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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Barbie Hsu: It Feels Like Louis and I Are 'Heavenly Made Couple’

SHANGHAI - Today afternoon (Sept. 26), the ‘Connected’ movie was held the press conference in Shanghai. Director Benny Chan along with his stars Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu showed up to accept the interview from the media. The other star Liu Ye didn’t attend the conference, so Louis had the opportunity to enjoy time with Barbie. Barbie and Louis' dashingly beautiful and compatible appearance all of a sudden caught the eyeballs from everyone at the scene.

Asked what her feelings toward the two male leading stars Louis Koo and Liu Ye are, Barbie stated that both are cool with their looks but actually have a hidden childish character inside them. Barbie also expressed that although it is the first time she cooperates with Louis, but Barbie feels they both performed very well, seems like they are as a ‘heavenly made couple’. But inquired by some reporters whether she’ll accept if Louis is going to pursue her, Barbie was not willing to take a stand. Barbie and Louis just mutually exchanged a glance at each other and smiled. The secretly silent and tacitly understanding expression from both made everyone suspiciously feel ‘love in the air’. Director Benny Chan made it more ambiguous and inquisitive as pouring oil into burning blaze by saying that he intentionally arranged the `hero rescues beauty' plot, let the audience have the fantasy, the romantic sentiment.

It seems that Liu Ye and Louis have become pretty good friends, ‘what do you think of Liu Ye?’, asked reporter. Louis said that Liu Ye is a very outstanding actor and Louis really likes his acting. In addition, Liu Ye loves to make jokes that make everyone laugh. Louis feels Liu Ye is suitable to star in a comedy movie but Liu Ye once said to Louis that he has not tried in that field yet. Louis also mentioned director Benny Chan’s sense of humor and hopes they will have chance to collaborate again in a comedy film.

According to arrangement, after tonight premiere in Shanghai, this movie will be screened across the nation on Sep. 28th.


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