked to American-born Taiwan actor/singer Peter Ho, but both have denied a romance.

To fill the void in her life, Hsu is throwing herself into work. She appears in the new Benny Chan movie Connected, a remake of the 2004 Hollywood flick starring Kim Basinger.

She was in town to promote the movie at Orchard Cineleisure. "The joy I get from my work is unprecedented. I feel very free and happy, and I'm really enjoying life now," said Hsu, who adds that kids or marriage are not on her radar at all.

Hsu has gone all out for Connected, taking on stunts in the film. She was thrown against some wooden boards while being strangled for a scene, after which her neck became bruised and swollen. But she is determined to put up a tough-girl exterior.

"If I were asked to play such a role again, I would," she said.

The tough-girl act extends to her real life too, where she's taken up boxing and weightlifting. "When I'm not working, I'm exercising," she said. "I want to be a musclewoman."

Has Cecilia Cheung Miscarried?

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung may have suffered a miscarriage.

The controversial actress has been a devoted wife and mother since the birth of her first son - Lucas. She was also rumoured to be pregnant when the sex photos scandal surrounding Edison Chen broke out, but the rumours were not confirmed.

Throughout the scandal, her husband Nicholas Tse has stood by her and they have been actively working on preserving their relationship and family. They were also very eager to have a second child.

According to Shin Min Daily News, Cecilia's sister-in-law revealed that Nicholas wanted a daughter. His father, Hong Kong actor Patrick Tse, also expressed that he wanted four grandchildren. Cecilia has stopped working to focus on her family commitments.

But Hong Kong tabloid, Oriental Sunday, reported that Cecilia's second pregnancy has ended even before it is officially announced.

The Weekly reported that Cecilia, husband Nicholas and their families were delighted when she learnt of her pregnancy at the beginning of September.

They spent close to HK$100 million ($18.2m) on a new Ocean Bay residence in preparation for the new addition to their family. The move signified a new beginning, and was also an attempt to put the Edison Chen nude photo scandal behind them.

However, a close friend of Cecilia's revealed that the baby's heart had stopped suddenly, forcing Cecilia to seek an abortion.

Cecilia was reportedly admitted to hospital last week, in the company of her sister. Her gynaecologist, who delivered her firstborn, Dr Liang Su De, performed the operation.

Cecilia also had a skin allergy in her first trimester, but she did not realise that it was a warning sign that all was not well with her pregnancy. She was spotted visiting a well-known dermatologist on Sep 10 with obvious rashes on her cheeks. When reporters asked her if she was pregnant, she did not respond.

She only realised that the rashes were caused by imbalances in her hormonal and immune system when she went for a check up with her gynaecologist.

The couple's families were shocked and severely disappointed at the news.


"Pi Li MIT" airing soon; will Aaron and GuiGui do promotions together after their argument?

Aaron Yan and GuiGui were once profiled into being cute couple on-screen, and privately, also sparked rumours. However, their relationship ended on a bad note when they got into a heated argument. The 2’s “Pi Li MIT” is airing soon, and the broadcast network put a lot of effort into convincing the 2 to do promotions together.

While filming “Pi Li MIT”, Aaron and GuiGui sparked a lot of “girl-chase-guy” rumors and they also began to film a new drama “Tao Hua Ai Wu Di” afterwards. However, during filming, the 2 got into a heated argument and resulted in stop filming. It was also decided that Aaron will not work again with any of the girls from “Blackies”.

However, the entertainment circle is only this big; FTV and GTV has decided to co-operate and both air “Pi Li MIT” on Fridays at 10pm, starting from October 3rd, will Aaron and GuiGui agree to promote together? GTV expressed that they have already separately asked each management company and they have replied “OK”. They will also plan for Aaron to go on “I Love Blackies” show, hoping that the 2’s differences can be sorted.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jay Chou writes recommendation for Vincent Fang's new book, left out due to it being too colloquial

This golden partnership of Jay Chou and Vincent Fang have always been close together, the recommendation words from before in Vincent Fang's lyrics book "Chinese Style" was written by Jay Chou. On the 22nd, Vincent Fang released his new piece of work "Chinese Flower Pot: The Secret Words Hidden In Glazing Colour", the strange thing is the recommendation words from Jay Chou are no where to be found. Can it be that it is like the rumours say, the two are gradually parting ways? Reporters found out from the publishers that Jay Chou did indeed write a recommendation for "Chinese Flower Pot", but due to it's colloquial tone it was left out by the This article is translated by
publishers and Vincent Fang. Jay Chou said in his recommendation: "So Chinese Flower Pot is not only a lyric, it can also be a book, plus it's written by teacher Fang. I can only say Vincent Fang's words are worth reading." Such a colloquial recommendation made the publishers and Vincent Fang feel helpless, they could only bear the pain and omit it.

