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Sunday, September 28, 2008

JJ Lin gift to himself "JJ's Land" makes "Little Dimples" romantic with Ah Sa

JJ Lin is going to transform from a pure, likes singing, having the creation talent boy name into the independent mature, versatile music person in "JJ's Land," his latest album, and his own present to himself for the end of the year.

On his site,, he announces his life's big plan of establishing a brand! The JFJ.

The JFJ essential target is encourages the young people by music, fashion and art, hugs one kind of innovation self-confidently, individual spiritual life philosophy. JFJ believed that each young people have the potential to turn into a legend, encourages the original music, the original tidal current, original art, their creation can be amusing, unique, where ideas live on or off the person, he invites anyone who feel this way to join JFJ the original platform.

The JJ's newest special edition name "JJ's Land", symbolizes " Apex ." The buffalo and cow horns appear faintly in the middle of the special edition name, bountiful interest. Lin Junjie is now the Chinese musical world apex, from his hit tune, "South of the Yangzi River," he is popular in three places across two shores, then his album "Cao Cao" has unfolded him in the young aggressive musical world, various types of advertisements, businesses developed accepted him, he receive invites to play an important role the idol play "Originally I not Gracefully" the actor (acts boldly regardless of one's safety for dwelling male young Zhuang who likes pursuing crazily). On October 6, 2008, with his new album "JJ's Land," Lin JunJie is ready to hit the musical world again!

When the Record company hears "Little Dimple's" demo, and proposed that this pure happy love song to be a duet, in JJ's mind ah Sa's name appeared immediately. JJ and ah Sa have "brushed past." They are friends, and have met timeless time, at many airports, backstage or on stage, he and ah Sa in other words met forever in their brushed past, but never an opportunity to work together. The opportunity for them to work together for this song was perfect! Even though they worked on the song for a very short time, JJ discovered that ah Sa is one very lovable girl and gave off the feeling of school girls a lot. The Record company therefore launches their dream plan, having these two people this time no longer brush past, not only are they going to be happily dueting in "Small Dimple," but for the MV they must constantly be together, one scene after another for the whole day.

In the MV you can see a handsome kid who is well rounded and outstanding (JJ) and ah Sa's cuteness creating a childhood innocence. They dance, but ah Sa who was lively the whole day made the handsome JJ shy the whole time (face a little red). Through out the MV, they both laughed foolishly repeatedly, but when JJ's big dimple bumps into ah sa's pear shape face this first love song is just pure romantic. In addition, JJ once helped TWINS on their second mandarin album special edition, with the hit song "I really want to love him," ah Sa was just perfect for this duet choice. For "Little Dimples," Charlene did not asked for a single cent to duet with JJ. Ah Sa said humorously: " I took advantage of him before, so this time he borrowing me is not that difficult, I want to be the first candidate for JJ's next new song… "

For JJ's new special edition the host/hit song will be "Little Dimples," on September 29, 2008, in Beijing bandstand, Guangdong Broadcasting station sound of music, Hong Kong Broadcasting station, sound of HIT Shanghai Wenguang person or construction project 101, Taibei FM hook-up, Singapore YES 933, from Hong Kong, Macau to Taiwan and Australia the song will be on its first global broadcast!

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