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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jay Chou secretly plays with his 38 million Benz sports car

Source: Apple

We're facing the cold economic climate, but Jay Chou hasn't been affected at all, his album "Capricorn" has been out for a month and a half, it's estimated to have already sold 150,000 copies, it's practically going to be the best selling album of the year for certain. Yesterday he was spotted by reporters driving his 38 million, 650 horsepower SLR722 limited edition Benz sports car by himself in broad daylight, he appeared at "Orange Shabu Shabu" which is all famous peoples' favourite in Taipei East region, he had an afternoon feast with Devon and 4 others, indeed he is a extravagant heavenly king.

Just last weekend Jay Chou finished the 3rd of 30 performances in Guangxi Nanning, recently he's been filming "Beggar So" in Beijing, every weekend in November he is busy with tour concerts in Mainland China, but unexpectedly he was discovered by reporters to have slipped out on a holiday, yesterday afternoon, he drove his SLR722 sports car by himself, it was rare for him to be one with his car, he arranged to have lunch with Devon and 4 others at "Orange Shabu Shabu". After he got out of his car, he deliberately wore a black fleece hat and big retro sunglasses to hide his identity, immediately a parking boy helped him open his car door, he enjoyed a star's welcome.

After 2 hours of eating, as usual he went out through the backdoor, and made himself disappear, he didn't even take his 38 million sports car, he left it for a friend to drive it and take the reporters for a spin; the only thing was this friend's driving skill isn't as good as Jay Chou's, he drove to the red lights at the East region street and turned around, he drove through a few alleys and went right at the red lights, he broke the rules twice, according to the law he could be fined 3800 yuan.

Jay Chou possesses 10 collectible cars, including many antique cars, hummers, the same model Toyota AE86 from the movie "Initial D", but recently he has been clearly favouring his new love SLR722, but due to the environmental laws in the country this car cannot get a official license, it can only use a "trial license", and it cannot drive on national roads, overhead bridges and high-speed roads, even though it has power to go from 0 to 100km in 3.7 seconds it can only drive normally, only Jay Chou, who can absorb plenty of money, can play with this within the entertainment circle. This article is translated by

As to how he maintains his car? How much money does he spend? His record company JVR used the excuse that they couldn't find him and expressed in his place: "We're not too clear about it, maybe even he doesn't know himself." He usually leaves it at his friend's car dealer to look after it or he parks it at a number of friend's house or he lets friends drive it. Jay Chou once said: "This and kids are the same, you can let others take care of it, but you can't give it to someone."

Edison Chen: Only God can judge me

source: sina
translated by: Sarah @

Yesterday, Edison’s older sister Tricia, attended a Christmas event, and she wore a T-shirt that was personally designed by Edison. On her T-shirt were the words: “Only God can judge me.” Tricia expressed that she and her brother, one after the other, chose to believe in Jesus, and these words tells of his thoughts.

In response to the rumours about Edison not returning to Hong Kong because he was scared of his safety, Tricia expressed that she is not too clear about this, and told reporters to go ask his manager instead. She also said that she has been keeping in contact with Yan Si Ying online, and revealed that her mood is a lot better now, and she is currently studying and has even opened a flower stop, however Tricia said she is too scared to ask whether she still keeps in contact with Edison. When asked whether Tricia has prepared a Christmas gift to give to Edison, she replied, “I have only just given him a birthday present – a Gucci paparazzi accessory, so I don’t plan on giving anything to him for Christmas. I often talk with him online, but we don’t talk about work, all I know is that lately he is very happy and healthy.”

Jerry Yan's Starlit to Broadcast Before Ruffian Hero to "Save" Zai Zai

Lian He Bao

Jerry Yan and Zai Zai, who are idol brothers, are for the first time going to be in the same channel together. It was reported that Zai Zai's Ruffian Hero (Black & White) was planned to be broadcasted during the Chinese New Year on PTS (Public Television Service), but as the project is unable to finish on time, so Jerry Yan's Starlit will be broadcasted at that time instead to "save the fire". Then Zai Za's drama will be broadcasted after Starlit. At the same time, it is reported that their names will be submitted for next year's Golden Bell Award Best Actor award.

It has been reported that there has been a a high degree of overseas copyright inquiry for both "Starlit" and "Ruffian Hero". The copyright sales of both dramas have reached about 1 million (about US$30,000) per episode. For now, Starlit will be broadcasted on CCTV in Mainland China, and the initial broadcast copyright in Taiwan was obtained by PTS. It is planned to start the initial broadcast by late January. PTS has decided to apply the nomination of Golden Bell's Best Actor Award for Jerry Yan Cheng Xu. After realizing PTS' plan, although he has never been nominated for Golden Bell Award, Yan Cheng Xu answered in low profile, "I try hard when filming every drama. I don't think about that (award) too much."

posted & translated by
some editing and added translations by keeyshane

Jerry Yan tops TW Idol Drama Artist 2008 Revenue List
Taiwan idol drama artist in 2008 revenue list is out. Jerry, because of F4's high popularity and his own super money sucking power, is the No. 1 money sucking king with NT58 millions of talent fee in 2008. (HK): 13,500,000 yuan

This year, he filmed the idol drama "Hot Shot" and "Starlit", with talent fee of about NT$500,000 to NT$650,000 per episode of 60 minutes, advertising fee of 10,000,000 per ad as well as held F4's 7 night concert in Japan.

Rainie Yang with 12,800,000 gets second place; Just after winning in Golden Bell & surge in popularity this year, Ariel Lin ranks third.l

in HK dollars

No.1 Jerry Yan Cheng Xu an estimated revenue (HK): 13,500,000 yuan
No. 2 Rainie Yang revenue estimates (HK): 12,800,000 yuan
No. 3 Ariel Lin estimated revenue (HK): 11,780,000 yuan
No. 4 Wu Zun revenue estimates (HK): 11,640,000 yuan
No. 5 Jiro Wang estimated that revenue (HK): 8,380,000 yuan
No. 6 Mike He Jun Xiang revenue estimates (HK): 7,960,000 yuan
No. 7 Ming Dao revenue estimates (HK): 7,870,000 yuan
No. 8 Vic Zhou, Aaron Yan revenue estimates (HK): 6,980,000 yuan
No. 9 Joe Cheng revenue estimates (HK): 5,900,000 yuan
No. 10 Joe Chen Qiao En estimated revenue (HK): 4,780,000 yuan

credits: fatty@asf

trivia: last year's list:


2007 List

At No 1 was Yan, who shot to fame through the drama Meteor Garden like the others, earned NT$50 million (US$1.55 million) even without having to shoot a TV drama. His earnings came from public appearances and advertisements, earning NT$8 million (US$247,500) alone for promoting Taiwan tourism

No 1 Jerry Yan NT$50 million (US$1.55 million)
No.2 Vic Chou NT$48 million (US$1.48 million)
No 3 Ken Chu NT$27 million (US$835,000)
No 4 Mike He NT$22.5 million (US$700,000)
No 5 Joe Cheng NT$18.5 million (US$572,000)
No 6 Wu Zun & Jiro Wang NT$15.5 million (US$480,000) each.

Roommates reveal: Ethan Ruan likes to crazily pee, letting it be Eddie Peng’s surfing drink; Likes to be ‘Edison Chen’ and take friends’ nude pictures

Source: Yahoo News
Translated by: Initial E @
In real life, hot new Idol drama actor Ethan Ruan Jing Tian 阮經天 (Xiao Tian 小天) is not like an idol at all. He loves to urine on his friends’ bodies, and also does an ‘Edison Chen’, liking to snap pictures of his friends’ naked bodies.

To promote his new book, Ethan Ruan went on Azio TV’s ‘Azio Entertainment’, and specially brought along his two good friends, who were former room-mates with him - Ah Jun and Mark, who spilled details about him. Ah Jun revealed that one day, him and Ethan were in a rush to go out, hence they bathed together in the shower. Suddenly Ah Jun felt something hot against his backside, and when he turned around, he found out that it was Ethan that peed on his body. When Ethan heard him say that, he laughed loudly and said: “From that angle it was just perfect, and he also retaliated by peeing on my head!”

Ethan does not only pee on his room-mates – Eddie Peng was one of his victims too. He said: “We went surfing together. As I am more experienced, I am always the one in front and Eddie behind me. Then I will sneakily pee, hence I feel that he has grown up drinking my pee!”

He also likes to take pictures of his friends’ naked bodies, Eddie Peng included as well. They have all seen each other naked before, and being males, they would often compare between whose is ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’, and Ethan’s size is admired by those who’ve seen it before.

His good friends also accused Ethan of ‘leaving his friends behind for love’ (重色輕友). As long as his girlfriend is present, he would not answer his phone. However, they also said that he is a very good boyfriend who treats his girlfriend very well, often driving her to places. Despite them saying all that, he still refuses to admit his and Tiffany Hsu Wei Ning’s (許瑋甯) romance. However, when asked this question: “If you swim to a deserted island, which is the first person you hope to see when you open your eyes?” His answer was: “Tiffany Hsu.”, and explained: “Because I’m most familiar with her!” showing that the two’s relationship is really good.

Annie Yi Nengjing Asks Media to Stop Publishing 'Untrue' Reports

Annie Yi Nengjing Asks Media to Stop Publishing 'Untrue' Reports

Taiwan singer-actress Annie Yi Nengjing has denied what she calls untrue reports about her personal life and urged the media to stop spreading false news about her and to respect her privacy and reputation.

