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Monday, November 17, 2008

On Stage, Rainie Yang ChengLin Dares To "Reveal"; More Conservative In Private

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, InfoTimes,
Rainie Yang ChengLin received a present from her record company at her autograph concert on the 16th: a corset covered in Swarovski crystals! She said that, in private, she is very conservative; she doesn't dare to wear extremely revealing clothes. She also doesn't dare to shake her small breasts in front of her boyfriend. However, on stage, she can overcome her "obstacle." The more she talked about it, the more excited she became; she even said something quite alarming: she complained that the "cups" of the corset were too small! Afterwards, she explained that, if the cups were bigger, she could stuff them with water pads and help her "B-cups" become "D-cups"!

Her new album, 半熟宣言/Declaration of Semi-Maturity, defeated both Mayday's and Jay Chou JieLun's new albums, landing it at Number One on the G-Music charts for the week. She said modestly, however, that she didn't dare to call it "victory" or "defeat;" however, she wanted to thank her fans for their support. She also added that it was a "positive" and healthy type of competition. She has become even more popular lately because of her drama 不良笑花 [Bu Liang Xiao Hua] [Miss No Good (The Bad Campus Belle)]; she has even gained the support of some "foreigners." There was even a young fan who said that she is going blind; she begged Rainie to hurry and hold a concert.

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