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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jay Chou holds concert in Xiamen, mother Chou arrives first at the Egret Island to prepare

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Source: QQ

In 2008, Jay Chou's world tour concert has already been to Malaysia, Japan, Beijing, Nanjing, Xian, Wenzhou and other places, being one of the most special member of the concert, Jay Chou's mother Ye Hui Mei has tried her best to take time out to accompany Jay. On the 18th of October they are holding a concert in Xiamen, not only are many fans showing their support for Jay Chou's music with action, some loyal Xiamen fans have also said they will give a good reception to mother Chou. This article is translated by

A few days ago, in the interview with reporters, Jay Chou was asked about his impressions of the Egret Island, Jay Chou said happily: I've looked forward to the famous island of the piano for a very long time, for this time I'm naturally hoping to be able to stay a bit longer in Xiamen, so I can visit more places, eat some of the local food. Due to the fact that last time they went to Xiamen, they always stayed at the hotel and didn't come out, thus Jay Chou frankly said he really hoped to be able to go out to town with his mother in Xiamen.

According to reports, for this time there's a good chance mother Chou will arrive in Xiamen early, to do some homework on the scenery there and the food. On the night of the concert, mother Chou will watch Jay's excellent performance with the fans.

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