The actress and her lawyers issued a written statement on the Chinese website portal on Friday, refuting what Annie Yi called groundless media reports about her personal life, which have caused her and her family a great deal of stress. She also said she would take legal action against media outlets that published an unauthorized photo of her son, Harry.

Media rumors have been circulated for a long time about Annie's troubled marriage to Taiwan pop singer Harlem Yu Chengqing after the paparazzi photographed her strolling hand-in-hand with Taiwan actor Victor Huang Weide on the streets of Beijing. Afterwards, she became the target of public criticism and was called a "failure as a wife and as a mother." It had been reported previously that Annie's public standing had been so greatly jeopardized that her commercial value fell significantly.

Because the photos as well as reports about her allegedly troubled marriage have appeared online, Annie called on the media to stop publishing information that had not been confirmed and said she would retain the right to seek legal retribution against those who published such reports.

There has been a constant stream of media reports since last year that Annie's marriage to Harlem has developed some rifts and cracks. The reports say that under heavy stress the actress confided to friends that her marriage problems had nothing to do with a "third party" and that she felt very wronged and deeply hurt by media reports.

After the photo of Annie Yi and Victor Huang was published in earlier November, both Annie and her husband had remained silent. The pair have been together for more than 20 years.

The report on was the first time the actress has issued a public statement on the media coverage. Harlem has not issued any public statements or comments.

Annie Yi Nengjing, who is filming her latest sitcom in Wuxi, east China's Jiangsu Province, has postponed many of her public activities and interviews since the exposure of her holding hands photo with Victor Huang.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Huang Jun Lang: Jay Chou is a good friend, lyrics aren't good but if he sings it, it will definitely be popular

Source: Hunantv

Jay Chou new album "Capricorn" is popular right now, the first person people usually think of when talking about the person who writes lyrics for Jay Chou is Vincent Fang. But it's not just Vincent Fang, there's also Huang Jun Lang. From the earliest "In The Name Of The Father" to "Cowboy Is Very Busy" and now to "Uncle Joker", they are all remembered by people, but yet Huang Jun Lang doesn't think much of it, "I'm not too bothered about a lot of things". Because his real love is painting, to casually write some stuff out and publish it. Recently his painting book "This Book" was published. Reporters interviewed Huang Jun Lang in Taiwan, they talked about his book and paintings and also the story behind him, Jay Chou and Vincent Fang.

The first song Huang Jun Lang wrote for Jay Chou was "In The Name Of The Father", he met Jay Chou through Vincent Fang. He said: "I knew Vincent Fang very early on, he wanted to come out with a poem collection, I wanted to do a publishing house so afterwards he worked together, the result was the publishing house was established, Vincent's book still hasn't come out but mine has come out first." (smile) But Huang Jun Lang expressed that he had never thought about writing lyrics, all the merit for this goes to Vincent Fang, "Vincent saw my book, he said you can try writing lyrics, at the time I thought he must be crazy, I wouldn't take notice of him."

After this Huang Jun Lang became good friends with Jay Chou, "I was very poor at that time, everyday I wore torn clothes, but Jay was already very popular, we eat dinner together, Jay said you should come and write lyrics for me, so I can earn some money and buy some better clothes, so he took out a demo he recorded for me to listen to, he let me choose, I could pick whichever one I was willing to write lyrics for. When I heard "In The Name Of The Father", I thought it was very good so I picked this song." From his words you can tell the gratitude Huang Jun Lang has for Jay Chou and Vincent Fang, "At the time they knew I hadn't written lyrics before, they didn't know how it would turn out, but they were still willing to let me write for the song, they knew perhaps I would write very average stuff, but because it was Jay singing it, it would definitely be popular." Huang Jun Lang said, "In this matter I felt Jay Chou's attitude towards friends, I understand his feelings, if he's popular he hopes his friends get recognised too and let others know they are also brilliant."

Everyone knows what Jay Chou looks like, but very few people recognise Huang Jun Lang, Huang Jun Lang himself doesn't want people to recognise him, but actually very early on he has already appeared in the movie "Secret" and in the MV for "Third Class Second Year", towards this Huang Jun Lang cannot laugh or cry, "I was forcefully dragged in by Jay, I'm not bothered about any of this stuff, I only like paintings, writing things, but Jay and Vincent don't care about this stuff, they say you must join in, every time we have to send text messages to each other for a long time discussing this matter. Jay likes having a lot of friends work on a matter together, for instance a movie." After getting to know one another, Huang Jun Lang became good friends with Jay Chou and Vincent Fang, they banter but they have a strong friendship. This article is translated by

There's a lot of examples for this, Huang Jun Lang said: "Before Jay became popular, he liked going around the world and buying the CDs in the local area to research their music, but after he became popular he's too busy, he's doesn't buy CDs from all over the place anymore like he used to, so I sent him a text hoping that he would continue his habit and interest." But Jay Chou's response surprised him, "So Jay left me a message, he said he was touched, but I'm Jay Chou, I'm really amazing! Actually what he meant was that I didn't have to worry about him, he's still got a stubbornness towards music, but for him to say that I was even more worried." (smile) It looks like their friendship is just as Huang Jun Lang says: "A bond between friends, a comradeship between brothers, a kindness that cannot be repaid."

Cecilia Cheung couldn't stop Lucas from crying

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Matchbox @
Cecilia Cheung who has been focusing on taking care of her family, although has not been onscreen for quite a while but still had fans that missed her. At about 5:00pm Cecilia took her son Lucas, mother in law Deborah Lee and 2 maids to a shopping mall cafe to have tea. It appeared that Lucas was very interested in the Christmas decorations at the cafe and became curious. He often looked everywhere and Cecilia was beside feeding him food. Originally it was very peaceful untill playful Lucas suddenly hit his forehead. He immediately burst out crying. In order to not disturb the other customers Cecilia carried him away to calm him down.

But afterwards, Lucas still didn't stop crying. Cecilia returned and asked Deborah to help. Both of them did their best to stop him crying but he carried on. They both appeared embarassed, at this point a girl suddenly appeared with a piece of paper and pen and asked for Cecilia's autograph. Cecilia nodded politely but Deborah refused and dismissed her to leave. This left the fan leaving in dissapointment. After 5 minutes, Lucas finally stopped crying. They paid the bill and left.

A reporter immediately asked Cecilia if she could do an interview? Perhaps due to not not having approval from Nicholas she did not answer any of the reporters questions. However Deborah was generous and said that she will be spending Christmas with her son and grandson by having a big feast. Asked whether Cecilia will give birth to a OX baby? (2009 is the year of the Ox). She didn't respond. Deborah then asked Lucas to give her a kiss and Lucas immediately did it.Cecilia praised Lucas for being a Good boy. When they left Lucas waved goodbye to the reporters.

"A Boyfriend" for Jolin this Christmas

"A Boyfriend" for Jolin this Christmas
Channel NewsAsia / Yahoo Singapore

Christmas is near and Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai makes two wishes - popularity for her new album and a "boyfriend" for Christmas - at her concert press conference in Canada on Nov 25.

At the press conference, Jolin receives a certificate from the Canada Parliament as recognition to her popularity and achievements in the music industry. Canada also extended their warm welcome and well wishes for her concert. Jolin has been hoping to find love and this Christmas, she wishes for a boyfriend. "I hope he is a man who can protect me, neck or nought," she says.

December has always been the golden period for corporate year-end shows. This year, Jolin pushes away these performances invites to concentrate on her new album. "I want to spend more time producing a good album, so I don't think I have much time this year end," she says.

World economy is gloomy and Jolin advises her fans against unnecessary expenditure. "Majority of my fans is still in school, and their parents are their main source of finance, so they should learn to spend less," she advises.

Nicholas Tse worships Edison Chen

Nicholas Tse worships Edison Chen
Channel NewsAsia / Yahoo Singapore

Hong Kong artiste Nicholas Tse says he has never ruled out Edison Chen as a friend. The former talked about Edison and the sex photos scandal in a radio interview on new movie "The Beast Stalker".

Featuring Nicholas and China actress Zhang Jingchu, the movie by Emperor Entertainment Group premiered in Hong Kong on Nov 24. The film drew million-dollar box office sale in merely four days when it premiered in China. The gala in Hong Kong attracted artistes such as Josie Ho, Aw Yong Bobby, Jessica Hester Hsuan and Ada Choi.

In a radio interview, Nicholas says he will not want to be casted as a 'calefare' with three seconds of fame just to be in a Hollywood movie. It appears to be a mockery directed at Edison.

Nicholas's wife, Cecilia Cheung, was involved in the indecent photos scandal with Edison earlier this year. On his thoughts of Edison, Nicholas says, "I've never ruled him out as a friend; I do not put the issue at heart." Through the incident, Nicholas says he has learnt to be magnanimous and tolerant.

He also emphasized that he has never seen those photos and has never talked about them. "She (Cecilia) has talked about it but I don't think it is necessary for me to take in any information. There's no point in discussing it; it'll only add oil to fire."

What if his son asks about the issue? "If Edison has such great influence that even kids will ask about it, I think I'll worship him."

American-Chinese suspected to be man behind Ivy Li's suicide

American-Chinese suspected to be man behind Ivy Li's suicide
Channel NewsAsia / Yahoo Singapore

Ex-contestant of the third season of "One Million Star", Ivy Li, ended her life and left much doubts. There were various conjectures of her suicide but her father has denied them all. However, Netizens have found traces of evidence of Ivy's boyfriend from her online photo album.

