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Friday, September 26, 2008

Works by Jay Chou, Leehom Wang and others going up in space along with "Shenzhou-7"

This time "Shenzhou-7" is taking a large quantity of music up into space. From what tracks the reporters know of, Jay Chou's "A Long Journey", Zya's "Love and Peace", Jiangsu folk song "Jasmine Flower", Teresa Teng's "When Will There Be A Clear Moon", Zhang Mai's "Green Back", Leehom Wang's "Descendants of the Dragon" and clips of Guo De Gang's voice and Beijing opera "The Drunken Beauty". These pieces of work will be stored at the museum when "Shenzhou-7" comes back to earth.
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Jay Chou's agent Zhao Shao Wei replied in place of Jay Chou: "Of course we are very happy his songs can fly into space, because not many people have such an experience." Zhao Shao Wei says Jay Chou is right now busy promoting his new album to be released on the 9th of October, when he hears about this news he'll definitely be even more happier. With the appearance of commercial space travel, does Jay Chou, who is quite forward, want to go to space? Zhao Shao Wei expressed: "He might be worried his body can't stand it, even though everyone thinks he's quite forward, but he's actually quite conservative."

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