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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Celebrity Survey: Public Satisfaction with Gong Li Plummets to Bottom

Celebrity Survey: Public Satisfaction with Gong Li Plummets to Bottom

The 2nd Public Satisfaction Selection on China's celebrities wrapped up a survey recently, with Jacky Chan ranking first. Actress Gong Li, who recently became a Singaporean citizen, came in last.

Jacky Chan won out with leading scores in the last round of the survey, the most critical section among professionals, after director Zhang Yimou and pop king Jay Chou were picked as first in random street surveys and an online poll, respectively.

Gong Li suffered a fall, as she was switching her citizenship during the assessment process. She finished dead last, after mainland pop singer Zang Tianshuo, who was arrested for suspected mobbing this November, and Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen, who was involved in a nude photo scandal.

The survey, launched by Lian Xin Power Survey, a prestigious domestic survey agency, assessed the performances of about 700 celebrities this year.

Five assessment categories, including professional ethic, performance, public welfare activity, social influence and commercial value, were taken into account for each of the three sections.

Previous online polls disclose a net satisfaction with mainland actress Fan Binging, whose ratings went up. Veteran actress Deng Jie's public standing was jeopardized due to her connection with the tainted milk scandal that has swept the country in the past few months.

The survey kicked off in September and the official results will come out next week. By that time, the white paper on social responsibility of China's celebrity and reports on celebrities' commercial values will be released.

The activity is believed to encourage Chinese celebrities to fulfill their social responsibilities.

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