According to reports, the man in question is Jeremy, an American-Chinese in the children infotainment business based in Taiwan. He is currently the managing director of a children's theatre, MyStoryIsland. Netizens found photos of Ivy and Jeremy on her online photo album, and also a note which the latter wrote to Ivy. The note reads, "I love you, but now I'm not sure. You can't give me what I want, and I can't give you what you want I hope freedom is a gift to you."

The note reveals love and helplessness and has been regarded as the letter which drove Ivy to her end. The Li family has denied that Ivy and Jeremy were seeing each other, but admits that he is a family friend and a close friend of Ivy.

When Taiwan media tries to locate Jeremy at the theatre, one of the staff says, "He is away for business".

Mr. Li has promised to locate the person involved and redress her daughter's death.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lin Zhiling Directs Queen Wei in her new MV

Source: enorth

Taiwanese Supermodel Lin Zhiling, who recently turned actress in Red Cliff, is now turning into a director! When she gets going this girl certainly moves fast. Whoever said models were just pretty faces? Queen Wei, from One Million Star Season Two, who just released her debut album, had invited her to direct her new MV, for her song “Mu Guang”. Lin was very excited about it, and said would not hesitate if the opportunity presented itself again. However she obviously was still getting used to the idea, because when crew on the MV shouted “Director, director!” she would not immediately have any reaction, and then after a moment would ask, “Are you calling me?”.

How does a new person on the music scene so easily get Lin Zhiling to direct her MV? Queen used to study advertisement and once was in famous photographer Lin Bingcun’s workroom. He cracked a joke to Lin Zhiling who often went there for shoots, and said, “This girl can really compose songs. If she sends you a song, will you direct it for her? Lin Zhiling smiled and said no problem. Afterward Queen Wei actually released her new album “Stupid”, and Lin Zhiling happily took up the challenge.

But she was completely professional. She listen to Queen Wei’s song for one month before shooting and impressed Queen with her earnestness, writing lots of notes alongside the lyrics, saying what kind of mood she wanted at those points. She also realized her dream of shooting in black and white. Once when filming an ad, she asked the director, “We can shoot in black and white, right?”. The director said, “No, not good, because you are Lin Zhiling”. Now she finally realizes that dream.

She also took care of lots of aspects of the production. At one point when they were shooting the steel suspension bridge part, and Queen was too frightened to let go, she jumped down and comforted her and told her not to be afraid. She also took care of the small details. At one point in the MV, after she throws a compass to the sea, Queen Wei found Lin Zhiling pulling out a compass from her pocket and saying, “I was afraid that the crew could not find the stage prop, so I prepared it myself”.

During filming, it was raining. This experience led those working to proclaim she was really a supermodel. Just because she wore a yellow raincoat, suddenly everyone felt more fashionable as well.

Nicholas Teo's Birthday; Amber Kuo Offers a Kiss

Nicholas Teo's Birthday; Amber Kuo Offers a Kiss
translation by Edwise @

It will be Nicholas Teo's 27th birthday tomorrow. Invincible Shan Bao Mei's drama team celebrated his birthday for him earlier yesterday. Amber Kuo even offered a kiss. As a frequent traveller who is away from his homeland, he suddenly complained that he had been too busy and not seen his parents for nearly six months. Even during his last return to Malaysia for an awards ceremony, he couldn't even step into his home while passing by.

Nicholas said that after Shan Bao Mei「珊寶妹」starting shooting in July,he did go back to Malaysia to participate in events but there was no time to return home to see his parents. Only using his cellphone to call his family saying he is alright and his monthly phone bills amount to NT20,000.

Yesterday, the drama celebrated his birthday for him. Nicholas laughingly said,"These days, due to my birthday approaching, alot of people also treat me for meals." Because his mood is too good, his first scene the day before caused lots of laugh and he NGed 18 times in a row.


Ruby Lin released new album, Mingdao & Qiao En send VCR wishes

Yesterday(26th), Ruby Lin holds a press conference for her new album in Beijing.

During press conference, she sang 2 songs and revealed her MV with Korean idol singer Nathan Lee. Nathan Lee also made an appearance to celebrate ruby's new album. Not only him, many ruby's friends in entertainment circle send their wishes throught VCR.

Alec su, Fan Bing Bing, Huang Xiao Ming, Lu Yi, Li Bing Bing, Wallace huo, Shawn Yue, Peter Ho and so on send their wishes to ruby, it makes her quite happy. Surprisingly, Taiwan star Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En also send personal VCR message to ruby. According to the news, though ruby lin's work mainly focused on China, She has many friends in Taiwan and keep in contact with them.

Her album is to be officially released 29th, November in Taiwan & China.

Huang YiDa & Ella’s Tacit Chemistry in Music! Ella was so inspired by the emotions that she finished composing the lyrics in an hour

Since working with his good buddy, Alan Ke You Lun, in the previous album, this time Huang YiDa collaborated with SHE’s ELLA on this song – Here (Zai Zhe Li). Outsiders might not have known of Huang YiDa and ELLA’s friendship. In fact, they are quite close and would even MSN each other to discuss about music. When Huang YiDa finished composing the demo for “Here”, he handed the music over to ELLA. He did not say anything, but has let ELLA have full play in penning the lyrics. It came as a pleasant surprise that ELLA felt so strongly for the emotions from song and only spent an hour to finish the lyrics to pass it back to YiDa! What was even more stunning was that when YiDa looked at the lyrics, he felt that it was exactly describing his very sentiments!

In ELLA’s lyrics, she wrote:

面对面的时候 我总是无法把你看清 mian dui mian de shi hou wo zong shi wu fa ba ni kan qing
Face-to-face, yet I could never see you clearly enough

背对背想远离你 却又不舍你一个人伤心 bei dui bei xiang yuan li ni que you bu she ni yi ge ren shang xin
Back-to-back, I wish to distance from you, yet I could not bear leaving you alone in sadness

我在这里 我就站在这看著你 wo zai zhe li wo jiu zhan zai zhe kan zhe ni
I am Here, Standing here, Watching you

你的心里 藏著秘密 从来都不让我走进去 ni de xin li cang zhe mi mi cong lai dou bu rang wo zou jin qu
Your heart has a deeply buried secret, and you would never let me into

YiDa smiled and said, this is probably a feeling not only he nor ELLA had ever experienced, but also the common sentiments of what many lovers in modern times would encounter!


here's the lyric and the link to listen to that song .

黄义达 --在这里 (Zai Zhe Li)

Huang YiDa – Here

Click on this URL to listen to the song:

词/ELLA 曲/义达
Lyrics by ELLA / Music by YiDa

Credits: CS - ikusho0828 & Baidu ELLA Forum &

你在想什麼 能不能告诉我 ni zai xiang she me neng bu neng gao su wo
What is on your mind? Can you share with me?

你的眉头纠结成枷锁 ni de mei tou jiu jie cheng jia suo
Your brows are so tightly knitted like shackles and locks

能不能让我为你解开疑惑neng bu neng rang wo wei ni jie kai yi huo
May I help you reveal this uncertainty?

爱你爱你爱你爱你 是我最开心的梦 ai ni ai ni ai ni ai ni shi wo zui kai xin de meng
Loving you (x 4) It is my happiest dream

想你想你想你想你想你 想得我不再像我 xiang ni xiang ni xiang ni xiang ni xiang ni xiang de wo bu zai xiang wo
Missing you (x5) Missing you so badly that I am no longer myself

我在这里 我就站在这看著你 wo zai zhe li wo jiu zhan zai zhe kan zhe ni
I am Here, Standing here, Watching you

你的心里 藏著秘密 从来都不让我走进去 ni de xin li cang zhe mi mi cong lai dou bu rang wo zou jin qu
Your heart has a deeply buried secret, and you would never let me into

我好想你 我好想用力的爱你 wo hao xiang ni wo hao xiang yong li de ai ni
I miss you badly, I really wish I could love you with all I could muster

封闭的心 没有缝隙 feng bi de xin mei you feng xi
A sealed heart, has no openings

你永远不懂我在这里爱著你 ni yong yuan bu dong wo zai zhe li ai zhe ni
You would never know I am Here, loving you

你在想什麼 能不能告诉我 ni zai xiang she me neng bu neng gao su wo
What is on your mind? Can you share with me?

你的眉头纠结成枷锁 ni de mei tou jiu jie cheng jia suo
Your brows are so tightly knitted like shackles and locks

能不能让我为你解开疑惑 neng bu neng rang wo wei ni jie kai yi huo
May I help you reveal this uncertainty?

