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Monday, September 29, 2008

Louis Koo buys food for Da S

source: Epochtimes
translations: xiaochien @ devoted2barbie
take translations with proper credit

Although Da S and Louis only have a 3 minute scene in the movie, the two have been getting closer since the promo of their movie. Da S comes to Hong Kong once again for their promo, and Louis especially bought food for her, making Da S very happy. Because Da S is vegetarian, Louis chose carefully which food to give her. He said, he still hasn't got to sit with her for a meal, and hasn't seen her eat anything during the promo, so he wanted to buy her something to eat. In the end, Louis bought her sesame rolls, a dozen of egg tarts, Pu Chay Guo (rice cake). He also said that his impression of Da S is that she is a refined woman, and she eats with such manner.

Connected will also be shown in Korea, and a group of South Korean media went to Hong Kong for an interview. A translator was needed to communicate with the director and the casts, but unexpectedly, the translator asked Louis "they said you acted your role poorly, how do you feel?", upon hearing this Louis asked right away, "I acted poorly?", the reporter and the translator were anxious, and after 5 minutes they realized that the translator made a mistake and everything was just a misunderstanding between the reporter and the translator. The reporter originally wanted to ask Louis if his role, an ordinary hero with lots of weak points, was difficult for him, upon hearing this, the casts were able to relax!.

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