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Friday, November 28, 2008

Huang Jun Lang: Jay Chou is a good friend, lyrics aren't good but if he sings it, it will definitely be popular

Source: Hunantv

Jay Chou new album "Capricorn" is popular right now, the first person people usually think of when talking about the person who writes lyrics for Jay Chou is Vincent Fang. But it's not just Vincent Fang, there's also Huang Jun Lang. From the earliest "In The Name Of The Father" to "Cowboy Is Very Busy" and now to "Uncle Joker", they are all remembered by people, but yet Huang Jun Lang doesn't think much of it, "I'm not too bothered about a lot of things". Because his real love is painting, to casually write some stuff out and publish it. Recently his painting book "This Book" was published. Reporters interviewed Huang Jun Lang in Taiwan, they talked about his book and paintings and also the story behind him, Jay Chou and Vincent Fang.

The first song Huang Jun Lang wrote for Jay Chou was "In The Name Of The Father", he met Jay Chou through Vincent Fang. He said: "I knew Vincent Fang very early on, he wanted to come out with a poem collection, I wanted to do a publishing house so afterwards he worked together, the result was the publishing house was established, Vincent's book still hasn't come out but mine has come out first." (smile) But Huang Jun Lang expressed that he had never thought about writing lyrics, all the merit for this goes to Vincent Fang, "Vincent saw my book, he said you can try writing lyrics, at the time I thought he must be crazy, I wouldn't take notice of him."

After this Huang Jun Lang became good friends with Jay Chou, "I was very poor at that time, everyday I wore torn clothes, but Jay was already very popular, we eat dinner together, Jay said you should come and write lyrics for me, so I can earn some money and buy some better clothes, so he took out a demo he recorded for me to listen to, he let me choose, I could pick whichever one I was willing to write lyrics for. When I heard "In The Name Of The Father", I thought it was very good so I picked this song." From his words you can tell the gratitude Huang Jun Lang has for Jay Chou and Vincent Fang, "At the time they knew I hadn't written lyrics before, they didn't know how it would turn out, but they were still willing to let me write for the song, they knew perhaps I would write very average stuff, but because it was Jay singing it, it would definitely be popular." Huang Jun Lang said, "In this matter I felt Jay Chou's attitude towards friends, I understand his feelings, if he's popular he hopes his friends get recognised too and let others know they are also brilliant."

Everyone knows what Jay Chou looks like, but very few people recognise Huang Jun Lang, Huang Jun Lang himself doesn't want people to recognise him, but actually very early on he has already appeared in the movie "Secret" and in the MV for "Third Class Second Year", towards this Huang Jun Lang cannot laugh or cry, "I was forcefully dragged in by Jay, I'm not bothered about any of this stuff, I only like paintings, writing things, but Jay and Vincent don't care about this stuff, they say you must join in, every time we have to send text messages to each other for a long time discussing this matter. Jay likes having a lot of friends work on a matter together, for instance a movie." After getting to know one another, Huang Jun Lang became good friends with Jay Chou and Vincent Fang, they banter but they have a strong friendship. This article is translated by

There's a lot of examples for this, Huang Jun Lang said: "Before Jay became popular, he liked going around the world and buying the CDs in the local area to research their music, but after he became popular he's too busy, he's doesn't buy CDs from all over the place anymore like he used to, so I sent him a text hoping that he would continue his habit and interest." But Jay Chou's response surprised him, "So Jay left me a message, he said he was touched, but I'm Jay Chou, I'm really amazing! Actually what he meant was that I didn't have to worry about him, he's still got a stubbornness towards music, but for him to say that I was even more worried." (smile) It looks like their friendship is just as Huang Jun Lang says: "A bond between friends, a comradeship between brothers, a kindness that cannot be repaid."

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