面对面的时候 我总是无法把你看清 mian dui mian de shi hou wo zong shi wu fa ba ni kan qing
Face-to-face, yet I could never see you clearly enough

背对背想远离你 却又不舍你一个人伤心 bei dui bei xiang yuan li ni que you bu she ni yi ge ren shang xin
Back-to-back, I wish to distance from you, yet I could not bear leaving you alone in sadness

我在这里 我就站在这看著你 wo zai zhe li wo jiu zhan zai zhe kan zhe ni
I am Here, Standing here, Watching you

你的心里 藏著秘密 从来都不让我走进去 ni de xin li cang zhe mi mi cong lai dou bu rang wo zou jin qu
Your heart has a deeply buried secret, and you would never let me into

我好想你 我好想用力的爱你 wo hao xiang ni wo hao xiang yong li de ai ni
I miss you badly, I really wish I could love you with all I could muster

封闭的心 没有缝隙 feng bi de xin mei you feng xi
A sealed heart, has no openings

你永远不懂我在这里爱著你 ni yong yuan bu dong wo zai zhe li ai zhe ni
You would never know I am Here, loving you

我在这里 我就站在这看著你 wo zai zhe li wo jiu zhan zai zhe kan zhe ni
I am Here, Standing here, Watching you

你的心里 藏著秘密 从来都不让我走进去 ni de xin li cang zhe mi mi cong lai dou bu rang wo zou jin qu
Your heart has a deeply buried secret, and you would never let me into

我没关系 我只想用力的爱你 wo mei guan xi wo zhi xiang yong li de ai ni
I do not mind, I just wish I could love you with all I could muster

全心全力 不会放弃 quan xin quan li bu hui fang qi
To love with full devotion, Never to relent or give up

你永远不用知道我爱你 ni yong yuan bu yong zhi dao wo ai ni
You never need to know I love you

因为你存在我心里 yin wei ni cun zai wo xin li
Because you already reside in my heart

你不爱我还是爱著你 ni bu ai wo hai shi ai zhe ni
You may not love, but I would love you all the same

article and lyric of the song translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum
credits : Baidu Ella Forum , Crazy Shine Forum and
original link for the article :

Daniel Wu's Role As A Secret Agent in the Film"Wiretap" Has Raised Doubts Due To His Handsomeness

Financial Crime is the main theme of the movie " Wiretap" and was offically introduced on November 25 in Hong Kong. Sean Lau , Louis Koo and Daniel Wu in the film will play as agents of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, the members of the Bureau who will be tasked to do "interception" on the criminal cases.

"Wiretap" is a joint direction of Mai Zhaohui,and Wen Qiang, Fang-ping and Derek Yee will serve as the executive producers. In addition to Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Zhang Jingchu, Fang Zhongxin, Lin Jiahua, Lee Chi-hung, the new generation of actors Lu Shi-Yun, Chen Weiting will likewise appear in this new film .

Currently, financial crisis has been sweeping around the globe, so it was the focus of interest, Mai Zhaohui and Wen Qiang disclosed that there will be a verging war due to the frenzy on the financial market, bringing in this situation is a very new experience to the audiences in the world.

Daniel Wu's Handsomeness has been questioned
Daniel Wu

As the star to play as intelligence officer- in charge of interception, Daniel Wu's too handsome appearance has triggered questions from the media, because most people have the impression that the agents are usually far from being a handsome man, too prominent appearance will lead people to doubt the authenticity . Daniel Wu explained the fact that this extra-ordinary profession actually needs various people , from 15-year old old to a six year-old little girl or even a more than 80 year old man can engage in such profession. Moreover, the task will depend mostly on how one carries out the mission, amd therefore being "too handsome" is not the question.

Louis Koo appeared with Beard/whiskers
Louis Koo

At the press conference, Louis Koo appeared with his face full of whiskers(beard), looking like a rich murderer. He disclosed to the reporters that he plays a father of 4 kids and he thinks his role would require such look. But he also disclosed that he doesn't know whether the director would approve of this look.

Louis Koo originally wants to rest for a period of time, but after he read the script of "Wiretap" , he thought that this role is a very big one, only then that he changes his plan,into playing the part. He indicated that himself, Daniel Wu and Brother Sean Lau's characters will be the key to this movie.

"Wiretap" is produced by the silver Organization Ltd, the Beijing-day entertainment media Co., Ltd., co-produced by the Xi'an Qujiang Television Investment Co., Ltd., Bao Li Bona films for the distribution.The film is expected to be released in Summer of 2009.

S.H.E - Sisters Forever

7 years is no short period, as many would perhaps term it as a critical point of any relationship – be it lovers, married couples – 7 years seemed to be a test of any relationship together, what more could be said for partners? This year is Taiwan popular female group – S.H.E’s partnership for the 7th year. They have seriously thought about it, “Can we continue as S.H.E?” This reflection is not due to their sister-relationship going through the mill, but rather a “growing-up question”. Their next big step in life would probably be to get married, give birth to kids, and could they continue to be so bubbly and always jumping about excitedly?

Regardless if S.H.E’s brand name would stand forever, or would it stop eventually, the sisters have vowed, “As long as S.H.E remains for a day, we will spread happiness to everybody.”

In the 7 years, the trio started off not knowing each other, and was arranged by the record company to stay together in a girls’ hostel. They have conquered the stage of “easier to be acquaintance than live-in roomies”. Now, they have each owned their properties and even though they no longer stay together, S.H.E’s relationship is still very good. In their free time, they would arrange to dine and meet up with friends too. Selina said, “Our relationship is already like good sisters. Even if we do not record albums together in future, and we lead our own lives, our relationship would remain as ‘family’. The gatherings will definitely continue.”

To Continue Singing for the Audience

Ella said, “The album market is getting worse, we were worried there wouldn’t be anyone to turn up during the debut album sales activity! But during that day when we saw the long queue, we were overjoyed to learn there are still so many youngsters out there supportive of buying original albums. Actually even we would not know if S.H.E could continue singing on, so we tend to adopt a ‘let natural take its course’ attitude to all these. It is our common interest to release an album together; we will treasure each opportunity to do our best. As long as there are audiences, we are willing to sing.”

In view of the economic tsunami, album market’s downturn, and natural calamities, there has been less laughter and joy around, and everyone tend to sigh and lament when they watched the arrows on charts going downhill. Hence S.H.E, who usually gave others the impression of happiness, decided to transform into “Happy Ambassadors”. They wish emit joyous news and happiness to everyone. Hebe said, “Each time we visit a place for our concert, we would be very happy to see our fans cheering passionately. Everyone has brought so much happiness to us. Similarly, we also wish to be closer to our fans and to bring them happiness.”

Being Each Other’s Psychologist

Being together for 7 years, we probe who is the “Best Listener” amongst them? The trio looked at each other. Then Selina spoke up, “We are each other’s ‘Psychologist’. Some time back, I discovered the usually extrovert Ella keeping silent before others, and we know something is amiss. Thus, we arranged to meet up and confide with each other. Whenever I am unhappy, I would also arrange for the 2 of them to come to my place for a meal. Everyone has tacit chemistry, this is like a secret between sisters. No outsiders, beyond the 3 of us, would know. In short, we really wish each other would find bliss.”

No Room for Disputes & Jealousy

In their sisterly relationship, S.H.E has no room for “jealousy” and “disputes”. They would always discuss things through and not put it to heart. Like how Ella puts it, “We trust our record company’s arrangement. Such as during the time Hebe was filming; I went surfing when there is no assignment; and Selina would host programmes. It could be either of us going overseas on learning journey, or even the 3 of us taking a holiday together to fully rejuvenate. But in principle, the company won’t allow all 3 of us to go on holiday together. It has to be 1 or 2 being busy, while the other can take a break.”

Pursue Bliss Together

The trio’s relationship is very close and we probe just what would be the most touching moment? Ella said, “During our album promotion activity, Selina dedicatedly wrote a letter for the 2 of us. She wrote what we would say among ourselves in our daily lives. We can feel her glowing in her recent bliss (Selina is currently in love), and her wish for us to also find our bliss soon.” Listening by the side, Selina’s eyes got a little teary, “Yes, I spent some time writing the sentimental words to them. Initially I rehearsed a few times at home so that I could read it out before everyone, but just after a few lines I could not bear it anymore. In the end, that day, we cried till our eyes were swollen but in our hearts, we are very happy because my sisters would feel my feelings.”

The good chemistry between friends need not be all laid on the table. Just like during the interview today, even we were only left with half an hour for the photo shoot, the trio was in synch with each other. While one was being interviewed, the other would go pose for photos, and another would be autographing. And when the trio sat down together, they could follow-up on each others’ words to continue the interview. Such chemistry, is really something that needs time and getting close together to foster.


Selina’s Favourite – Already Silent
After over a year, S.H.E released their latest album – Miss Universe. This album marks the transformation stage of their image into “matured ladies”. Many of the songs in this album depicts their inner thoughts which they wish to share with the fans who have grown up with them over the years. Hence, the trio each picked a favourite song from their album to share their thoughts with everyone.

This song is a collaboration between Selina and Jay Chou. She explained, “When Jay handed this song to me for me to pen the lyrics, I thought through the song over and over again. I find that it is best suited for a love song and hence, pen my own relationship experience into it. These are my real experience and I hope fans can sense my feelings, and treat it as experiencing love.”

The reporter recalled that Ella said Selina has the most luck with guys among the trio. To this, Selina turned to look and smile at Ella, who was seated beside her, “Are you sure that’s me?” Ella nodded and added, “Aren’t you? Usually male fans would come on stage to confess their love for you, guys view you as a Goddess.” Selina continued, “Perhaps, my appearance is more feminine, but I am very dedicated when it comes to love.”

URL3 :

Hebe’s Favourite – Girls Ought To Be Strong
This song has many layers in emotions. It gave girls a motivation. Guys long had a song “Men Ought To Be Strong’ written. Now it is the time for girls to have a song dedicated to them for strength and to represent that girls of modern times need not be demure and weak, waiting for guys to protect them.

Despite her seemingly gentle appearance, Hebe self-professed to be no weakling. Compared to Selina and Ella, her workload seemed to be lesser and we asked if she ever felt jealous. Hebe clarified, “No. Actually I’ve been receiving a lot of acting scripts since filming the last serial but there is nothing that takes my fancy. I agree with the company’s arrangement not to just take up any lousy roles. So I took the time to learn recharge and prepare for our concert. It is so hectic! Other than singing, our performances are diverse to date. I would definitely be glad to support when my 2 sisters have good working assignments. In our collaborative dictionary, there is no room for ‘jealousy’.”


