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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jerry Yan tops TW Idol Drama Artist 2008 Revenue List
Taiwan idol drama artist in 2008 revenue list is out. Jerry, because of F4's high popularity and his own super money sucking power, is the No. 1 money sucking king with NT58 millions of talent fee in 2008. (HK): 13,500,000 yuan

This year, he filmed the idol drama "Hot Shot" and "Starlit", with talent fee of about NT$500,000 to NT$650,000 per episode of 60 minutes, advertising fee of 10,000,000 per ad as well as held F4's 7 night concert in Japan.

Rainie Yang with 12,800,000 gets second place; Just after winning in Golden Bell & surge in popularity this year, Ariel Lin ranks third.l

in HK dollars

No.1 Jerry Yan Cheng Xu an estimated revenue (HK): 13,500,000 yuan
No. 2 Rainie Yang revenue estimates (HK): 12,800,000 yuan
No. 3 Ariel Lin estimated revenue (HK): 11,780,000 yuan
No. 4 Wu Zun revenue estimates (HK): 11,640,000 yuan
No. 5 Jiro Wang estimated that revenue (HK): 8,380,000 yuan
No. 6 Mike He Jun Xiang revenue estimates (HK): 7,960,000 yuan
No. 7 Ming Dao revenue estimates (HK): 7,870,000 yuan
No. 8 Vic Zhou, Aaron Yan revenue estimates (HK): 6,980,000 yuan
No. 9 Joe Cheng revenue estimates (HK): 5,900,000 yuan
No. 10 Joe Chen Qiao En estimated revenue (HK): 4,780,000 yuan

credits: fatty@asf

trivia: last year's list:


2007 List

At No 1 was Yan, who shot to fame through the drama Meteor Garden like the others, earned NT$50 million (US$1.55 million) even without having to shoot a TV drama. His earnings came from public appearances and advertisements, earning NT$8 million (US$247,500) alone for promoting Taiwan tourism

No 1 Jerry Yan NT$50 million (US$1.55 million)
No.2 Vic Chou NT$48 million (US$1.48 million)
No 3 Ken Chu NT$27 million (US$835,000)
No 4 Mike He NT$22.5 million (US$700,000)
No 5 Joe Cheng NT$18.5 million (US$572,000)
No 6 Wu Zun & Jiro Wang NT$15.5 million (US$480,000) each.

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