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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jay Chou secretly plays with his 38 million Benz sports car

Source: Apple

We're facing the cold economic climate, but Jay Chou hasn't been affected at all, his album "Capricorn" has been out for a month and a half, it's estimated to have already sold 150,000 copies, it's practically going to be the best selling album of the year for certain. Yesterday he was spotted by reporters driving his 38 million, 650 horsepower SLR722 limited edition Benz sports car by himself in broad daylight, he appeared at "Orange Shabu Shabu" which is all famous peoples' favourite in Taipei East region, he had an afternoon feast with Devon and 4 others, indeed he is a extravagant heavenly king.

Just last weekend Jay Chou finished the 3rd of 30 performances in Guangxi Nanning, recently he's been filming "Beggar So" in Beijing, every weekend in November he is busy with tour concerts in Mainland China, but unexpectedly he was discovered by reporters to have slipped out on a holiday, yesterday afternoon, he drove his SLR722 sports car by himself, it was rare for him to be one with his car, he arranged to have lunch with Devon and 4 others at "Orange Shabu Shabu". After he got out of his car, he deliberately wore a black fleece hat and big retro sunglasses to hide his identity, immediately a parking boy helped him open his car door, he enjoyed a star's welcome.

After 2 hours of eating, as usual he went out through the backdoor, and made himself disappear, he didn't even take his 38 million sports car, he left it for a friend to drive it and take the reporters for a spin; the only thing was this friend's driving skill isn't as good as Jay Chou's, he drove to the red lights at the East region street and turned around, he drove through a few alleys and went right at the red lights, he broke the rules twice, according to the law he could be fined 3800 yuan.

Jay Chou possesses 10 collectible cars, including many antique cars, hummers, the same model Toyota AE86 from the movie "Initial D", but recently he has been clearly favouring his new love SLR722, but due to the environmental laws in the country this car cannot get a official license, it can only use a "trial license", and it cannot drive on national roads, overhead bridges and high-speed roads, even though it has power to go from 0 to 100km in 3.7 seconds it can only drive normally, only Jay Chou, who can absorb plenty of money, can play with this within the entertainment circle. This article is translated by

As to how he maintains his car? How much money does he spend? His record company JVR used the excuse that they couldn't find him and expressed in his place: "We're not too clear about it, maybe even he doesn't know himself." He usually leaves it at his friend's car dealer to look after it or he parks it at a number of friend's house or he lets friends drive it. Jay Chou once said: "This and kids are the same, you can let others take care of it, but you can't give it to someone."

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