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Friday, September 26, 2008

Show Lo's Movie Dream Still Needs Some Rearranging

Show Lo's Movie Dream Still Needs Some Rearranging

Show "Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]" Lo's dream to the big screen has met with an obstacle. His collaboration of "Passionate Years" with Ah Sa [Charlene Choi] has yet to receive permission from Mainland China, so if the permit were to be delayed until mid-October, it will conflict with the release of his new album, and he'd have to ask for a leave of absence from the production, or else he could only grit his teeth and give up the film.

"Passionate Years" is Show's first returning step onto the big screen, but due to filming in Shanghai, they had to first obtain permission from Mainland China. But this has been extended for a week already, and the planned filming time was set for a month and a half, and if they are unable to commence filming before mid-October, then Show needs to do preparations for his new album in November, so he'll have to once again delay the filming, but Charlene also has a packed schedule, and if the times cannot be arranged, then she could only give it up too. With regards to this, Show isn't regretful, "In this case, my album can have a more complete preparation."

Last week, Show brought his mother to Japan for a vacation, and coincidentally Rainie Yang, who is planning to break into the Japanese market next year with a single, was also there on vacation with her mother. Recently, both their dramas are fighting against each other, but they say that they watch each other's dramas. Rainie also said, "Our audience groups are a little different, but one is spectacular and thrilling, and one is extremely comical." The two will also be releasing albums in November, which may also be on battle.

After filming "Hot Shot," Show said he recently wouldn't dare visit the basketball courts because then players would want his to show off his skills from the drama. Rainie also said that she filmed "Miss No Good" and "Superstar Express" simultaneously so she's almost dead tired. Then in August, her "month visit" continued on for a year, and the one scene where she and Jiro Wang were to film in water was to wait until she "stopped bleeding."

Yesterday, Show and Rainie collaborated in an endorsement for a fast food restaurant, and when asked if she was replacing her senior, Jolin Tsai, Rainie rushed to explain, "Product endorsements are always just switching around." Like her previous endorsements have also switched spokespeople, whereas Jolin was unable to endorse because she was under other complications of business contracts.

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