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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Joe Cheng hurt himself with a brick; takes the opportunity to drive a Hummer

[Love or Bread News] Joe Cheng hurt himself with a brick; takes the opportunity to drive a Hummer

Xiao Zhong, Zheng Yuan Chang who belongs to non-car owner category had sits in a NT$3,000,000 secondhand Hummer just to see how it feels! Not only he didn’t get to drive the car but Xiao Zhong has do lot under the hot weather. He needs to run around in the street and even has to use a brick to hit his head, he let out a big sigh and said: [Just another bloody and sweaty day!]

Yesterday Xiao Zhong was a car salesman for GTV’s [Love or Bread], during his break, he has taken the opportunity to sit in the NT$3,000,000 worth of Hummer. Xiao Zhong’s arms and legs are long so when he sits on the driver seats and posing like he’s trying to turn the steering wheel, he looks very cool and stylish. The crowd keeps on persuading him to drive around with it but Xiao Zhong is very intellect, he stayed uninfluenced by the persuasion, he just wanted to sits in the car and just to see how it feels.

Even though Xiao Zhong got his driving license since he was 18 years old but he has never thought about getting a car. He feels that parking is very troublesome and will also waste a lot of money in petrol; especially since he has bought an apartment at Taipei East District last year so the transportation there is very convenient. He could just take a taxi or hitch a ride from Ethan Ruan or Danson Tang’s car. It is more convenient this way and will safe him the trouble in maintaining the car.

Unable to drive the famous car plus under the hot weather, Xiao Zhong has to run along the street. He even ran to the refuge island and he was all sweaty from doing it. In the end he also has to use a tool brick that was made by polystyrene to hit his head plus a scene where he was bleeding, looked quite real too, he comes over to joke around and said: [Uncle has been trained before so children cannot try this!]

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