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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

S.H.E Singing {The Moon Represents My Heart} ; Thinking of Marriage after Helping Hebe’s Brother with his Wedding

Earlier, S.H.E cleared their schedule in order to attend the wedding of Hebe’s brother. Hebe acted as image consultant and helped her brother and sister-in-law in choosing the bride’s veil. During the wedding banquet, the trio sang {The Moon Represents My Heart}. Seeing Hebe’s brother getting married, the three also started to consider the idea of marriage.

The Three Are Like Sisters
Parents All Attended the Wedding

The dreamy Selina wanted an extravagant wedding that would include fireworks; Hebe wanted to go overseas and have an intimate wedding that would consist of only close friends and relatives; Ella said: [I don’t want a big wedding that would have one hundred banquet tables. I am afraid there might be too many people that I don’t know.] The trio’s tight relationship also influenced how their parents interacted with each other. On the day of the wedding, both Selina and Ella’s parents were in attendance. It was as if the wedding was a joint event from the three families.

Challenging Cheongsam
Ella Revealed Perfect Figure

For their MV to their new song {Moonlight Diary}, S.H.E took on the challenge of wearing the body-hugging cheongsam which revealed their figures. Ella whose has the biggest chest-size revealed the best looking figure. However, because of her boyish personality, when the director arranged for her to act melancholy while picking up flower petals from the ground, she was almost nauseated as she acted out the part. As soon as the camera stopped rolling, she complained: [What type of sickening storyline is this!?]

To match the cheongsam, S.H.E had put on high heeled shoes. However, Ella who was not used to such “a climb” constantly leaned forward while walking and was teased by Hebe and Selina as walking like an old lady. Furthermore, halfway through the taping of the MV and unable to withstand the discomfort in her feet, Ella even kicked off her high heels and changed back into running shoes, thus transformed herself into a most unconventional cheongsam beauty.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits (article) : CEFC , and chinatimes
credits (pictures) : CEFC , Crazy-Shine Forum and Baidu CE
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