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Friday, November 28, 2008

Nicholas Tse worships Edison Chen

Nicholas Tse worships Edison Chen
Channel NewsAsia / Yahoo Singapore

Hong Kong artiste Nicholas Tse says he has never ruled out Edison Chen as a friend. The former talked about Edison and the sex photos scandal in a radio interview on new movie "The Beast Stalker".

Featuring Nicholas and China actress Zhang Jingchu, the movie by Emperor Entertainment Group premiered in Hong Kong on Nov 24. The film drew million-dollar box office sale in merely four days when it premiered in China. The gala in Hong Kong attracted artistes such as Josie Ho, Aw Yong Bobby, Jessica Hester Hsuan and Ada Choi.

In a radio interview, Nicholas says he will not want to be casted as a 'calefare' with three seconds of fame just to be in a Hollywood movie. It appears to be a mockery directed at Edison.

Nicholas's wife, Cecilia Cheung, was involved in the indecent photos scandal with Edison earlier this year. On his thoughts of Edison, Nicholas says, "I've never ruled him out as a friend; I do not put the issue at heart." Through the incident, Nicholas says he has learnt to be magnanimous and tolerant.

He also emphasized that he has never seen those photos and has never talked about them. "She (Cecilia) has talked about it but I don't think it is necessary for me to take in any information. There's no point in discussing it; it'll only add oil to fire."

What if his son asks about the issue? "If Edison has such great influence that even kids will ask about it, I think I'll worship him."

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