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Saturday, September 27, 2008

S.H.E Exclaimed Their Wish For Pregnancy Upon Meeting Matilda Tao Zi

S.H.E visited UFO Radio on the 26th as part of their new album’s promotion, and the trio came geared with fake guns. They had come prepared in view of the publicity of their new album – My Station. S.H.E launched their webcast – FM S.H.E and the debut episode raked high listenership. Today, S.H.E decided to keep up their efforts and came to UFO FM to abduct the station DJ, Ruby. S.H.E charged into the live broadcast, geared with fake guns and aliens. Together they abducted DJ Ruby and took over the control panel. Meanwhile DJ Ruby had to manage split personalities by acting as the trio to promote their album. Ruby had an enjoyable experience being “abducted”, as she had the chance to act as popular idols.

Other than visiting UFO Radio, S.H.E also visited Matilda Tao’s broadcast to discuss on their new album and recent happenings. Seeing Tao’s recent joy in pregnancy, Ella did not hide her envious wish of wanting to be pregnant too. Ella and Hebe also expressed that they would seriously consider selecting their other halves for the good genes for their future child – the other person must be a sunny guy who is healthy and handsome. Based on Ella’s past romantically-rumoured boyfriends like Wu Chun and Baron Chen, they do seem like candidates for consideration of good genes for future children.

In addition, while Tao will be going on maternity leave soon, her 2 other hosting assignments would be taken over by Xiao S and Selina respectively. Selina shared that she had been doing a lot of homework preparing for relieving Tao’s hosting duties and also made notes on a notebook. Meanwhile her 2 Laopos, Ella and Hebe are going to happily busied themselves with choosing the outfits for Selina.

S.H.E will continue their autograph sessions in Tainan, followed by the concerts in China. Next weekend, they would continue with the hectic schedule promoting the album in Taiwan.

translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum
credits :Baidu Ella Forum , UFO Radio and TOM

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