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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Closer than average friends

Closer than average friends
by Jocelyn Lee / Asia One

Home-grown pop star JJ Lin has a new album, a new concert tour, a new clothing line and, possibly, a new love in his life too.

At a recent press conference here to promote his latest album Sixology and upcoming tour, the 27-year-old admitted that he and Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi, or Ah Sa as fans call her, were more than just friends. But he stopped short of saying that they are seeing each other.

The boyish-looking Taipei-based singer, who will be performing here on March 28, told Life! in an interview: 'Ah Sa and I are definitely closer than average friends. I will say that we have a healthy friendship and I am in the process of getting to know her better.'

He also said that Choi, 26, is the first person he will invite to his upcoming concert.

He added: 'Ah Sa must come for my concert to give me moral support, whether as a special guest or an audience member.'

The two had collaborated on the song Small Dimple in Lin's latest album, after he invited her to sing the duet with him. More recently, Taiwanese and Chinese media reported that the two got closer after their Ocean Butterflies and Emperor Entertainment Group announced last month that they would be collaborating on artiste management and distribution licensing.

As for his upcoming concert, Lin said that it will be a back-to-basics affair, unlike his showy, futuristic Just J concert here two years ago.

The singer-songwriter, famous for hits such as A Thousand Years Later and who has written hits for A*mei, S.H.E and Twins, said: 'It is going to be a heartwarming and touching concert which audiences can relate to, and I will wear fashionable, colourful and comfortable clothes instead of extravagant costumes.'

As for his special guest, the Mandarin pop idol said his company is planning to let his fans do the choosing by voting online for who they want for his concert. The list will be released soon.

He added the concert means a lot to him as it will be held a day after his 28th birthday.

'It will be a fantasy tour for me as I will be celebrating my birthday with all my fans.'

Just like his upcoming concert, his latest album is about being himself. In this album, his sixth, he dons more colourful modern streetwear such as bright waistcoats, T-shirts and bermudas instead of the more muted tones he preferred before.

Gone, too, are the different personae. He has tried his hand at being a killer and a mummy.

He hopes the new boy-next-door image will make him appear friendlier and more approachable to the public.

'This is a very new and refreshing image, and I hope my fans will be encouraged and inspired by my music, as well as my fashion.'

Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium
When: March 28, 8pm
Admission: $78, $108, $128 and $148 from Sistic ( or call 6348-5555).

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