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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Idol drama tug-of-war ; fighting against Lin Yi Chen, Rainie Yang’s small victory

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Source : UDN
Best friends Lin Yi Chen and Rainie Yang are fighting against each other, the fighting intense; friendship also being subjected to a test. Last night, "Miss No Good" beat the premiere of "Love or Bread" slightly by 0.5 percentage points. Rainie Yang disclosed that she wanted to fight against Lin Yi Chen, feeling even more nervous than during the premiere of “Miss No Good”. The Lin Yi Chen who was in Tokyo yesterday said that she and Rainie Yang have both worked very hard, and that she also has a lot of confidence in the “Love or Bread” drama’s future storyline.

The three dramas "Love or Bread", "Miss No Good" and "Invincible Shan Bao Mei" are all light, comedic dramas. After “Love or Bread" joined the battlefield, the three dramas’ ratings seemed to be like tug-of-war, all are 2-point something. However, the TV stations have a habit of wanting to have a [victory celebration no matter what]. "Miss No Good" had the highest overall average, "Invincible Bao Shan Mei" the highest segment rating, and "Love or Bread" celebrates Zheng Yuan Chang’s swimming scene reaching 3.04, Xiao Zhong taking off his shirt having value.

Because “Love or Bread" is the first work broadcasted after Lin Yi Chen won the Golden Bell Award, inevitably it will be focused on. Yesterday the crew of the “Miss No Good” drama said happily: [We beat the Golden Bell queen!] Lin Yi Chen and Zheng Yuan Chang both telephoned Taiwan from Tokyo, concerned about the ratings. What makes her happiest is that the audience believes the two people have completely shed off their "It Started With a Kiss” image, affirming their performance.

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