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Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainie Yang says she feels nausea when kissing Wilber Pan

source: Liberty Times
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

If you had the chance to kiss Wilber Pan, Mike He, Jiro Wang, Lee Wei and Roy Qiu etc male stars, which one will give you the most feeling? Rainie Yang replied, saying kissing Wilber is most disgusting, kissing Jiro she feels most shy, and kissing Mike feels super natural.

Filming kiss scene with Wilber; Rainie yells disgusting

Rainie and Wilber’s drama “Miss No Good” lately has been playing the kiss card. However, unexpectedly, Rainie says that kissing Wilber is most disgusting, because she says she and Wilber are too familiar with each other, and it feels like kissing your boss or your neighbour. Everytime they have kiss scenes, she only wishes for it to hurry up and finish.

Rainie disclosed that she does not like guys like Wilber who are too nice and easy-going, because this kind of boyfriend would not give her a sense of security. Hence, when Rainie heard Wilber saying on the “Rainbow Concert” show that his lips are very soft, and Rainie really has earned something, she could not help but yell: “Tell him to smash into a wall la!” When comparing poisionous tongues, Rainie is evidently much better than Wilber.

Mike He most natural; Lee Wei’s lips very thick

Talking about dramas, Rainie has also had kiss scenes with Mike, Lee Wei, Roy and Jiro. When comparing them, she says although she and Mike only worked together for 2 dramas, but because in “Devil Beside You”, there were kiss scenes in almost every episode, they kissed the most, hence feels the most natural. She also said Lee Wei’s lips are even thicker than Wilber’s. As for Roy, their kiss scene was in the sea, and due to the pressure, it was the most hardest kiss scene she ever had to film.

Although she is a veteran at kiss scenes, but for upcoming drama “Superstar Express”, she and Jiro kissed for over 3 minutes. Because the atmosphere was very good, and Jiro was very nervous, this made Rainie very nervous too and she became quite shy. In the end, they kissed till their lips were shaking.

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