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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jay Chou and Richie Ren ask each other for songs, says he can still sing "Nun-Chuks" at 50

On the 24th of November, the Taipei stars official website will be launched in Beijing, the launch has attracted Jay Chou, Richie Ren, Xu Nailin, Tan Jing, Donna Xie, Li Xia and other artists to participate. The Taipei stars official website is a special platform for the arts in record, TV, movie, model to interact, even Jay Chou smiled saying that if he could still sing "Nun-Chuks" when he's 50, he will link his business with this website. This article is translated by

At the launch ceremony, Jay Chou and Tan Jing were sat next to each other, all you could see was they constant chatter, when they went on stage to talk, the two revealed what they were chatting about, in fact they were inviting one another to perform in Taiwan and Mainland China.

"I've listened to Miss Tan Jing's songs, her songs actually have the most Chinese style, they have a different flavour to that Chinese style of mine, I really like it. I suggested she should come to Taiwan to hold a few concerts, she'll definitely be popular." Jay Chou's praise made Tan Jing smile with joy, she expressed her admiration towards Jay Chou's results having already held concerts in Mainland China, "If I have the chance, I hope there are more Taiwanese artists like him, of course I also hope we can sing our songs for the fans in Taiwan." Tan Jing thinks that if you conveyed Jay Chou's songs in a folk song way they will also sound good, she looks forward to working with Jay Chou.

During the following interview, Jay Chou expressed that this inauguration of the official website has formed the foundation to work with artists in Mainland China. Jay Chou, who has already honourably become the boss of "JVR Music", can pick newcomers from it and help them grow. Of course, information about the company including, event plans, will all be put on the website, Jay Chou jokingly said that apart from personally information, everyone will be on the website, this is a platform for artists to interact with each other.

Richie Ren expressed that this is a guarantee, it will protect the rights of artists, at the same time it is also a reflection of public trust. For instance inviting someone to write a song, you can do it through this website, situations like getting cheated won't happen. When reporters asked if Jay Chou has been cheated before, Jay Chou generously said: "Generally I cheat others." Richie Ren added on the side: "He means he's a magician, of course he cheats people." At the same time Richie Ren invited Jay Chou to write a song for him, looking forward to further collaborations between the two.

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