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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nicholas Teo's Birthday; Amber Kuo Offers a Kiss

Nicholas Teo's Birthday; Amber Kuo Offers a Kiss
translation by Edwise @

It will be Nicholas Teo's 27th birthday tomorrow. Invincible Shan Bao Mei's drama team celebrated his birthday for him earlier yesterday. Amber Kuo even offered a kiss. As a frequent traveller who is away from his homeland, he suddenly complained that he had been too busy and not seen his parents for nearly six months. Even during his last return to Malaysia for an awards ceremony, he couldn't even step into his home while passing by.

Nicholas said that after Shan Bao Mei「珊寶妹」starting shooting in July,he did go back to Malaysia to participate in events but there was no time to return home to see his parents. Only using his cellphone to call his family saying he is alright and his monthly phone bills amount to NT20,000.

Yesterday, the drama celebrated his birthday for him. Nicholas laughingly said,"These days, due to my birthday approaching, alot of people also treat me for meals." Because his mood is too good, his first scene the day before caused lots of laugh and he NGed 18 times in a row.


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