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Monday, November 24, 2008

Jolin Tsai's Warner contract worth over $30 Million

Source: CQ News
Translated by: Initial E @
There have been reports lately that Jolin Tsai Yi Lin (蔡依林) is transferring to Warner Music, with a contract that is worth RMB$30million. However, Warner Music expressed that the sum is too exaggerated. Jolin's contract with EMI has expired, with the english album she released on 31 October being the last album in the contract. Asked whether Jolin would continue her contract with EMI, both sides expressed that they weren't sure. The EMI boss, however said: "No matter which company Jolin chooses to go, we all wish her the best and hope her career continues to improve." On the other side, Warner Music has not confirmed that they have decided to sign Jolin on. A representative from Warner Music revealed that they indeed have the intention to sign a contract with her, however, there are many other companies that have the same intention too. However, Jolin is more familiar with the workers at Warner. In the end, it is up to her to decide which company to sign with.

In this last half of the year, the outside world has been guessing whether Jolin Tsai would transfer to Warner Music, and that she has been 'frozen' by EMI quite a number of times. Ex EMI chairman Sam Chen Zhe Shan (陈泽杉), who had been rumoured to be kicked out of EMI due to poor performances, has now become the chairman of Warner Music.

The outside world is also guessing whether Sam Chen, who is nicknamed 'The Force behind the Heavenly Queens', would encourage Stephanie Sun Yan Zi (孙燕姿) and A-mei Chang (张惠妹) to join Warner to build the 'Warner Palace of Heavenly Queens'. There have been reports that while Jolin Tsai recently went to New York to study dancing, as well as to shoot a music video and record a song, Sam Chen was with her, which almost confirms that she will indeed be transferring to Warner.

Chengdu concert one of the greatest

On 20th of December, Jolin will be holding a concert in Chengdu. This will be the biggest concert ever held in the stadium, no matter whether its the stage setting, the lighting or the sound - nothing like this has ever been seen before. No matter where the fans are sitting, they will be able to be as close to their idol as possible. She will have 10 wardrobe changes, and they have spent hundreds of thousands to hire a European designer. Show Luo Zhi Xiang (罗志祥) will be the guest performer, and other 'good brothers' like Lee Wei (李威), Eddie Peng Yu Yan (彭于晏), Stanley Huang Li Xing (黄立行), Wilbur Pan Wei Bo (潘玮柏) and Landy Wen Lan (温岚) will be there to encourage and support her.

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