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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beijing "love nest" for Fann and Chris

Beijing "love nest" for Fann and Chris
Asia One

Besides preparing for their wedding, Christopher Lee and Fann Wong are also busy looking for an apartment in Beijing where they frequently film on location.

The celebrity couple was into their fifth day of filming for "The Big Wedding" at a Kovan Residences show flat.

Lianhe Wanbao reports that Christopher Lee had sold his condominium in Newton not long ago.

When asked if he had moved in with Fann, who has an apartment opposite Four Seasons Hotel in Orchard, he laughed and denied it.

But the couple revealed that they will be buying an apartment in Beijing.

"The condominiums in Beijing are well-built, and there are many developments by Singapore firms. I think there are quite a few which are not bad," Lee told Wanbao reporters.

"We want to get a place there so that it will be more convenient when we need to film there."

They also said that they did not have time to dabble in stocks, and were relatively unaffected by the financial crisis. They may be taking advantage of the downturn to buy more property. However, Fann still insists that the property has to be a place they like.

"We will check out appropriate places if we come across any, but even if we buy the house as an investment, it should still be some place we'd like to stay in."

Around the world in three months

Christopher Lee wants to travel the world with Fann for one to three months after their wedding. His dream destinations include Russia, South America and Ibiza.

He told Lianhe Wanbao that South America left a deep impression on him when he went there to film "The Peak"

He said: "The location is very beautiful, and the night life was spectacular!"

Chris, who grew up in a large family, also has plans for them to stay with his parents after their marriage.

"I didn't spend a lot of time at home in the past, and I miss the warmth of family life. Now, every time I go home, I will organise a gathering for the whole family. I think it will be very heartwarming to stay together as a family."

So is Chris not worried that Fann and her mother-in-law may have differences in opinion, and don't they want to have time alone?

"Hey, we can have time alone in our own room," said Chris "Fann also prefers a lively environment. As for getting along with my mother, it is up to the individual to make allowances, and try to get along with each other. We just have to make the effort to get along."

The 37-year-old is also keen to have children.

"I've reached the age where it's natural to want children. I think I will be a fun dad, the kind who behaves like a kid," he laughed.

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