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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lollipop, experts at avoiding questions

[2008-11-25] Lollipop is filming a movie? A self compose, direct and act action romance movie “Kung Fu”?

Last week Lollipop participated in a concert at Singapore along with Energy; while they were there they held an autograph session to promote their OST album.

The 6 of them performed really well once the reporter appeared and wasn’t shy at all. They got into the atmosphere immediately, their talking and well mannered performance left a good impression to the reporter. There were rumours that they will be filming a movie at Beijing so during the interview the reporter wants to confirm about it. They all looked at each other for 3 seconds but was quickly answered by A Wei “Lately we are filming a movie, it’s a self compose, direct and act action romance movie called ‘Kung Fu’.”

Seeing A Wei answering it seriously the reporter thought it was real, A Wei continued “Director, actors, lighting, place etc. are all done by us. There are around 10 characters but there are only 3 actors which is Wei Lian, Ao Quan and I. Ao Quan is the main character, Wei Lian and I cross-dress to be his girlfriend.” The reporter’s face started changing, seeing that the reporter doesn’t believe in it A Wei said “I’m serious!” It made the reporters laughed, as for the movie question it got left behind.

Another sensitive question which wasn’t answered properly was news that Lollipop’s contract with Gold Typhoon is almost over, when asked their future plans Ao Quan said “I want to sign them five!” With a fast reflex Xiao Yu said “Then I’ll sign you which mean I have everyone.” As for the rumours that Gold Typhoon offered a 7 digit contract, they started playing dumb and counting fingers to avoid answering it. At the end the manager said “We are still discussing about it.”

“Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan” starring Wang Zi, A Wei, Xiao Yu and Hey Girl’s Xiao Xun, Ya Tou and Xiao Man. In the drama they are kung fu masters, they were very happy while filming action scenes. While Xiao Yu talks about the action scene he excitedly said “Flying around was really fun but was also painful because hanging wires hurt.” A Wei said “We worked hard because director wishes us to do the actions ourselves.”

Wang Zi said the kissing scene with Xiao Xun was the most memorable scene but it was a pity that it got cut out. Even A Wei felt pity and said “That scene was very romantic but the director scared that people would feel shy after watching it so it was cut out.”

Translated by Choco-late

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