This golden partnership of Jay Chou and Vincent Fang have always been close together, the recommendation words from before in Vincent Fang's lyrics book "Chinese Style" was written by Jay Chou. On the 22nd, Vincent Fang released his new piece of work "Chinese Flower Pot: The Secret Words Hidden In Glazing Colour", the strange thing is the recommendation words from Jay Chou are no where to be found. Can it be that it is like the rumours say, the two are gradually parting ways? Reporters found out from the publishers that Jay Chou did indeed write a recommendation for "Chinese Flower Pot", but due to it's colloquial tone it was left out by the This article is translated by
publishers and Vincent Fang. Jay Chou said in his recommendation: "So Chinese Flower Pot is not only a lyric, it can also be a book, plus it's written by teacher Fang. I can only say Vincent Fang's words are worth reading." Such a colloquial recommendation made the publishers and Vincent Fang feel helpless, they could only bear the pain and omit it.

Jay Chou films MV for new song "Fragrant Rice", paints toenails black to be a villager

Translated by:

Source: Tom

A few days ago Jay Chou filmed the MV for his new song "Fragrant Rice", he appeared with a completely new look, he painted his toenails with black varnish which really surprised people! They especially went to the countryside for the scenes, originally they planned for him to sit in an ox wagon but they were afraid of it being called cruel to animals so in the end in order to protect animals they changed the ox wagon into a human wagon, they asked the workers to pull the wagon up and down the small path over 10 times, the ox wasn't tired at all, but the people were all knackered. This article is translated by

Besides this, in the MV Jay Chou generously shows off his newly bought musical instrument "Cajon", actually it was when he was in Japan walking in the street, he discovered street artists often using this instrument, it can sound out large and small drums, it's very interesting, so he ran off to buy it and brought it back to Taiwan to further research it, finally today in the MV he can finally show off his new move.

Swimming in the Buff Trend? Record sales exceed 100,000, Ella to swim bareback

Swimming in the Buff Trend? Record Sales Exceed 100,000, Ella to Swim Bareback

S.H.E exudes their sexiness; Hebe and ELLA were donned in flowing dresses, with only Selina being more conservatively dressed. However the sharp-tongued Selina actually used Ella as a sales record wager by declaring, “If record sales exceed 100,000, she will wear only swimming trunks and go bareback.” Once again, another group of artistes has ride on the trend of swimming in the buff.

New album – FM SHE uses webcast as an idea. The trio had dressed “more formally” to publicise their new album and officiate the opening of their web station. It was a rare occasion to see Ella in a floral dress with a deep V-plunging neckline. In addition, her well-endowed figure totally refuted earlier reports of her being “itsy-bitsy”. Meanwhile, Hebe does not wish to be outdone and kept standing up to bend forward and bow in attempt to show her small cleavage. Selina was dressed more sombrely and when teased by media that she was perhaps under strict supervision by her rumoured lawyer boyfriend, she quickly clarified, “If all 3 of us are dressed too sexily, the whole group will look weird.”

While their record company has set target for this album to be the year’s champion for record sales, S.H.E was more casual about it. When touted by media to ride on the recent “swimming in the buff” trend, Selina actually said, “Ok, if record sales exceed 100,000, then ask Van Fan Yi Chen to swim in the buff again.” But in the end, everything became distorted and ELLA was asked to swim bareback in swimming trunks. In response, Ella said in style, “I could, but I worry everyone will mistake me as a guy.”

