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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Da S celebrated her birthday 6 times, in 6 cities

source: Epochtimes
translations: xiaochien @ devoted2barbie
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Da S went on a 11 day Connected promo tour in 6 cities. She, along with the casts and the director, went to promote in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghai and Guanzhou. Because Da S birthday is on Oct. 6, she celebrated her birthday 6 times, in 6 cities and had 6 birthday cakes. Because of the 11 day promo tour, Da S said she misses home very much. Unfortunately, due to typhoon, she cant have a flight back to Taiwan because flights have been cancelled.

Connected is doing well in Hong Kong box office. In 4 days of showing, it has already earned 3,610,000 Hong Kong Dollars (12,000,000 NTD), regarding this, Da S said "this is the best birthday gift!". Another good news is a lot of people are impressed with Da S perfomance in the movie, and because of this HK Emperor Motion Pictures will be submitting her name in Golden Horse Awards Best Actress category.

Recently, Da S ex-boyfriend guested in KanXi Lai Le. In the program he said that the break up was because of Da S being "clingy", when asked about this, Da S said "I can't comment on this because I've yet to hear his exact words, but I'm definitely not clingy!"

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