Ella's favourite – Planet 612
Ella described this song as her favourite comic – The Little Prince, as theme. The Little Prince seeks high and low for his true love to return to his planet with him. Ella shared, “I actually love red roses. Furthermore, the lyrics matched my feelings very much, it is as though singing my sentiments.” It may come as a surprise to many that despite her outer appearance seemed less feminine, Ella actually loves red roses. She added, “Since young till now, I have always feel that red roses symbolises love. Especially the budding ones waiting to blossom are the most romantic. Although there were guys who gave me roses in the past, I gathered they just happened to be lucky to have ‘guessed correctly’. In fact, they might not really know my real liking.” We asked further if she wish that her proposing “Prince” would bring her a stalk of red rose. Ella laughed, “It would be best If he understands my heart, but if he could give me a surprise or do something touching, I would be contented and happy.”


Pet Dogs – Relationship that will Never Change

3 distinct personalities, backgrounds and with different preferences, yet when the trio are placed together, they were totally in synch. To commemorate their deep friendship, the trio reared pet dogs, which are siblings bonded by blood ties. Selina started off rearing a mini toy poodle – Pinky, which later got pregnant. She wished for Pinky to give birth to 3 puppies so that each of the member could keep one to symbolize the continuation of their friendship down the line. Miraculously, Pinky indeed gave birth to 3 puppies much to S.H.E’s delight. Thus, each of them took one home to rear. Indeed, this is like a representation of their relationship passing on down the line and never changing.

Pinky Gave Birth to 3 Puppies

As mini toy poodles are called “Gui Bin Gou” in Taiwan, Ella named her pet pup as “Ah Gui”, Selina’s is named “Xiao Bin” and Hebe’s “Gou Gou”. Today, Selina brought the Doggy Mommy – Pinky to the interview to show us the “old ancestor”. Recently, Pinkly has rose among the rank of the family tree into a grandmother, as “Ah Gui” and Taiwan’s famous male model’s pet toy poodle – Peony successfully mated. Peony gave birth to 3 puppies and Ella happily brought “Tie Dan”, who just stopped taking his mother’s milk, back home. Now the dogs of 3 generations would even gather together.

Ella’s beloved “Ah Gui” Nearly Blind

However, Ella’s recent heartbreak was that when she brought Ah Gui to surfing and let him run along the beach, she had not anticipated that his eyes would be hurt by the infra-rays. As a result, Ah Gui nearly turned blind and could no longer look at bright lights. Thus, Ella could not bring Ah Gui on the streets to play nor during her work assignments. This was what caused her to be most sad about. Although Ella love her pet dogs, it appeared that her beloved pets are not destined for a good life. Her pug in the past – Qiang Qiang, passed away due to allergy to anesthesia while Ah Gui’s eyes were hurt. We pray that Tie Dan would be able to break away from this curse!


A Date to Shi Da Night Market for Large Chops

Wonder if anyone would guess when S.H.E will bring us to eat in Taiwan? The answer is ----- Night Market. Don’t boo yet! Perhaps, everyone would be familiar with Taiwan night market’s grilled sausage, fried oysters, salted baked chicken, but where exactly can one find large chops at which is cheap and good? SHE introduced a signature delicacy ----- Shi Da Night Market’s “Demonic Chops”. They said, “This is a renowned place even Secondary school kids would frequent.”

Ella is full of praise for the beef and pork chops’ freshness. “A large thick slice. But do avoid going during the holidays, as there would be long queues. On normal days, it would be packed but luckily for the quick turnover, everyone could enjoy their food and leave contentedly, so that others could also savour the good food.” The trio described the attraction of “Demonic Chops” is its affordability, freshness and large serving and it is served piping hot on an iron hotplate. Even the schooling little couples would visit this place too on their dates.


Reporter's Footnote

After interviewing S.H.E each time, friends would keep asking me, “Who, among the trio, is the most friendly? Who is the trickiest to hand? And who has the most attitude?” Each time, I would reply without fail, “I feel that Ella is the soul of the group.” I am not saying Selina or Hebe is troublesome, but Ella’s personality is the most straightforward and at ease to be with. During photo shoot, Ella would warm up the quickest and even lead the other two members into the “mood”. After that, Selina would work up her feminine “charms”, and Hebe would gradually be motivated to join in. It appeared to be like a car, with Ella being the engine to pull everyone to work together, thus, they become a perfect match.

translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum and (S.H.E)Ella's AF thread
credits : Ming Pao , Baidu Ella Forum and S.H.E (Ella) AF thread

Lollipop Addicted to "Short Movies"

[2008-11-26] Last week Lollipop came to Singapore to promote their “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan” OST and also performed together with Energy at Music Monster Festival.

Their debut show “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” already changed to 2nd batch of didis, the 6 of them are upgraded to hosts.

There’s a rumor that Lollipop will be filming a movie but they didn’t reply about it, instead they said they are currently filming some short video clips. Their first production will be named as “Kung Fu”, with A Wei writing the script, acting lots of characters along with Ao Quan and Wei Lian.

A Wei took out a digital camera and said “This is what I use to film.” Although it’s not the professional video camera being used but they are very serious about it and was trying to persuade the producer of “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” to broadcast it during the show.

A Wei was excited about it and showed a bit of it to the reporter, in the video Wei Lian dressed up as a girl with a mushroom head wig and dress standing aside, suddenly Ao Quan kicked Wei Lian’s breast. As for the rest of it we’ll see it if it really gets broadcast.

How to be qualified as a Mo Fan "Didi"?
The 6 of them points out a good point about themselves hoping the new didis will follow.

Xiao Yu: Able to be serious
Wang Zi: Well manners and modesty
Xiao Jie: Where you fell is where you stand up
Wei Lian: Have your own style
A Wei: Open up yourself when performing
Ao Quan: Equal handsome as him

Translated by Choco-late

Show Luo's new album's image revealed!

After preparing for a year, under the anticipation of thousands of fans, Show Luo Zhi Xiang (罗志祥) will officially release his album in December, called 'The Fashion Evolution' (潮男正传). The contents of the album will be revealed bit by bit. An EMI representative expressed: "Xiao Zhu (小猪) is indeed a man of many talents! In his new album, he will have a breakthrough in both music and dancing; he will provide a performance that will impress many, and he will add in a lot of his ideas towards music and life. All these is course for anticipation, and will definitely be the most stunning in this year's market." Ever since he debuted, Show's music and dance steps are always something that young people work towards to, and his image is the pinnacle of style, ever since his '4 Heavenly King' days with bright suits and centre parting, to his stylish image now. Other than listening to the advice of professional stylists, he himself has taken a lot of pains in his image. To exhibit the journey of how he changed, Show thought of 'a theory of evolution', and in his new album, you would see his many images over the years. After photographing, he said: "I want to leave all the memories with me!"

Show, who is called the 'It-Style Male Representative' by the outside world, expressed: "My album is called 'The Fashion Evolution', because I feel that I really don't know what is the it style now!" He said: "To me, 'style' is an attitude you take towards music and life, my style can only be measured in inches!" Show also interestingly used his 'Pig-style' to substitute 'style's real meaning, "Doesn't everyone feel that style now is shown by the size you wear? For all those who wish to go the hip hop style, they wear size XL, super large size pants! All those who wants to go the 'fashionable boy' style, they wear clothes that are L size! For all those who wants to be more fashionable, they would wear those really fitting, narrow shirt and trousers, which is M size!" Show's own 'Fashion size argument', really let the workers and professional stylists by his side admire him.

Sizzling scenes spark talk

Sizzling scenes spark talk
Are Cape No 7 stars Van Fan and Tanaka Chie an item off-screen too?
By Charlene Chua / The New Paper

THEY sizzle in a sexy bed scene in Taiwanese blockbuster Cape No 7.

And their on-screen chemistry has led to talk that they are dating off-screen.

So are sparks flying in real life between Taiwanese actor Van Fan and Japanese fashion model Tanaka Chie?

In an interview with The New Paper yesterday, Van said with a laugh: 'I have a girlfriend and it's definitely not Tanaka.'

He also dismissed rumours that his wedding plans were on hold because of his 'affair' with Tanaka.

The 30-year-old actor, who declined to reveal his girlfriend's identity, said: 'I have no intention of getting married yet. So how can my wedding plans change if there isn't a wedding to speak of?'

Van, Tanaka and co-star Shino Lin were promoting the movie in Singapore. It opens here tomorrow.
Click to see larger image

Cape No7 has been creating waves in the region. It is the No1 movie in Hong Kong, with an opening-day gross of HK$320,000 ($63,000). In Taiwan, it is the top Chinese-language movie of the year.

The movie features two love stories. One is between a loving couple who were separated 60 years ago. The other is the love story between Aga (Van), a postman with rock-star aspirations, and Tomoko (Tanaka), a struggling model.

Van said: 'They (Aga and Tomoko) are dissatisfied with their lives. So when they meet at work, they take their unhappiness out on each other.'

But love eventually blossoms between the unhappy pair.

But what has the Taiwanese media buzzing are the sparks created by Van and Tanaka in the movie.

In one scene, Tanaka's character gets drunk and Van has to carry her to bed. The two end up sharing a passionate night between the sheets.
Click to see larger image

There is also one moving moment where Van's character turns to Tanaka's for an affirmation of their love.

Fan wish

The touching scenes between the couple have had some fans wishing they would pair up.

Ms Shireen Zhang, 25, a secretary, who watched a sneak preview of the movie, said: 'I got goosebumps just watching (the) two of them. I hope they get together in real life!'

For the stars, it was just work.

Van said there were not a lot of love scenes between him and Tanaka, so he did not get 'what the big fuss is all about'.

