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Monday, November 17, 2008

FanFan Fan WeiQi Holds Concert in TaiChung; Invites Janet Hsieh To Play With Her

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, LibertyTimes,
FanFan Fan WeiQi will be holding her second concert (of the 我們是朋友/We Are Friends (FanFan's Friends) tour) in TaiChung on November 22, 2008. The concert will be held at the 惠蓀堂 Hui Sun Hall at 中興大學 National ChungHsing University. For this concert, FanFan has invited her good friend Janet Hsieh; the two long-legged beauties will play their respective stringed instruments together: FanFan will play the guitar, and Janet will play the violin. We hope that they produce marvelous music together!

In speaking of her collaboration with Janet, FanFan said that the two have a few mutual behind-the-scenes friends; Janet, meanwhile, said that she attended FanFan's Taipei concert. "After watching the concert, I was so touched that I was almost crying; there were goosebumps all over my body!" In Taichung, the two will be performing 小眼睛 [Xiao Yan Jing] [Little Eyes] and 一比一 [Yi Bi Yi] [One-to-One], etc., together.

FanFan's boyfriend, Blackie (HeiRen) will be in Singapore, working, on the 22nd-- he will not be able to support her at the concert; however, FanFan's parents will attend and support their beloved daughter.

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