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Monday, November 17, 2008

Not filming Kung Fu Dunk 2, Jay Chou accepts role in Ci Ling

Asian heavenly king Jay Chou has been confirmed to star in next year's action adventure movie "Ci Ling", it's rumoured he will be getting HK$20 million, the boss of the production company Chang Hong Wu Dun expressed: "I won't talk about any figures, because of Jay's talent, friendship is priceless."

Yesterday Wu Dun confirmed they have already signed with Jay Chou, the film he is starring in won't be the one everyone has been focused on "Kung Fu Dunk 2", instead it will be an all new movie "Ci Ling" by him and director Zhu Yan Ping. Wu Dun said: "We've already taken the combination of basketball and kung fu to the top in "Kung Fu Dunk", the worst thing for movies is to repeat and not have any freshness, so we are creating an all new movie "Ci Ling" with feelings, action and adventure." There have been rumours of a divide in views between Wu Dun and Zhu Yan Ping, Wu Dun laughed it off saying: "Our relationship is like lips and teeth, no one can leave the other."

Zhu Yan Ping expressed, "Ci Ling" is a story he has had for a few years, he can't reveal too much of the plot, but the main point will be about a pair of young modern lovers, they accidentally fall into a space-time tunnel bringing them back to Mongolia, not only do they start a fight for treasure with a mysterious guy at the tomb of Genghis Khan, there is also a love triangle through time.

Zhu Yan Ping knows that working with Wu Dun and Jay Chou, the script is very important, he's already invited the Hong Kong screenwriter of "Almost A Love Story" Ivy Ho to carefully design the emotional scenes between the characters in the movie. The female lead has been set as a certain Korean heavenly queen who has starred in the Korean drama "Love Story In Harvard".

It is rumoured Jay Chou's fee has risen from the HK$10 million in "Kung Fu Dunk" to HK$20 million, Wu Dun expressed, he wouldn't reveal the exact figure but it has definitely increased, because Jay can direct, he's got charm and has a market for the whole of Asia, he is one of a small number of big stars from Taiwan, plus being in the entertainment circle for so many years he's still all about importance of relationships and comradeship, Wu Dun is very happy to continue to work with Jay Chou. It is estimated they will start working on the scenery in Mongolia at the start of next year in January, they will start filming in March and then the year after it will be released in the Lunar New Year.
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Jay Chou's "JVR" company yesterday confirmed, Jay Chou has indeed signed a contract with Chang Hong to continue working together on a movie, as to the figure involved, the company never makes a response.

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