Selina wrote the lyrics for a new song “Already Silent” in the album. She explained that the music was composed by Jay Chou upon hearing her love story, however she refused to reveal who the male was. “Go ask Jay, I told him everything. But should he let the cat out, I will definitely tell on him too.” In conjunction with another song, “Wo Ai Fan Nao” (lit transl: I Love Troubles), the trio has made some small losses in their investments recently, and could only console themselves by saying, “If only we had not buy.”

At least with Meng Niu concerts to proceed as scheduled, the trio had no troubles in their career. Selina was initially saying, “Most people can usually detoxify by drinking water.” However when the media asked about Meng Niu, the trio acted blur and replied, “Everything is still under investigation, but since products were taken off-shelf, it is inevitable for the atmosphere to be tensed.” Despite they were unable to get any break with the scheduled concerts going as planned, the trio are nonetheless happy to be able to meet up with fans.

S.H.E - An Jing Le

S.H.E - Wo Ai Fan Nao


Louis Koo : Hunk, but no hero

DON'T call me a hero. Hong Kong hunk Louis Koo kept emphasising this during the press conference for his new film Connected. He plays an ordinary chap who gets an anonymous call from a distressed woman and decides to help her.

His character, a debt collector who can barely make ends meet, ends up chasing after baddies, hijacking expensive cars and even attempting armed robbery to help save the woman's daughter and younger brother. It is certainly heroic behaviour by any standards, but Louis felt that all his character wants to do is help another.

In real life, the 37-year-old heart-throb would also rather be a 'nameless hero'. 'Maybe it's because I'm more low-profile, and I don't like the idea of doing something and then telling people about it or getting some reward in return. 'What I respect more are the unsung heroes who do good without expecting anything in return.'

One may assume it is hard for a household name like him to do anything without being recognised, but Louis said he has found ways to contribute to charity anonymously.

Don't call him for help

But if he gets an SOS call like his character did in the movie, he would hesitate to help. Even if the call comes from his Connected co-star Barbie Hsu. 'I'm not a hero, I can't take on so many people in a fight. So if anyone calls for help, I'd refer him to the police. 'What's more, who knows if it's really Barbie on the phone?' he quipped.

Not that he is so easily contactable though. Louis claims that he owns a mobile phone but rarely switches it on. Even if he does, he rarely answers if it rings.

The best way to get him is to call his home - his sanctuary when he is not busy filming. He said he would be watching all kinds of movies from all over the world, writing his blog or shopping online.

But when he is filming, Louis is known to be a daredevil who executes his own stunts. The most challenging scene for him in Connected is one whereby he has to jump out of a car that hangs precariously on the edge of a cliff. He could have opted for a stunt double, but Louis felt the latter would have done it 'too professionally'. So Louis bit the bullet and did it himself, albeit with his heart racing .

When asked if there was anything he would not do in the name of art, he said: 'Swimming nude.'

Why not, when he obviously has a good body to flaunt? Shaking his head, he added: 'No, no, I'm not too good at swimming and I haven't swam in a long time.'

Well, maybe that can be his next challenge on screen?

Barbie call

Newly single Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu gets tough in HK handphone action flick
By Chang May Choon

'Between work and love, I find work more relaxing, whereas love can be much tougher,' she told The New Paper. 'Work is more exciting and gives me more freedom. I like the way my life is right now... I don't want to fall in love.'

Eight months after confirming that she split with her actor beau Vic Chou, it seems Barbie is happily basking in singlehood. What drives her on is her passion for acting instead, and instead of dates, she is on the hunt for good movie scripts. Her latest work is the highly anticipated action flick Connected, which boasts of being the first Hong Kong remake of a Hollywood film. The original is the 2004 title Cellular, which stars Kim Basinger and Chris Evans.

The Hong Kong version is helmed by acclaimed action director Benny Chan (Invisible Target, New Police Story) and stars Hong Kong's Louis Koo and Nick Cheung, and China's Liu Ye. It opens here on 1 Oct and Barbie, together with Louis and Benny, were in town yesterday to promote the film.

On why he picked Barbie over Hong Kong's own pool of actresses, director Benny said Hong Kong women seemed too 'strong' for the role. Barbie, however, appears fragile in comparison and 'invokes a natural instinct in people to protect her', he added.