And although he commented that his leading lady had a 'kind and innocent' nature, he pointed out that looks alone would not make him fall in love with someone.

'Tanaka's pretty. But what's most important to me is how a couple gets along.

'People can be great as friends, and it can become the opposite when they get together,' he added.

As for Tanaka, she is happy the movie got people talking.

She said: 'I am elated that the public has linked our on-screen love relationship to real life. That means that we acted very well.'

When asked about her ideal beau, Tanaka, who is single, said she dislikes 'men who are male chauvinists'.

The 27-year-old actress said: 'He (Van) is talented and has a beautiful voice. He also takes very good care of me.

'But my standards are very high when it comes to selecting a boyfriend.'

Van revealed that communication was not always smooth on the set with Tanaka, who had been learning Mandarin for only eight months before filming began.

Van said: 'The problem was, when I was talking to her, she liked to smile in response. Sometimes, I knew she didn't understand what I was saying.

'She speaks it (Mandarin) well but I don't think her listening skills are as good. I'm worried that it will become a habit. Because what she doesn't know, she'll never learn if she doesn't ask.'

Tanaka explained: 'I didn't dare to talk much because I had been learning Mandarin for only eight months before that.

'Now, at least, I can handle the language better.'

Tanaka said her first impression of Van was that he was rather aloof.

The long-haired beauty, who has starred in Jay Chou's music video Orange Jasmine, said: 'Van is very much like his character, Aga, in the sense that he appears very cool and talks little.

'It's only after you get to know him that you find out he's actually very warm and funny.'

'Cheeky' would likely come to mind for those who know Van better for his bad-boy image. In 2004, he was caught hugging his personal assistant in public.

Then in 2006, he cheekily dropped his pants at an autograph session in Taipei.

On those incidents, Van said: 'I have put all that behind me now.'

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cape No. 7 Rules H.K. Box Office in Premiere Week

Cape No. 7 Rules H.K. Box Office in Premiere Week

The movie "Cape No.7" reproduced its Taiwan success in Hong Kong by topping last week's box office charts in cinemas.

Being shown by 23 theatres, fewer than the latest James Bond film "Quantum of Solace", the Taiwan production outdid the Hollywood blockbuster by taking in over 2 million Hong Kong dollars.

Directed by budding director Wei Te-Sheng earlier this year, Cape No. 7 has earned more than 400 million New Taiwan Dollars since its premiere in August, becoming the highest grossing Chinese-language film in Taiwan's box office history. It has entered for the race of best foreign language picture of next year's Academy Awards.

Despite the pessimistic opinion that Cape No. 7 - regarded as a record breakthrough for Taiwan's film industry gloom - could only make success in Taiwan, movie distributors in Hong Kong saw the commercial potential in the film and stepped up its promotion throughout the city one month ago.

Following its success in Hong Kong, the movie will be screened in Singapore and Malaysia in the next few months. It will hit mainland cinemas during Chinese New Year in 2009.

Patty's dream guy

Patty's dream guy
by Jasmine Teo / Asia One

It has been over two years since Taiwanese show host Patty Hou broke up with superstar singer Jay Chou, but their love life still makes headlines.

In fact Chou, 30, mentioned the old relationship in an interview with Apple Daily Taiwan only last month. He said that the Chou-Hou romance, as it was called in 2005, was a 'healthy' one.

Still, as it is the only relationship that the singer, who has also been linked with Jolin Tsai and Hebe Tien from girl group S.H.E, has been upfront about, the media fascination is understandable.

As for Hou, 30, she is trying to move on from being labelled his trophy ex-girlfriend, though previous media reports have said she gets emotional when the break-up is mentioned.

But when Life! spoke to her last Thursday in a telephone interview from Taipei, the relatively composed TV host and actress gamely fielded questions about her failed romance, although some of her answers were a bit cryptic.

'I can understand that people are interested in celebrities' private lives and I respect that.'

She added in American-accented English: 'I also understand some things are best kept private. It's hard to talk about it openly because some things are not as simple.'

Besides handling the pressure of the high-profile Chou-Hou relationship and its aftermath, the University of Southern California mass communications graduate has been busy hosting gigs including Taiwan's Emmy equivalent, The Golden Bell Awards, and acting.

The former news anchor has also been co-hosting variety show Azio Superstar with veteran host Jacky Wu. It airs on mio TV's Asia Plus Channel (Channel 72) on weeknights at 8pm.

On top of that, she released a book last year titled Zi Yan Zi Yu (Words), in which she divulged details about her romance with Chou.

1. Why did you decide to write a book about your innermost thoughts?

In my book I don't only talk about relationships. It's my view on love in general. That's why I wrote the book so that people would know about my views on politics and other issues.

2. What are some lessons you've learnt from past relationships?

You evolve and you learn. To love, you need courage. So I would say that I've learnt to be brave and just to love.

3. What kind of qualities do you look for in a guy?

I would like him to be optimistic because there are a lot of downsides in the world. If you can grow old with an optimistic person, you can face difficulties with a smile and with a lot of energy. So I'd like my other half to be optimistic.

4. What are some of the things that you've learnt from co-hosting with Jacky Wu on Azio Superstar?

I'm trying to learn his wit, his humour and (how) he reacts to questions quickly. He has his own structure of logical thinking. That is incredible. So I try to catch it as quickly as possible. I guess it takes time. I'm spending a lot of time with him - we work together two days a week, which is a long time - so I think we're getting more and more familiar with each other and I think the show is going to get better.

5. What if you had to interview Jay Chou on your show?

Because we're friends, I would do the interview as I would (with) other people. It wouldn't be any different.

6. You were the voice behind Tigress in the Mandarin-dubbed version of Kung Fu Panda. How was that experience?

It was very fun, very wonderful. I love to play tough characters. I think the producers wanted me to do the voiceover because they found a toughness in my voice. I loved that experience because people usually think I'm very gentle.

7. You have a degree in mass communications and you started out as a news anchor. Was it your plan to go into showbusiness?

No, not at all. My plan was to get married and have children. All these happened accidentally. Fate changed that. I believe in fate and that's what led me to this industry. It has opened up doors and changed my views towards the whole world.

But now with this twist of events, I'm more open-minded and I've learnt a lot. So all this came very surprisingly but it has all been pleasant so far.

8. Complete this sentence: If I could live my life all over again...

I wouldn't change a thing. I think every step I take means something and I learn something from it.

Closer than average friends

Closer than average friends
by Jocelyn Lee / Asia One

Home-grown pop star JJ Lin has a new album, a new concert tour, a new clothing line and, possibly, a new love in his life too.

At a recent press conference here to promote his latest album Sixology and upcoming tour, the 27-year-old admitted that he and Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi, or Ah Sa as fans call her, were more than just friends. But he stopped short of saying that they are seeing each other.

The boyish-looking Taipei-based singer, who will be performing here on March 28, told Life! in an interview: 'Ah Sa and I are definitely closer than average friends. I will say that we have a healthy friendship and I am in the process of getting to know her better.'

He also said that Choi, 26, is the first person he will invite to his upcoming concert.

He added: 'Ah Sa must come for my concert to give me moral support, whether as a special guest or an audience member.'

The two had collaborated on the song Small Dimple in Lin's latest album, after he invited her to sing the duet with him. More recently, Taiwanese and Chinese media reported that the two got closer after their Ocean Butterflies and Emperor Entertainment Group announced last month that they would be collaborating on artiste management and distribution licensing.

As for his upcoming concert, Lin said that it will be a back-to-basics affair, unlike his showy, futuristic Just J concert here two years ago.

The singer-songwriter, famous for hits such as A Thousand Years Later and who has written hits for A*mei, S.H.E and Twins, said: 'It is going to be a heartwarming and touching concert which audiences can relate to, and I will wear fashionable, colourful and comfortable clothes instead of extravagant costumes.'

As for his special guest, the Mandarin pop idol said his company is planning to let his fans do the choosing by voting online for who they want for his concert. The list will be released soon.

He added the concert means a lot to him as it will be held a day after his 28th birthday.

'It will be a fantasy tour for me as I will be celebrating my birthday with all my fans.'

Just like his upcoming concert, his latest album is about being himself. In this album, his sixth, he dons more colourful modern streetwear such as bright waistcoats, T-shirts and bermudas instead of the more muted tones he preferred before.

Gone, too, are the different personae. He has tried his hand at being a killer and a mummy.

He hopes the new boy-next-door image will make him appear friendlier and more approachable to the public.

'This is a very new and refreshing image, and I hope my fans will be encouraged and inspired by my music, as well as my fashion.'

Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium
When: March 28, 8pm
Admission: $78, $108, $128 and $148 from Sistic ( or call 6348-5555).

Kenji Wu releases new album, reveals he plays basketball with Jay Chou and competes in looking cool

Source: Xmwww

When the presenter mentioned Jay Chou and Alan Luo who both love basketball as well, Kenji Wu gave his evaluation of the two's skills, "Alan Luo is a power forward, he can get points, Jay Chou is an assist guard, he likes "assisting people"." The presenter asked him "Which one was better?" Kenji Wu started to avoid the question, "I can tell you we all have a common point when playing basketball, that is the moves must look good, of course, the ball must go into the basket."

Jay Chou wishes to marry before 35; says that music will forever be most important

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Recently, Jay Chou has been busy promoting his new album in Beijing. Yesterday, he accepted an exclusive interview from Phoenix TV's “A Date With Lu Yu”. Last year, Jay also went on this show and promised the host Lu Yu that every year he will come on her show and share about how his life is going.

