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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jay Chou Hit Fm Publicity, would like to invite Brigitte Lin shooting film

Source:【Jay2u News Team 】
Translated by littleisabelle @ Jay2u

According to "Hitoradio" latest report, even though typhoon is invading Taiwan, professional Jay isn't afraid of the rain and wind and still remain carries on his promotion schedule. The first publicity is to Hit Fm radio, Hit Fm has also prepared for Jay the Tarot teller to carry out constellations analysis, but while being asked about the problem desired to solve the most, Jay smiled, "When is my gossip will end?" Jay, who is about to release new album "Capricorn", revealed that next year he will concentrate on his self-directed film, and begin shooting a new film. Jay hopes to have a chance to work with Brigitte Lin whom he admires a lot. He spoke shyly, he hopes to convey the message to her via the media in first, then sees her reaction, and after that he'll make an official invitation.

At the end of the year, in addition to the album publicity work, Jay is in fact carrying the film shooting. While mentioning about the movie, Jay has been extremely tight-lipped, not to reveal any news at all. He merely said that, "This is a very great film!" The remaining details have to be waiting for the news release of the film company. Mentioning about next year movie-shooting plan, Jay said that, the early of the year he will first concentrate on the film "Kung Fu Dunk" sequel. Whereas at the end of the year, he is fully invested to build a new film. Jay expressed that, the film content will be completely different to the box office success "The Secret", yet the details Jay would not wish to reveal further.

Jay expressed that, apart from the same behind-the-scenes crew list, the male movie actors almost remain the same as before. He has also invited his friend cum adopted father, Anthony Wong, currently just waiting for his availability. However, the two main female character he would like to shake up, worries that the audience are impressed deeply by Kwai Lun Mei, Alice Tzeng in the previous film role, so the addition of new actresses may give the film a different feeling. Jay also expressed that, "The Secret" runs the way of musical love movie piece, this genre of film is rather difficult to hit into Hollywood film market. He will also insert some different elements in the new film, it remains the sense of mystery. The outcome of the film is also unpredictable, it must be refreshing.

He really admires Maggie Cheung and Brigitte Lin, and hopes that he would have the chance to work with these two super stars in future, especially Brigitte Lin, who ever expressed publicly that she has watched "The Secret" twice. Jay expressed that, if there is the opportunity to cooperate with Brigitte Lin, it is great indeed. Jay also added that, he has ever known Brigitte Lin at the Hong Kong Airport through director Andrew Lau. The picture of two at the airport, has still been his computer screen. For the recent best-selling local film "Cape No. 7”, in fact, before the film has been screened, he has already cheered for it through the video. He also expressed that, "He will certainly get himself free to watch it." He said, in the past, the local films has been fall into the valley, now there is the sense of recovering, such phenomenon makes him very glad.

In conjunction with the title of Jay’s new album, "Capricorn", Hit FM intently invited well-known Tarot teller, Meng Xiao Jing, to carry the constellation and Tarot telling for Jay. With the relentless rumour, he feels annoyed to the entanglement of it since the beginning of his career. Therefore, he particularly sought for tarot master, "When is my rumours and gossips will come to an end?" Tarot teller’s calculation result showed that, in the future Jay’s rumours and gossips will remain constant, yet he recommended that in addition to music, Jay might develop into movie, host etc aspects, relying on the performance in other areas to distract the public attention towards his gossip. Hearing that, Jay nodded and expressed, "Actually, I’m quite interested in hosting, because almost all the areas in the entertainment circle I have come into contact with, just excluding hosting. I hope to host the funny show, because I wish to do the things that delight people.”

Besides rumour, people have been curious about the record sales figure breakthrough. The result of Tarot divination showed that, Jay's new album is still able to maintain good sales performance, but because of the recent market downturn, in order to break the record, it might need the assistance of the benefactor. Heard that, Jay immediately smiled, "That means Terry Gou is needed to help in buying few more!" After that, Jay expressed, actually each and everyone of his fans is his benefactor. He knows that the market is not prosperous, sales figure is no longer the sole target, yet he cares more of the popularity of his songs, like the recent Olympics, his song has been selected many times for playing, this delighted him.

Apart from Tarot divination, it has also listed a number of constellations which are matching with Capricorn Jay, such as the the most-appreciated constellation,Taurus by Capricorn. Jay’s idol, Jet Li happens to be the Taurus, while the constellation of 100% in coordination, also happens to be the his mother's Virgo. All the sorts of coincidence, amazed Jay. For the best working partner, while the answer has not been revealed, Jay smiled: "If it’s not Fang Wen Shan, then I would turn off and leave instantly!" Once the answer revealed, unexpectedly it’s Wen Shan’s Aquarius. Although the two are close either in work or in private, Jay has also revealed that he had once quarreled with Wen Shan until both are speechless with others. Yet, the reason of the quarrelling was just only: "I feel that he is alike with a funny role in the South Korean film <>.” Jay also smiled, as the quarrelling, Wen Shan locked himself in the room of the company. After that, Jay knocked at the door, Wen Shan thought that he was going to apologize with him. Jay with a smile:"Actually, I just want to tell him that my things are in the room, I want to get it."

Translated by:
Source: Libertytimes

Every time Jay Chou releases an album, he becomes the fat meat for the Chinese pirates and online download websites, his new album "Capricorn" to be released in October couldn't avoid this fate and was "completely pirated" by Chinese websites, yesterday night it seemed the whole album was put online for download on Chinese websites, providing online people with a preview download.

Continuing on from "November's Chopin" and "On The Run" which had all the songs exposed by Chinese websites a day before release, it caused the record company to hurriedly push the release one day ahead. This time's album "Capricorn" firstly experienced the pre-order information, the album name being leaked, yesterday night PTT online people discovered what is suspected as all 11 complete songs and song names of the new album on a Chinese website, it caused intense discussions from for and against groups.

There were people who loudly rejected the action of downloading illegally, "It's just about to come out and you put it up, you've gone too far!" Some couldn't wait any longer and immediately downloaded to listen, they even said "Even though it feels like going too far, but I'm really happy to download it early." Fans were outraged by the injustice for Jay Chou, they hoped JVR Music will push the release of the new album earlier, "It's been leaked, don't try to last 10 days, the sales will go down....".

JVR Music is already used to facing rumours online every year before Jay Chou's new album comes out, each website has a different track list, number of tracks and order of tracks. Yesterday reporters called JVR Music for verification, whether or not the 11 songs leaked online are real or not, JVR Music was still cautious, the higher ups at the company are holding emergency meetings on what to do, but we still haven't verified the realness of this, the media supervisor Zhang Lan Yun expressed, the people within the company are already progressing with final verification and handling actions, the soonest an announcement can be made is today on the action to take.

When Jay Chou found out about this, he expressed he was letting the company handle all matters, when he accepted an interview on radio yesterday, he revealed there is a Chinese style song with lyrics by Vincent Fang called "Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion" (famous work by Wang Xizhi), but this name is not among the 11 songs provided online, his generous public announcement act seems like he's using this chance to clarify the names online are fake. JVR Music have also stated that the songs names announced online "Joker", "Palace Of The East", "Nu Er Hong" and "Da Vinci's Canvas" are all wrong.

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