In the movie, the dainty actress plays a mother who gets kidnapped but manages to establish contact with a man (Louis) through a spoilt phone and begs him to help save her daughter and younger brother. This is her most physically strenuous and emotionally draining role yet, as her character is a 'total victim' who gets beaten up and tortured by the baddies from beginning to end.

Lost weight

Filming in a small deserted hut - where her captors locked her up - was such a stressful experience that Barbie was constantly nervous and tense and lost her appetite. She lost 3kg as a result, she said.

The easy part for her was to play a doting mum, as she professes to be a child magnet. 'I love kids and I love to help my sisters with their children, so feeding babies and changing diapers is no problem for me,' she said with a laugh. 'I have very strong maternal instincts and kids usually don't shy away from me.'

If she wants to have her own children, she would need to find a man first. But - believe it or not - she claims to have no 'obvious' suitors knocking at her door. 'There are guys who say they like me, but probably more from a fan's mindset,' she said with a self-deprecating laugh.

Well, Taiwanese actor Peter Ho just blabbed to the media that he has been carrying a torch for Barbie since they met on the set of a drama three years ago. Barbie insisted they are just friends, and she does not rule out working together with him.

Another likely future co-star is her ex-beau Vic, with whom she still keeps in touch via phone messages. 'We're still friends and I like to work with him because we have established a certain mutual understanding. And I know he won't say no to the idea.'

Xiao S, Blue Lan first meeting in KangXi, talks about Da S

Blue Lan guested in Kang Xi Lai Le, it was Xiao S first meeting with him after Da S and Blue Lan broke up. Cai Kang Yong can't help but observe how Xiao S would interact with Blue Lan.

Xiao S said, after Blue and Da S break up, the two have not been in contact since then. For the first time, Xiao S asked Blue about Da S, "Do you regret that you and my sister broke up?", "do you want to pursue her again?"," did you date lots of girls after my sister?“, "Why did you two break up?", "When you heard about ZZ and Da S relationship, how did you feel?"

Xiao S said that Da S becomes crazy everytime her boyfriend would call. Because everytime the sisters are together, and when Da S recieves a phone call, she would immediately want to go home. Blue Lan said that sometimes he thinks that 'girlfriend' is too sticky, and then they would fight and that she would want to move out, but now that he thinks about it, he thinks its just fine.

When asked if he would want to get back together with Da S, Blue Lan said, now he doesn't feel like it, Cai Kang Yong on the other hand said, "then at least, can you say that she still has a place in your heart?", Blue replied: "She has, my heart has lots of spaces!"

When asked about Zai Zai and Da S relationship, he said "unimaginable". He said he did not see it coming and never thought they could have that kind of relationship, , he added "did not expect that a bestfriend could be an enemy[沒想到最好的朋友竟然是你的敵人- (?)]". However when asked about Xu Mama, Blue complained that Xu Mama likes nagging. Xiao S then said "I must call mom and tell her!"


TW Entertainment Ratings Chart - Television (15/08/2008 - 21/08/2008)

TW Entertainment Ratings Chart - Television (15/08/2008 - 21/08/2008)
Wednesday September 24, 2008 Hong Kong
Credits: Chinatimes Showbiz
Translated by: Chloe.C@AsianEU

TW Television Ratings Chart

Dramas -

September 15th, 2008 - September 19th, 2008

1) Mother Home 娘家 (FTV) - 5.55
2) Full of Love 真情滿天下 (SETTV)- 3.09
3) Legendary Huai Yu Matsu 懷玉傳奇千金媽祖 (CTV) - 2.11
4) Your Home is My Home 歡喜來逗陣 (CTS)(9/15-17) - 1.34
5) The Day of the Blossoming Morning Glories 牽牛花開的日子 (CTV)(9/8-11) - 1.20
6) The Duke of Mount Deer 鹿鼎記 (CTV) - 1.16
7) Mr. Sandwich 三明治先生(9/17-19) - 1.09 *NEW

September 21st, 2008

1) Invincible Shan Bao Mei 無敵珊寶妹 (TTV) - 2.95
2) Hot Shot 籃球火 (CTV) - 2.14
3) Miss No Good 不良笑花 (CTS) - 2.00

