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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vincent Fang responds to Jay Chou's lyrics and composition "Fragrant Rice"

Recently Jay Chou's personally written "Fragrant Rice" was released, it attracted popular support from fans, being Jay Chou's "main lyricist", Vincent Fang accepted an interview with us, he expressed the lyrics to "Fragrant Rice" are very beautiful, the new album is even more complete having works from Jay Chou himself.

Vincent Fang thinks, life in the hurried city makes people often forget about a lot of scenery in life, "Fragrant Rice" can slow down, rinse and settle down their soul. "In Jay's album there's always a few that are completely written by him, these pieces of work are his personal viewpoints from observing the world, they convey his creative concept and characteristic."
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In the new album there are 6 songs by Vincent Fang, "The lyrics are as usual imaginative, not only this but within the scope of love I've tried new themes." He also revealed, one of the songs was only completed after going through Taipei, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai, it's a Chinese style song, it's related to calligraphy, as to whether it can surpass "Chinese Flower Pot", he asks fans to decide for themselves.

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