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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Extravagant Challenge" Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin Interview!

An interview of Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin was held before the Nov17 press conference of Japan-Taiwan collaboration drama "Extravagant Challege".

Ariel Lin
First of all, like many other actresses, her face is extremely small. Ariel's face is also a "palm-sized" face. She has shiny skin like a freshly peeled egg.
She was wearing an off-shoulder knit shirt (sorry...don't know how to put it in English><), and her décolleté line from the shoulder to collarbone was very beautiful.
No wonder she is the Taiwan Golden Bell Awards Best Leading Actress! In real life, she is so pretty that you can't stop sighing (her comments are very mature too!), and her glow is powerful even next to the beautiful Jerry.

Jerry Yan
Ever since he first entered the room, he has a wide smile and is very relaxed.
I felt his cheeks were maybe just a little more plump than before.
Perhaps it was the hairstyle, but his dimples were very clear today.
Which probably means he was all smiles nonstop.

Jerry is attentive all the while.
He leads Ariel to her chair, and escorts her kindly.
When he noticed Ms.Zhou (translator) 's microphone was missing, he passes his own to her.

How the two were like together
They were so relaxed with each other, it almost seemed like it wasn't their first time acting together. Even during the interview, sometimes they looked at each other, smiling. Jerry would talk to Ariel while translation was being done. Jerry's debut was 1 year earlier than Ariel, but their conversations were that of two professional fellow actors, and they were enjoying their conversation.

Just looking at them today, we can see there's a lot to expect from the new drama!
Interview with Director and Ariel

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