Variety Shows -

September 19th, 2008

1) One Million Star 超級星光大道 (CTV) - 2.77
2) Double Happiness Club 雙囍俱樂部 (FTV) - 2.06
3) Everybody Laugh! 大家來說笑 (CTV) - 1.52
4) 2200 Power Sunday 2200 POWER SUNDAY星期天 (CTS) - 0.46

September 20th, 2008

1) Big Winner 綜藝大贏家 (FTV) - 3.10
2) The Million Star 百萬大歌星(TTV) - 2.63
3) Big Brother Variety 綜藝大哥大 - 2.44
4) Super Idol 超級偶像SUPER IDOL (TTV) - 2.19
5) Suddenly Famous 成名一瞬間 (FTV) - 2.12
6) Genius Go Go Go 天才衝衝衝 (CTS) - 1.80
7) Guess, Guess, Guess 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 (CTV) - 1.68
8) Happy Go 快樂有go正 (CTS) - 1.16
9) New Star 早安家族NEW STAR (TTV) - 1.07
10) Just Love Perfection 就是愛玩美 - 0.26

September 21st, 2008

1) Diamond Night Club 鑽石夜總會 (TTV) - 3.24
2) Big Variety Meeting 綜藝大集合 (FTV) - 3.72
3) Suddenly Famous 成名一瞬間 (FTV) - 2.13
4) Power Sunday POWER SUNDAY星期天 (CTS) - 1.96
5) Dance Show-Off 舞林大道 (CTV) - 1.86
6) New Star 早安家族NEW STAR(TTV) - 1.29

Kicking away Sonia, Pace Wu fights to act as unwed mother

Female host Pace Wu who is currently heavily sought out by the mainland companies to be hosts for their events is rumored to have kicked away Sonia Sui to take up the idol drama "Concerto". The even more surprising thing is that Pace who's turning 30 next month will be acting as the mother of a 6 year old kid.

Yesterday, Pace admitted that when the 6 year old child star shouted "Mom" at her during filming, she felt rather shocked. The production crew emphasised that Pace and Sonia were both on the considered list originally. There's no such thing as one kicking away the other.

From what we know, "Concerto" discusses about unwed mothers and family ethics. Pace's character was originally set to be a beautiful lady who has a figure where her body height is 9 times of her head length (known in Chinese as 九頭身美女) to show a contrast. The production team was indeed interested in Sonia at first but this is the period where the Winter Fall fashion shows are all held and Sonia has a full schedule already. She was unable to take up the drama and Pace managed to step in to help out within short notice, something the production team is very grateful for.

Besides Pace, Esther Liu who came back from studying in France is also acting as an unwed mother. Being only 20 years old, this is a huge task for her and luckily, there's also Eddie Peng in the cast team. He has collaborated thrice with Esther and they acted as a couple for the first two times. They thus have great partnership already and Esther admitted that it makes her feel more secure when she's acting as an unwed mother.

Jay Chou's new MV for "Fragrant Rice" airs tonight on 6 TV stations

Jay Chou’s 9th album will be released soon, and this time he has been named “Department of Healing” singer, bringing warmth to everyone. The MV for his new song “Fragrant Rice” not only stars a new J girl, but also stars his good friend Gary. Tonight at 8pm, 6 TV news stations – SETTV, TVBS, EETV, CTI, ERA and USTV will air this MV at the exact same time.

“Fragrant Rice” incorporates hip-hop and rap, and Jay gets his inspiration for this song from a number of his childhood memories. He says, “When I was little, I really admired children from the countryside. At the time, there was a mango tree infront of my house, and when I practise piano at home, I could see through the window, and see my neighbours climbing over the wall to secretly steal some mangoes from our tree. It was a very interesting scene.” He also revealed that when he was little, he would often go catch fish from a ditch, and once he even fell into the ditch. And when he got home, his mum would laugh at him and mock him saying that it was because his head is too big and heavy, that’s why he fell in.

Besides composing both the lyrics and melody of this song, Jay also directed the MV. The story tells of a middle-aged man who gets some setbacks from his job, and takes his anger out on his wife and children. But then, he returns to his courtyard of his old home and under the encouragement from his mother and friends, they give him a lot of strength to face his future. Jay and Gary tell this story in the MV, and they ride in a cart in the countryside. However, it is not cows that pull the cart but actually workers because Jay said, “To protect animals, that’s why we don’t get cows to pull the cart.” The workers pulled the cart backwards and forwards for 10 times, and were exhausted by the end of it.