Music will forever be most important; magic gives him sense of achievement

Jay talked about his title track in his new album – “Fragrant Rice” and he said, due to the earthquake, problems like unemployment and students leaving home will evidently appear in our society. However, at this time, people need an inspiring song that can give them encouragement. Music is a kind of magic, and has healing powers. Now, being a singer cannot earn much money, but they can share their music with everyone. Today, Jay is a boss, but when he makes music, he does not care about the costs. He often pours a huge amount of money into filming MVs, just for people who love his music, to be able to see even better music creations. When asked what time does he usually compose music, Jay replied that he is not like other singers who like to compose late at night, because this will disturb his neighbours. Rather, he likes to play piano so to find inspirations, just like for the song “Fragrant Rice”,

Jay is a person who likes to try out new things. From his dancing in his MVs to learning diabolo to performing magic at his concerts, everytime, it will give surprise to people who like him, and he shares his own love of music to his fans. When Lu Yu asked him which of the following gives him the most sense of achievement – magic, singing or films, Jay says it is magic, but he says that music will forever be most important to him.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jay Chou becomes the driver, Vincent Fang directs

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The name to Jay Chou's new song "Lan Ting Xu" originates from Chinese calligrapher Wang Xi Zhi's famous work, for the MV they invited the current famed calligrapher Dong Yang Zi to write a few words personally, they enlarged them and made them into works of art, seeing this scenery, Jay Chou admired saying: "It's too diao!"

Usually Jay Chou spends a lot of money on the backdrops of his MVs, yet "Lan Ting Xu" doesn't have this, the clean backdrop made him feel a bit empty. The director Vincent Fang explained, after he acted in stage show "Liu Yi Bang", he discovered the scenes in a stage show are very unique, the furnishing and decorations are all represented by symbols and not real scenery this MV is related to calligraphy so he's used the cleanliness to show off the beauty of calligraphy.

Dong Yang Zi praised Vincent Fang for his idea of mixing traditional calligraphy into a pop music MV, she hopes to get youngsters to understand the beauty of calligraphy through this. Dong Yang Zi has seen Jay Chou performing magic on a TV show before, she thinks Jay Chou is very cute, so she generously wrote 4 words, unexpectedly she made an exception and only took the writing fee, with the view that Dong Yang Zi's 1 word picture costs at least 300,000 yuan, the staff were surprised and happy, they blurted out: "We got a really good deal!"

On the day of the filming, Vincent Fang playfully jumped on the rickshaw, Jay Chou went along with it and became the driver, he grumbled: "I've got a kind of feeling of working for you like a dog", the staff beside them hilariously said: "Wow, a heavenly king helping Vincent Fang pull a cart!" Just as Vincent Fang was feeling full of himself, Jay Chou suddenly deliberately tilted the cart, Vincent Fang nearly fell off, Jay Chou immediately laughed saying: "Now you know being a director isn't all that fun!"

Taipei Weekend Box Office

Top 10 Taipei Weekend Box Office Nov. 22-23

1. Bond 22: Quantum of Solace 3 weeks 48,571,873

2. Blue Brave: The Legend of Formosa in 1895 3 weeks 8,666,756

3. Beverly Hills Chihuahua (New) 1 week 1,353,910

4. Passengers 2 weeks 4,295,493

5. My So Called Love (New) 1 week 1,195,402

6. The Fatality (New) 1 week 992,763

7. My Best Friend's Girl 2 weeks 3,089,539

8. Miao Miao 2 weeks 1,163,378

9. Cape No. 7 16 weeks 229,486,159

10. The Good, the Bad and the Weird (New) 1 week 371,564

source: taipeibo

Fahrenheit Singapore concert, just "grab" where you wan

A lot of situations occurred at Fahrenheit’s Hong Kong concert, wearing the wrong shoes, hurting the waist, hurting the leg, the four of them were almost hurt all over, but they feel very relieved with Singapore fans. Wu Zun and Aaron Yan said that besides the face, fans can grab anywhere they want. And what they worry the most is not going out of tune like what other singers are worried about, or the incident of wearing the wrong shoes happening again, they are worried about the component where they had to talk with the audience.

As the concert name ‘Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour’ suggested, it is to let fans ‘fantasize’, let them see the Fahrenheit that they didn’t expected. At the Singapore concert press conference, Calvin Chen explained, “For example, ‘Only Have Feelings for You’, the dance of this song was previous choreographed, but this time we have changed all the dance steps. Even some of the weapons in the concert were not seen before. Also our solo performance is something that was not performed before. For this, we have trained for a long time to let everyone see a different Fahrenheit.”

Fahrenheit originally came to do their promotions with one member short, but Jiro Wang who had injured his leg ‘appeared’ at the press conference suddenly. In the about one minute pre-recorded video, he still looked rather happy. He said that currently he is going through the physiotherapy arranged by the doctor, and should be able to display his handsome dance moves on stage in Singapore during December.

Aaron Yan said that the concert rehearsals this time came from the fragmented time that they had pieced together, hopefully they can cultivate good chemistry; Jiro Wang also insist on having rehearsals with everyone. “He is really a Virgo who aims for perfection. The chemistry among the four of us is growing from this journey, I believe he just went for a one month rest, hopefully we are able to display good chemistry for everyone then.”

Fahrenheit who had been in the industry for three years and released two albums is holding their world tour for the first time. This is a testimony of hard work and persistence, for them it is an achievement. This concert is a test for them after accumulating three years of experience and things that they have learnt, ticket sales and reviews is their result slip.

Wu Zun said, “We have worked hard for 3 years, I feel that you want to show what you have learnt in the 3 years on stage to share with those who support us. Because we feel that the most important thing about concert is to give something back to the fans. They supported us for so long, they want to watch our concert; seeing them supporting us is a power and also a thanks.”

At the press conference, the 3 of them said that the stage should be similar to the one in Hong Kong, extend to the back, and then have a hanging bridge for them to interact with fans from all four sides. At the same time they will try to add in new substances for the Singapore concert. The first song in their new album which will be released at the end of December will also be exposed for the first time on Singapore’s stage.

Aaron Yan said, “Our new album is releasing soon, the first song in the trailer is rather nice, want to share with everyone. Use the concert as a chance to publish our new song; I feel that can let everyone know how nice the songs in our third album are. The genre has to keep a secret first.”

And to coordinate with their new album, Fahrenheit also had new haircuts. During the Singapore promotions, they had to wear caps to be mysterious. Calvin Chen said, “Hairstyle has a bit of changes due to the new album, during that time should have more space for creation, more changes, so have to wear secret weapon (caps), and also cannot be exposed!”

Wu Zun revealed that there are different situations for every concert, so every time he got on stage he will be anxious. And at the concert, Fahrenheit is most concerned about the interaction with audience; in Wu Zun’s eyes, this is their weakest component. “I feel that when we interact and talk, because everyone will be a bit messy, so maybe we will be a bit more cautious this time. Actually in this component, our seniors (S.H.E) are cleverer. So after watching so many of their performance we will have expectations on ourselves.”

Aaron Yan also said, “I feel that a very good example is Ah Xin from Mayday. He is quite good at leading the interaction between the fans and the band. After all this is the first time for us, Fahrenheit, in this part we might need to learn more from the seniors and more experienced singers, so hopefully we can display even better chemistry at the Singapore concert.”

Many singers are most worried about singing out of tune, but Wu Zun feels that it is common to make mistakes in concert, most importantly is to be engrossed in the performance. “Actually I feel that for concert, the person must be engrossed. No matter if you sing wrongly, out of tune, dance wrongly, if you are engrossed the audience will be too when they see you. Because I feel that it is common to make mistakes in concerts.”

At the Hong Kong concert when Fahrenheit was having close contact with fans at the extended stage, they were scratched by fans. Jiro Wang’s lips was scratched and Wu Zun’s back was hit swollen by the wooden board.

Aaron Yan said, “Just try to grab us! Ha ha.”

Although Calvin Chen was shocked by Aaron Yan’s words but he said that he is not worried about Singapore fans. He said, “I feel that Singapore fans are rather order, so they might not, as long as they party with us it’s alright. We will appear in front of you very closely, then you all just appreciate our performance. Can keep screaming in front of us.”

However Wu Zun still added in the end, “Ok, can grab where you want, most importantly don’t grab the face.”

translated by : jastan87 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and

Edison Chen's scenes in movie "Jump" are removed

The movie company has decided to remove Edison Chen's scenes in the movie "Jump." The movie was supposed to be screened early this year, but the screening was postponed as a result of the sex photos scandal that has implicated Edison and other female celebrities.

Director Stephen Fung has tried to keep Edison's scenes but the movie company has decided not to wait anymore. The company has decided to reshoot Edison's scenes by using a new actor. The new replacement could be Fahrenheit's Wu Zun or star of "Cape No. 7" Van Fan.

As all Edison's scenes from the movie are to be reshot, Stephen Fung has to arrange the schedules of all the relevant actors. In addition, he has to ask the actors to cut their hair back to their style one year ago. Costumes have to be found again from the warehouse; some sets have to be reconstructed again. The reshoot is expected to cost around a million Hong Kong dollars and it will begin in Shanghai at the earliest in next month.

Credits: Yahoo! Singapore News

China state media blast new Guns N' Roses album

A newspaper published by China's ruling Communist Party is blasting the latest Guns N' Roses album as an attack on the Chinese nation.

Delayed since recording began in 1994, "Chinese Democracy" hit stores in the U.S. on Sunday, although it is unlikely to be sold legally in China, where censors maintain tight control over films, music and publications.

