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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aaron Yan reveals his hurt from previous relationship; Calvin Chen pesters Wu Zun to introduce Brunei girlfriend

source: chinatimes
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan yesterday celebrated his 23rd birthday, but he expressed that his heart has become cold, and does not want to think about relationships anymore. 1 year ago, his relationship ended because he found out that she was taking advantage of his money, and he lost over 200,000TWD. Hence, in the short-term, he does not want to get into any more relationships, and wishes to put work and friends infront of love; his birthday wish is to buy a sports car.

Aaron expressed that this relationship lasted for 3-4 months, but as he devoted a lot of feelings, he also devoted a lot of money. The opposite party said she wanted a notebook, so he immediately bought her a 7000TWD Hermes-branded notebook. In the end, he realized that she was only with him because he was an artist and had money. Aaron became an “idiot brother” and he revealed that he was indeed very hurt.

Calvin, who’s birthday is on the 10th, also celebrated together with Aaron yesterday. He expressed that turning 28, he really wishes to put marriage first, and have a stable relationship: “I hope I can get married between the age of 28-30, but right now, can’t see the slightest shadow.” Chun added, “I thought I could get married at 25, but now I am already 29 la!” Calvin immediately hung onto Chun and pestered him to introduce a Brunei girl to him, and Chun promised to stick a marriage notice on his fitness center back in Brunei for him, so to let Calvin become a Brunei son-in-law within 2 years.


Anonymous said...

I think that Aaron Yan and Rainie Yang should do a drama together in the year 2010. They obviously look perfect together, why not give the twosome a try. Their future idol drama could surpass past idol drama ratings. (who knows!) I think it's time to pair Rainie with other idols such as, Aaron Yan, Joe Cheng, Wu Chun (maybe???). I'd love for Rainie to do another drama with Mike He but if it's not going to happen in the near forseen future then how about other idol dramas. Also, why not have Aaron Yan (Fahrenheit) be a guest at Rainie's concerts and vice versa with Fahrenheit.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Rainie and Aaron will look cute together. I know they don't have that much chemistry together, but you know from a few months ago, I have been picturing Rainie and Aaeron together. This pairing just came randomly to my mind. I thought 'am I crazy?' but I then gave it a further thought 'They are not bad...' 'they might look cute together'...