Jay, who knows how to play a variety of musical instruments, this time he reveals a new instrument – the wooden drum. This instrument is used for a lot of performances on the street and Jay discovered it while shopping, after his concert in Japan this year. He was very curious about it and immediately bought 2 to bring back to Taiwan.

link video:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nan Quan Mama: Jay Chou addicted to playing magic tricks, the new album is very "shocking"

Even though ever since Nan Quan Mama came out they have been marked with the "Jay Chou" sign, but after a few years of working hard, they are beginning to walk the "uncommon path". Yesterday afternoon, Nan Quan Mama were guests on our hotline with their new work "Difficult Kids". The unexpected thing was that they were late because of traffic, to this Nan Quan Mama have asked us to apologise for them to the Hunan audience.

Since 2004 when Jay Chou made "Nan Quan Mama" popular, afterwards he didn't hold back in helping them. Towards the questioning from the outside world that Jay Chou's albums are just repeats of the same one over and over again, "Nan Quan Mama" clarified: "He works really hard, his singing is always changing. We've heard his newest "Capricorn", everyone just wait, it will definitely be a change that will give you a shock." This article is translated by

Privately Jay Chou and Nan Quan Mama are buddies. This time team captain Devon has gotten married, not only has Jay Chou given him a big red envelope as well as a European honeymoon as gifts, he was also the magician for the event. For Jay Chou's new album he's used the magician and joker as the front, it makes people wonder if Jay Chou has become addicted to playing magic tricks? Devon expressed that this was indeed the case: "He can do it for 10 hours, he always gets us to be the audience." Besides this, "Nan Quan Mama" expressed that they are gradually moving away from Jay Chou's shadow: "Especially since the last two albums, a lot of the songs were written by us, the style was hip hop, trance and others."

Angela Chang's tattoo on her lower back, denies Wu Zun

Angela Chang, who has been away from the public eye recently, appeared in a fan meeting in China on the 20th. When she bent down, the sexy tattoo on her lower back was displayed. On the set of Romantic Princess, she mentioned that her rumoured boyfriend, Wu Zun's tattoo was very cool, and that she would very much like to have one on her wrist or on her ankle. Wu Zun even generously offered to pay for her if she wanted to do so, but Angela was afraid of the pain. However, now that she has a new mark on her, was that a symbol of love for the both of them?

Angela denied through her management agency yesterday, "I want to challenge the things that I'm afraid to do, nothing concern with Wu Zun!" Wu Zun had a bet with Angela before, betting that she dared not get a tattoo. However, last year, there were netizens who revealed that they saw Angela going for tattoo late night with Wu Zun, choosing the picture that she designed herself. Subsequently, Wu Zun admitted that he did introduce a tattoo artist to Angela, but the two of them did not go for tattoo together.

Angela, who is extremely afraid of the pain, even said that if she goes for tattoo, she would want Wu Zun as a company for sure, "Because it's nice to feel the pain together!" portraying ambiguity in between her words.

Angela expressed yesterday, that the tattoo was made when she went overseas one or two months ago, the design is her English name. Because she felt that it was challenging, so she only chose to tattoo it on her lower back. Angela strongly declared that the tattoo has got nothing to do with Wu Zun. The both of them have not been contacting each other ever since they finished filming the series. She will return to work after she recovers from her sickness, and will prepare for her new album in October.


S.H.E and Fahrenheit's concerts are not cancelled; rumors cleared

S.H.E and Fahrenheit’s 6 upcoming concerts across mainland China were rumored to be cancelled, due to their sponsors Meng Niu being involved in the recent milk powder contamination scandal. However yesterday management company expressed that the concerts will go ahead, regardless of whether Meng Niu will continue to be their sponsors, because they want to keep their promise to fans.

The day before yesterday, these rumors spread across China and many fans were extremely angry. Even S.H.E and Fahrenheit themselves questioned their management company after reading the paper: “What? Is it really cancelled?” but the only reply they got was “We don’t know where this rumor has come from.”

Luckily, these rumors have been cleared, so fans can be relieved. Fahrenheit were also relieved to hear this, and continued with their practices.