In an article Monday headlined "American band releases album venomously attacking China," the Global Times said unidentified Chinese Internet users had described the album as part of a plot by some in the West to "grasp and control the world using democracy as a pawn."
The album "turns its spear point on China," the article said.

China's Foreign Ministry did not respond to faxed questions about the article, although a spokesman speaking on routine condition of anonymity said: "We don't need to comment on that."

Spokesmen for the Culture Ministry and State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, government bodies that regulate album releases and performances, could not be reached for comment.

The Global Times article referred only to the title of the album and not to specific song lyrics. The record's title track makes a reference to the Falun Gong meditation movement that was banned by China as an "evil cult" and warns "if your Great Wall rocks blame yourself," in an apparent message to the country's authoritarian government.

Songs from the album could be heard on Internet sites such as YouTube and the band's MySpace page on Monday and it was not immediately possible to tell whether China's Internet monitors were seeking to block access to it.

Monitors use content filters that highlight and sometimes block messages containing words such as democracy. That prompted some Internet users to combine English and Chinese characters in their postings about the album to skirt such monitoring.

China approves only limited numbers of foreign films and recordings for distribution each year, partly due to political concerns but also to protect domestic producers.

Live performances are also closely regulated, with bands forced to submit set lists beforehand. The Rolling Stones were asked not to play several songs with suggestive lyrics during their 2006 China debut, including "Brown Sugar," "Honky Tonk Woman," "Beast of Burden" and "Let's Spend the Night Together."

Earlier this year, bandleader Harry Connick Jr. was forced to make last-minute changes to his show in Shanghai because an old song list was mistakenly submitted to Chinese authorities to secure the performance permit for the concert. Authorities insisted he play the songs on the original list, even though his band did not have the music for them.

That came just a week after Icelandic singer Bjork embarrassed authorities by shouting "Tibet!" at the end of a Shanghai concert, prompting stricter vetting of foreign performers.

Despite such restrictions, computer file sharing and pirating of DVDs, computer games and music CDs is rampant in China, meaning that much banned material is available through alternative channels.

by Christopher Bodeen
associated press

Lollipop, experts at avoiding questions

[2008-11-25] Lollipop is filming a movie? A self compose, direct and act action romance movie “Kung Fu”?

Last week Lollipop participated in a concert at Singapore along with Energy; while they were there they held an autograph session to promote their OST album.

The 6 of them performed really well once the reporter appeared and wasn’t shy at all. They got into the atmosphere immediately, their talking and well mannered performance left a good impression to the reporter. There were rumours that they will be filming a movie at Beijing so during the interview the reporter wants to confirm about it. They all looked at each other for 3 seconds but was quickly answered by A Wei “Lately we are filming a movie, it’s a self compose, direct and act action romance movie called ‘Kung Fu’.”

Seeing A Wei answering it seriously the reporter thought it was real, A Wei continued “Director, actors, lighting, place etc. are all done by us. There are around 10 characters but there are only 3 actors which is Wei Lian, Ao Quan and I. Ao Quan is the main character, Wei Lian and I cross-dress to be his girlfriend.” The reporter’s face started changing, seeing that the reporter doesn’t believe in it A Wei said “I’m serious!” It made the reporters laughed, as for the movie question it got left behind.

Another sensitive question which wasn’t answered properly was news that Lollipop’s contract with Gold Typhoon is almost over, when asked their future plans Ao Quan said “I want to sign them five!” With a fast reflex Xiao Yu said “Then I’ll sign you which mean I have everyone.” As for the rumours that Gold Typhoon offered a 7 digit contract, they started playing dumb and counting fingers to avoid answering it. At the end the manager said “We are still discussing about it.”

“Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan” starring Wang Zi, A Wei, Xiao Yu and Hey Girl’s Xiao Xun, Ya Tou and Xiao Man. In the drama they are kung fu masters, they were very happy while filming action scenes. While Xiao Yu talks about the action scene he excitedly said “Flying around was really fun but was also painful because hanging wires hurt.” A Wei said “We worked hard because director wishes us to do the actions ourselves.”

Wang Zi said the kissing scene with Xiao Xun was the most memorable scene but it was a pity that it got cut out. Even A Wei felt pity and said “That scene was very romantic but the director scared that people would feel shy after watching it so it was cut out.”

Translated by Choco-late

Lollipop's Music Monster Festival Success

2008-11-25] Recently Lollipop participated in Singapore event “Music Monster Festival”, 3000 fans attended and their screams made Lollipop barely hear the music. To give the Singapore fans a surprise A Wei, Ao Quan and Xiao Jie especially cut and choreograph a new dance name “終極毀滅舞”.

Xiao Jie hurt his leg during practice so he was only able to remember the choreograph and the stage movements. Before performing Wei Lian helped him to bandage and Xiao Jie endure the pain while dancing, he said “Had to perform live while I haven’t been practicing dancing for 2 weeks, so nervous!” Luckily the performance went well.

Other than the Music Monster Festival concert Lollipop also held a autograph event, a lot of fans participated but every fans obey the rules which made the event went smoothly. Lollipop also signed more than 3600 copies of their CDs, Ao Quan said “We hardly go to Singapore so even if our hands are sore we still sign!” Other than performing, Lollipop was also looking forward to Singapore’s foods; Wei Lian especially went on a diet for 2 weeks just to eat.

But the one who ate the most was A Wei, he ate so much that he looks like a pregnant lady. While getting up to the toilet he would need Ao Quan to move, while moving A Wei said “Move, don’t block my baby and me!” In Lollipop only A Wei who doesn’t like eating vegetables their manager afraid that he get stroke and especially told him to get more vegetables but while nice food ahead A Wei can’t help it. Instead of eating vegetable he drank 5 cups of watermelon juice, thought that would be enough for his health but manager just replied him “Eating seafood and drinking watermelon juice watch out for diarrhea!”

Source: nownews
Translated by Choco-late

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jay Chou becomes intelligent doing magic, praises Andy Lau's "chain and ring" technique as brilliant

source: chinatimes
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Andy Lau performed magic at his concert, he changed the clothes of a female dancer in the blink of an eye, his technique was amazing, Jay Chou, who also loves magic, couldn't watch it because he was in Beijing filming, but he praised both Andy Lau and Stephen Fung as already being "professional class" in his heart, he praised them but didn't forget to compliment himself saying: "People who do magic are very clever!" He used this as an excuse to compliment himself as a intelligent magician.

At the concert, Andy Lau smiled asking the audience who do they think of when magic is mentioned in Taiwan? The fans offstage were divided, some shouted "Jay Chou" and some shouted "Andy Lau", Andy Lau pretended to trip a bit because he originally only expected to hear "Andy Lau".

To this, Jay Chou praised Andy Lau's "chain and ring" technique, it really opened up his eyes, besides Andy Lau, he laughed at his good friend Shawn Yue for his kid-like attitude, whenever he learned new magic tricks he shows them off straight away, he lacks the practise and instead many flaws show through.

Jay Chou has been studying magic for 7 years, he often relies on magic to create surprise, he heard that the media wanted to see the revitalized soda can magic trick, he used the excuse of going to the toilet to tell his assistant to buy a can and leave it at the entrance of the restaurant to wait for the chance, when he passed by, he immediately performed the revitalized can trick, with all his hard work he got some good reviews, he had a proud face, later he jokingly expressed, why not turn the concert into a magic show 2 years later and make the 101 disappear!

He, who has a full schedule, a few days ago used the hour he had to spare while filming an MV to write a song, the topic of it was "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", it was full of mysteriousness. When will he work with Brigitte Lin? He said: "Brigitte Lin is a national treasure class celebrity, she's not someone who can simply be invited, it must be a well written script made to fit for her, I'll only dare to visit her when I have this."

Rainie Yang says she feels nausea when kissing Wilber Pan

source: Liberty Times
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

If you had the chance to kiss Wilber Pan, Mike He, Jiro Wang, Lee Wei and Roy Qiu etc male stars, which one will give you the most feeling? Rainie Yang replied, saying kissing Wilber is most disgusting, kissing Jiro she feels most shy, and kissing Mike feels super natural.

Filming kiss scene with Wilber; Rainie yells disgusting

Rainie and Wilber’s drama “Miss No Good” lately has been playing the kiss card. However, unexpectedly, Rainie says that kissing Wilber is most disgusting, because she says she and Wilber are too familiar with each other, and it feels like kissing your boss or your neighbour. Everytime they have kiss scenes, she only wishes for it to hurry up and finish.

Rainie disclosed that she does not like guys like Wilber who are too nice and easy-going, because this kind of boyfriend would not give her a sense of security. Hence, when Rainie heard Wilber saying on the “Rainbow Concert” show that his lips are very soft, and Rainie really has earned something, she could not help but yell: “Tell him to smash into a wall la!” When comparing poisionous tongues, Rainie is evidently much better than Wilber.

Mike He most natural; Lee Wei’s lips very thick

Talking about dramas, Rainie has also had kiss scenes with Mike, Lee Wei, Roy and Jiro. When comparing them, she says although she and Mike only worked together for 2 dramas, but because in “Devil Beside You”, there were kiss scenes in almost every episode, they kissed the most, hence feels the most natural. She also said Lee Wei’s lips are even thicker than Wilber’s. As for Roy, their kiss scene was in the sea, and due to the pressure, it was the most hardest kiss scene she ever had to film.

Although she is a veteran at kiss scenes, but for upcoming drama “Superstar Express”, she and Jiro kissed for over 3 minutes. Because the atmosphere was very good, and Jiro was very nervous, this made Rainie very nervous too and she became quite shy. In the end, they kissed till their lips were shaking.