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Friday, November 21, 2008

This Christmas is going to be sizzling hot

By Goh Yun Ting

SINGAPORE: Promising a musical extravaganza, Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit is bringing an early Christmas present to fans with their first ever Singapore concert this December.

Singapore is the second leg of Fahrenheit’s “Fantasy World Tour”, after a leg injury suffered by band member Jiro forced a postponement of the concert in Malaysia and Shanghai. The pop group had kicked off their “Fantasy World Tour” in Hong Kong on September 26, with a two-day gig.

The dashing foursome are a trio for now as Jiro, who is suffering from a torn knee ligament, was still missing in action when the group was in town recently to promote their concert.

However, fans who are worried that Jiro’s injury will lead to changes in the concert have nothing to fear.

In a video recording screened at the press conference, Jiro, looking energetic and upbeat, said he will definitely be in Singapore for their concert as scheduled. In the meantime, he will be following the doctor’s advice to avoid strenuous exercises and concentrate on physiotherapy.

The other three members assure fans that Jiro’s injury will not affect the quality of the concert, and dance routines will go on as planned.

The band comprising Calvin, Jiro, Wu Zun and Aaron made their debut in 2006 and to date, have two Mandarin albums under their belt.

Describing what each of them brings to the group, Calvin said: “Jiro is very dynamic, and shines whenever he is on stage.

“Wu Zhun is the responsible, serious one in the group. He is a good example to us, and guides us along...while Aaron is very intense onstage and will always seek perfection.

“As for me, I’m the one who will encourage them!”

As for the upcoming concerts, fans are in for a treat as the quartet will offer something to fantasize about.

Wu Zhun coyly suggested that the audience may get to see more of them, literally, during the concert.

“Before going on stage, I’ll be very nervous but once I get on stage, I’ll transform into another person and may do surprising things - things that I’m also not aware of,” he replied when asked if they will be showing off their well-built physiques, which should raise the Singapore heat by a few notches.

The group also promised to entertain with different themes at their upcoming concert and say fans may be surprised by their new hairdos, which were lurking underneath the caps they were sporting.

What’s really special though will be the lighting effects and spectacular stage that will allow fans to experience some up close and personal interaction with the quartet.

Other than performing their usual hits, Fahrenheit plans to incorporate elements of Broadway into the show and unreleased songs from their upcoming album.

As for all the critics who question Fahrenheit’s singing abilities, this is what the group has to say.

“We are constantly improving and now that our vocal teachers know we are holding a concert, they have been especially tough on us,” Aaron said.

Calvin added, “We’ve been putting in a lot of effort and time on the concert, which is very important to us… And I would give us 100 marks for all our efforts.”

In an interview with, the group said: “The concert is a chance to show what we have learnt throughout these three years.

“It is an opportunity for us to share our joys and achievement…and appreciation to our fans.”

Fahrenheit’s “Fantasy World Tour” runs on December 19 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets are available at SISTIC.

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