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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mike He to act new drama

Since his last drama, Bull Fighting, which was released on November 18 of 2007, Mike He hasn’t acted any new drama. But now he’s back for a new start in a Romance and Action drama.

This new drama is called “无间有爱 (無間有愛) Infernal Love”. Mike He will act as Feng Yi, which is the main character. There are 40 episodes for this new exciting comeback for Mike He.

The story takes place in 1913. It talks about love, friendship, sacrificing your life for your nation and most of all: being a hero.

Infernal Love also stars Deng Jia Jia as Hua Er, Zhao Zi Qi as Qiao Xiao Zhi, Jin Dong as Liu Yi Kui, Tsai Pei Lin as Qi Xuan, Wang Li Kun as Xiao Xue, and Pang Xiang Lin as Qi Yun Tian.

This new drama will be revealed in 2009.

source: kojaproductions

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